Are TaoTao Scooters Reliable?(Guide )

Are TaoTao Scooters Reliable?

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Are TaoTao Scooters Reliable?

One of the best quality scooters is TaoTao scooters. In addition to being among the best in quality. TaoTao scooters are among the cheapest in the market today.

Yes .They come with so much convenience when it comes to repairing, their reliability remaining unparalleled. They come in different shapes and speed capabilities.

Indeed, regular care and maintenance will suffice to keep your TaoTao in perfect shape for years. Taking good care of your scooter will be reciprocated by the scooter taking care of you.

If you want to get to a place that cannot be accessed by a car, a TaoTao scooter will come in handy in meeting that need beyond your expectation.

Indeed, it’s a perfect way of traveling around in style. What’s more, you will be spoilt for choice as they come in different shapes and speed capabilities.

It’s advantageous to travel using scooters as they are extremely fast while consuming very little fuel.

It’s common to find TaoTao scooters that do 100 miles per gallon!

Therefore, not funny that they pay for themselves multiples times in the long run. As insinuated already, TaoTao scooters cost very little compared to other scooters. 

The engines will vary from 50cc to 150cc. The 50cc is perfect for cruising around town at good speeds of around 35 mph.

But if you want something faster, the TaoTao 150cc scooters easily get top speeds of 50+mph. Licensing for the 50cc is not required in most states.

On the other hand, some states have laws that regulate 150cc scooters and require their owners to have motorcycle licenses to operate them.

Consequently, it’s essential to check with your local state laws to stay on the right side of the law. This needs to be done before purchasing.

Are Tao Tao Mopeds Reliable?

Yes. And their reliability is not questionable. While the Luxury 50cc mopeds are enviable and remarkable to own, not everyone will throw some $5,000 to own a top-end moped. 

Fortunately, you will also be able to purchase brand new 50cc mopeds(Amazon Link) Below $1250. 

Sometimes, it’s so fascinating that this price will suffice to have the vehicle delivered to your doorstep.

However, remember that the home deliveries will always involve assembling as the front wheels must be attached.

However, you can still add some money to have your scooter delivered fully built.

There are many categories of TaoTao Scooter. For instance, the Tao Tao Racer 50 is fantastic since it is relatively cheap for what it offers as a sports bike.

However, some people will not want anything to do with the racer due to its speed. Indeed, it’s not possible to get blistering speeds from this scooter.

This would be expecting too much yet paying too little for it.

The racer is about looking like a bike that is five times more of its price and at the same time giving a rider-friendly performance. 

Are Chinese Scooters Worth Buying?

Currently, the largest number of scooters is coming from China. These products are sold all over the world, with a popularity of being very cheap.

Indeed, it’s possible to buy a Chinese scooter for a few dollars.

As the China manufacturers produce the scooters in mass, quality is scarcely part of the requirements, and some scooters end up being less useful in the long run.

The scooters may look fabulous, yes. But when you ride them, you will attest to the fact that they are problematic.

Therefore, if you are not sure of the Chinese brands to avoid, I would recommend that you avoid buying scooters from China at all.

To be honest with you, some of the scooters you will buy from China are best described as death traps as their manufacturers are out to make money with little regard to the safety of the users.

All they do is copy designs and mislead buyers with the intention of exploiting them financially.

However, this does not mean that there are no genuine scooter manufacturers in China who make quality scooters.

No. Indeed, there are China manufacturers who make quality scooters.

You might already be aware that China can mass manufacture anything. They will copy, re-tool and produce at an astounding rate. 

This is not entirely a bad thing. Consider things like microwaves and computer parts/components.

If it were not for this copying and mass production by china, computers would still be far too expensive for most people.

The good thing about these components is that it’s not hard to check for quality, and there are no lives involved directly.

Now, when it comes to scooters, the same reproduction methods are employed in China. They use copies of copies to produce scooter engines.

The copies are of old Honda and Yamaha engines, using cheaper materials that are of lower quality each time.

The end product will have costed very little and will be sold at the price of a WalMart TV!

Worse still, there are no dealerships anywhere, in addition to the fact that you won’t find parts anywhere for the said scooters.

This is because the Chinese manufacturers scrap the line and re-tool for a new model. This happens after several hundred thousand of one cheap model are produced and sold.

If you are still thinking of buying China scooters, I still wish to inform you that they label the engine as “Same as Honda” or “Honda Made.”

The Chinese scooter models are copies of the said engines, sometimes copied a dozen times.

Are TaoTao Scooters Reliable?

With the reproduction of a copy (because the plans are copied), the resultant product is of inferior quality to the “original copy.”

The more copies they make from a copy, the worse it gets!

Is Tao Tao a Good Dirt Bike Brand?

Yes. TaoTao is a good dirt bike. Dirt bikes are gaining popularity around the globe. With the increased popularity, more dirt bikes are being produced.

This is normal since the demand for a particular product makes other farms produce the same to eat upon demand.

The models that are produced under such circumstances are normally improved to beat the competition. This exact thing has happened to dirt bikes.

Their high quality and affordability popularize TaoTao dirt bikes compared to other dirt bikes.

TaoTao has been at the forefront of improving these bikes to beat the competition, making their bikes.

For instance, consider the Tao Tao 110cc Dirt Bike that offers a perfect control level while using a 40 MPH top speed.

It boasts air cooling with Front/Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Many people consider this as an uncomplicated bike. This is a multipurpose bike, from riding for fun to transport.

The TaoTao brand makes fast bikes like the TaoTao DB17. This is among the fastest TaoTao Bikes that has a 125cc engine.

It boasts of a 4- air-cooled stroke engine with a single-cylinder, making it an excellent choice for purchase at a fair price.

It’s a 4-speed transmission bike with a manual clutch. Additionally, this dirt bike has an impressive suspension.

The good thing about this bike is that you can easily access replacement parts at low prices.

The Taotao DB17 has a broad wheel that gives it a great balance.

Due to the importance of brakes on a bike, this brand has front and rear hydraulic brakes that assist in quick stopping. It also offers a kick start.

What Kind of Oil Does a 49cc Scooter Take?

Peradventure, you have just purchased your brand new 49cc Scooter; you must be wondering, what kind of oil does my scooter take?

If that describes you, do not worry since it will not take long before you know this pertinent issue. Indeed, oil has a vital place to play in the longevity of a scooter.

And you want to use the appropriate oil on your scooter. This is because oils are different. Why would you use the wrong oil to the detriment of your scooter? 

After your initial 90 miles with your scooter, it’s recommended that you change both your gear oil and your engine oil.

However, you are free to stretch this a little bit after the initial change, sticking to the 300- to 360-mile average.

After these miles are done on your scooter, it’s wise to perform an oil change.

Your 49cc scooter takes SJ10W-40 oil. This is a common oil that should be found in most discount warehouse stores and automotive shops.

While this is the factory-recommended engine oil for the 49cc, you can also use 15w40 since most motorcycles and scooters use it without any problem.

But people have also used diesel or gasoline car oil in their scooters without a problem.

Therefore, if you cannot find the recommended oil for your 49cc scooter, you can still use gasoline oil without a hitch.

Are Chinese Quads Any Good?

Yes, Maybe. Chinese quads have become infamous over the years, their reputation being tainted, and people prefer American and Japanese ATVs as they consider Chinese quads subpar.

Indeed, there is much truth in these sentiments and stances. But you can’t dismiss them.

It’s indisputable that most of these Chinese ATVs will scarcely hold a candle to a Polaris or a Honda. But they can’t compete at that level.

Consequently, such a comparison is not only misguided but also redundant.

Unfortunately, all Chinese quads are badly put together. There is no truth in such blanket grouping.

I do not deny that you probably had a bad experience with a particular one in the past.

However, production changes over time, and what was happening a year ago might be history in vehicle production.

Consequently, it might come as a sweet surprise to you if you dare take a Chinese quad for a spin.

Remember, Chinese quads are too affordable compared to ATVs from the leading manufacturers in any other part of the world.

Indeed, if you would consider the price-performance ratio, you will agree that Chinese quads offer an incomparable bang for your money by far.

Considering the price, your expectations also need to be realistic with regard to the quality of your ride. You will not be getting a top model treat from them.

And you should expect some vibrations. I think this should be understandable.

Why would you expect them to perform at the level of a Kawasaki or Can-Am when you have paid far much less for them?

How Many Miles Do 50cc Scooters Last?

A 50cc scooter will easily do 20,000 to 30,000 miles without a crash. The tires will run for 2,000 to 6,000 miles before they need to be changed on average.

However, it’s critical to point out that this is a tough question to answer. This is because there is so much variation occasioned by many factors.

For instance, if I asked you, how long is a person’s lifespan, how would you respond? This is a tough one on you. But this is the case here.

Consequently, the average mileage for a 50cc scooter may vary.

However, a good rule of thumb for bikes states that you should multiply both automotive miles and maintenance costs by four.

This means that a scooter with 25,000 miles resembles a car with 100,000 miles (25000 x 4).

On the other hand, a scooter belt will last between 10 000 km and 20 000 km.

However, this will depend on the specific manufacturer, meaning you will need to read the owner’s manual to get this information.

Another thing that will determine how long the belt will go is the specific belt.


TaoTao scooters are good as well as reliable. This is despite the popular stance that they are of poor quality and do not last long.

It’s critical to understand that your TaoTao will depend on the way you service and maintain it.

Therefore, ensure that you always stick to your schedule of oil change and other maintenance procedures.


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