Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

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Are Electric Skateboards Waterproof?

If you look outside your window when it’s raining, you might feel the motivation and an urge to go electric skateboarding.

So you might be wondering, are electric skateboards waterproof? There is no straightforward answer to this question.

This is because it will depend on the particular skateboard.

No! Most skateboards are not waterproof, But are water-resistant. Water-resistant skateboards should have an IP rating of above IP68. They can be ridden on a wet road or over splashes without any problem.

The water-resistant attribute makes the board hard to let water in. Therefore, a water-resistant skateboard can be ridden on a wet road or over splashes without any problem.

However, submerge the same electric skateboard into puddles of water, and you might have a problem with the electric parts.

Consequently, it might not be a very brilliant idea to ride your electric skateboard on wet roads.

Even if you get away with any electrical problems, the pavement or road might be too slippery. It might be very dangerous to make turns.

Indeed, you will face limitations in braking as well as acceleration. And you will need to apply both with caution. The chances of slipping are multiplied with wetness.

If you learn the sport, take my advice and avoid wet conditions or riding in the rain.

But if you consider yourself an experienced rider, you might need to wear a helmet as you proceed with caution.

If you want to know whether an electric skateboard is water-resistant, look at its IP rating. Water-resistant skateboards should have an IP rating of above IP68.

How Do I Waterproof My Electric Board?

While I am not an electrical professional, I have waterproofed my skateboard effectively. However, I must warn you that this is a DIY project and may void your warranty.

So, it’s possible to make your electric skateboard waterproof. By default, many people purchase water-resistant skateboards thinking they are waterproof.

This is not only being misled but also gives you a false sense of security. But don’t worry. I can help you go around the problem.

Waterproofing is not a small thing when it comes to e-mobility vehicles like electric skateboards. You will want to use your electric skateboard any day.

Unfortunately, you will not have favorable weather conditions every day. That calls for proactive action to take care of the elements and guard your vehicle.

There are several options that you can use to waterproof your electric skateboard. First, you can resort to using waterproof sealants.

If you have any cracks on the battery, it’s critical to use the waterproof sealant here.

On the other hand, you might want to use waterproofing glue to ensure your board is waterproofed.

Still, if you do not want to use this, consider using closed-cell neoprene foam to protect your battery.

There is also another option of using corrosion to separate your electric skateboard. Use corrosion to spray on your electric skateboard’s electronic parts.

This will make your entire skateboard waterproof.

Are Boosted Boards Waterproof?

No. Boosted boards are water-resistant. Boosted have endeavored to do a good job in protecting its boards from water damage by making the crucial parts water-resistant.

These parts include the motor and the battery.

Electronics and water do not see eye to eye. There is too much damage that can result from a tiny drop of water on a treasured electronic.

This damage results from short-circuiting as water is a good conductor of electric current.

Now you might want to imagine the extent of the damage rain or puddles can do to your electric skateboard. It’s a common desire to have all electronics waterproofed.

But it’s not always easy to buy them waterproofed, especially if we do not know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant.

Consequently, it might be a good idea to come up with ways of making our electronics waterproof to avoid costly repairs time and again.

Today, let’s see how waterproof your Boosted Board is. So you might be asking, can I ride my boosted board in the snow or rain?

The answer here will be No. But maybe you can succeed in riding it in light rain or splashes of rain.

In addition to endangering your board, you will also be making yourself vulnerable to lose traction and control.

Again, your deck’s wood will warp as a result of soaking up the water.

But you might be lucky to have a waterproof deck. That’s good. But your bearings will quickly deteriorate due to wetness.

The worst scenario is on the snow, where the snow will greatly hinder moving. This is especially so if you have a board that is too close to the ground.

But you might not have a problem with all these. So is it safe to ride in snow and rain? No. Remember what we mentioned about slippery roads?

The case applies here as well. Indeed, the road will get too slippery when it rains and only a highly skilled rider can ride with some level of safety.

Slippery roads always dictate tendencies to fall and subsequent injuries. You can avoid these.

Can You Ride An Electric board In The Rain?

To ride an electric board in the rain, it needs to be waterproof. Therefore, if an electric board is waterproof, you might be able to ride it in the rain.

But you will need to factor in other things as well. So, let’s assume that all other factors are safely taken care of; this leaves us with only one concern.

Do you know how to identify between a water-resistant electric board(Amazon Link) and a waterproof electric board?

To effectively make a good distinction between these two categories, you will need to rely on the IP rating, as mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, not all electric boards are IP rated as the rating is not compulsory for manufacturers.

Consequently, since it costs money, it’s economically logical for many manufacturers to avoid it. 

There are various definitions of IP rating, including IP 54 (Dust protected – it might be safe to spray water), IP55 (Dust protected- it might be safe for the splashing of water).

And IP 65 (Dust tight- it might be safe for the splashing of water). Products rated IP57 are dust resistant and waterproof for up to 1 meter.

On the other hand, IP68 means that the product has been tested and found to be completely dustproof and waterproof.

Therefore, if you want to find out if you can ride your board in the rain, the first thing to consider is its IP rating. There is no shortcut to this.

But if your electric board does not have the rating, you are better off not trying to ride it in the rain.

Indeed, you will want not only to avoid riding in the rain but also to ride after the rain.

But if you must ride your electric board in the rain, then ask yourself if the board is water-resistant, waterproof, or neither of the two things.

Again, remember that only a few electric skateboards will be waterproofed. While some e-skateboards are water-resistant.

The majority of them are neither waterproof nor water-resistant.

If you ascertain that your board is indeed waterproof, go a step further and find out if it’s covered against water damage. This is very rare.

How Long Does An Electric Skateboard Last?

About 4000 miles. But it can last longer than that, depending on the usage.

No matter how much you might love your friend, there is always a time that will come, and you must say goodbye to them.

This is bitter but noble truth. Since nothing will last forever, electric skateboards are vulnerable to this eternal principle.

Because these boards are made of consumable components, these parts will eventually give in and wear out with use.

Consequently, you will want to know when to replace the trucks, the battery, bearings, the deck, wheels, or motors. 

While this will be affected by your riding style, frequency of use, riding conditions, and board manufacture quality, some generalizations can fit all.

Indeed, you can make relatively accurate predictions on how long an electric skateboard is likely to last. Some parts will wear out faster than others.

This is because the board’s parts are not used in the same manner or rate. For instance, the wheels and bearings do more work than the footpads.

As such, you don’t expect them to last the same time. Regardless of all these, you can still add years to your electric skateboard by regular service and maintenance.

The good thing about this is that the service is not tedious.

The consumable parts of an electric skateboard, including wheel bearings, grip tape, wheel sleeves, truck bushes, motor bearings, truck spacers, belts, chains, pulleys, and decks.

These will slowly wear down with continued use and eventually need to be replaced. Some of the most commonly replaced parts are bearings.

These will be the fastest to wear out and require replacement. Another part that will require replacement soon is the battery that will give you some 2-3 years before it dies away.

However, if you do not practice good maintenance practices on the battery, it will be worn out sooner than that. Taking care of your battery means never draining it completely.

Always charge the battery up to 90% and use it for about the 10% mark.

Again, always keep your board at room temperature, avoiding extreme weather conditions as they damage your battery.

Is WowGo Waterproof?

One of the most widely used electric skateboards is WowGo. These are well-known electric skateboards for a good reason.

The boards boast high-end technical specs coupled with durable designs. However, you will still be able to buy low-end electric skateboards from WowGo.

Regardless of what you go for, you will be getting the best value for the quality. But you might be wondering, is WowGo waterproof? The answer is yes and No.

Indeed, some versions are waterproof while others are not . Consequently, it’s easy choosing between street versions and high-end versions that are also all-terrain.

Additionally, you are free to choose among the different versions of each model according to their power and technical capabilities.

One of the WowGo variants is the WowGo 3X. This is a very excellent electric skateboard that is capable of delivering long-lasting rides.

It has dual belt 600W motors and can cruise at high speeds. Its 90mm wheels are very good at staying on the road.

It boasts of a 260Wh battery, enabling it to last longer while at the same time taking less time to recharge. Indeed, a single charge can go for up to 22 km.

Another variant is the WowGo 3. This is very affordable but of high quality. It comes with either a 6Ah or 8Ah battery option.

This is a great performer at its price. It is very long performing and enduring, courtesy of the bamboo and fiberglass layers.

Additionally, the bamboo and fiberglass board is water-resistant. It doesn’t soak up splashes of water when you ride through a wet puddle.

However, it can get wet on the electrical components, and it’s advisable not to ride it in wet conditions deliberately. 

Another variant of WowGo that is touted as a water-resistant product is the WowGo KT. It has a kicktail design making it easy to maneuver and handle.

It has a better ESC and better acceleration and deceleration.

Is An Electric Skateboard Worth It?

Much traction is being gained by electric skateboarding as a pastime around the globe. All the same, I can’t say that everyone will ride an electric skateboard.

It’s not easy to learn riding them, and it requires some work to master the skill. However, it is worth it.

I would advise you to consider what you need against your financial muscle. This is because electric skateboards are not cheap.

Consequently, it’s a big decision to switch to an electric skateboard. However, if you choose to buy one, you will never regret it.

First, electric skateboards are fun to ride. Their speed exceeds that of a traditional longboard. Indeed, some will do over 30 mph.

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An electric skateboard becomes more desirable if you combine its high speed with increased control.


Some electric skateboards are waterproof, while others are water-resistant. Still, others are neither of the two, and you need to know your type of board before you spoil it with water.


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