Are Wowgo 3x Electric Skateboard-Longboard Better

Wowgo 3x

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Are Wowgo 3x Electric Skateboard Longboard Better

The New WowGo 3X Electric Longboard is the third generation in electric skateboarding. Again, it’s the latest build in the electric longboard line.

WowGo 3x was launched in December 2019 with notable improvements in comparison to your standard WowGo 3.

Indeed, the distinctiveness is even more lucid when you compare it with the WowGo 2S series.

Most skaters are impressed by the new technology that has been used in making this board.

However, more goes into the build of this board that is worth considering before you decide to buy it.

WowGo 3x has dual-motor rated at 600watts each, boasting a top speed of 24 mph (39 km/h). The board has a flexible deck made of flexible bamboo and fiberglass. Your WowGo 3x comes with a 260Wh Samsung battery.

Additionally, WowGo 3x has a climbing inclination of 30%.  When it comes to the wheels, we have 90 mm diameter and 62 mm width wheels.

Like other modern boards, this board has regenerative braking, with a weight of 130 kg (264 lb). It charges for 3 hrs (from flat).

WowGo 3x comes with installed 60% fine sand grip tape that keeps your feet on the eboard. Additionally, this will allow your feet to slide easily along with the deck.

Is The Wowgo 3X Waterproof?

No, not exactly. In the electric skateboarding world, one of the most inappropriately used terms is the term waterproof. It’s very rare to find a truly waterproof eboard.

And if you find one, it will cost a foot and an arm. For your WowGo 3X board, it’s far from being classified as a waterproof board.

Indeed, all that the manufacturer has done is produce a board with basic water-resistant characteristics both inside and outside.

Consequently, you get a board that is water-resistant to some degree. With an IP rating of IP65, you can expect your board to resist the splash of daily life.

Additionally, you can ride it in light rain with some degree of guarantee against water damage.

But the board is not meant to be water-proof, neither does the manufacturer want you to believe that.

Therefore, avoiding water intake through any hole or vent is good, including the charging port and the power button.

Fortunately, your WowGo 3x has a pin water-proof cable whose modular design makes it easier not only to assemble but also to disassemble.

Since your WowGo 3x electric skateboard is not waterproof, it’s recommended to ride around water, staying away from wet or icy surfaces.

Water will ultimately damage your board, rendering it unusable. To repair such a board will cost a fortune.

How Do I Connect My Wowgo 2S Remote?

Suppose you are looking for an alternative way to commute to your place of work and avoid relying on your car always.

It’s advisable to check out the many different electric skateboards available in the market today.

The WowGo 2S electric skateboard with wireless remote control should come on top of the options you will consider.

This board with dual electric hub motors boasts a 38 kilometers per hour speed, making an equivalent of 23.5 miles per hour.

Consequently, this board makes it to the Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ Standard Range Electric Skateboard league. But you might be wondering, how do I connect my WowGo 2S remote?

The WowGo 2s remote connects promptly without fail. This is one of the boards with very reliable remote connectivity.

What’s more, it doesn’t unsuspectingly disconnect, regardless of your battery status.

As you know, many remotes are easily affected by battery level, not so with your WowGo 2S remote.

I am very comfortable with this board, mainly because of its remote connectivity coupled with the speed at which it connects.

Interestingly, even when you are riding at high speed, your connectivity does not waver.

How Do I Change My Wowgo Remote To Mph?

Your App displays miles or kilometers based on the region and phone language settings. Currently, there are only two countries that display miles, including the US and UK.

To change kph to mph, go to the menu under the MAP and then go to the “Navigation Settings button” note this is not the NAV button.

When you expand, it will change the unit of measurement on the navigation system without impacting the speedometer.

But if you desire to change the speed on the speedometer, touch and hold the speed unit selector for about 1.5 seconds or more.

This will automatically change the speed units on the speedometer between km/h and mph.

Additionally, you can easily change the display mode from odometer to trip meter A to trip meter B.

Still, you will change it back to odometer if you press the selector when one of them is on display.

Wowgo, 3x Vs. Backfire Zealot: Which Is Better

Selling at $689, Wowgo 3x is regarded as the most boosted-like board.

Since its launch in 2019, WowGo has been one of the most popular boards, staying closest to the “Boosted Experience.” 

This is a flexible deck that is 12S Customized Hobbywing ESC. This means that your Wowgo 3x is both thrillingly powerful and buttery smooth with awesome carving ability.

Your WowGo 3x has a 259wh battery pack that promises a range of 14miles (22.5km), equivalent to that of the Boosted Stealth.

As people shift from boosted, you cannot find a better alternative than the WowGo 3x. Indeed, WowGo 3x has been touted as the most fitting boosted replacement.

So, you might be asking, why then doesn’t it take the first position? The answer is simple: because we have a better board; Backfire Zealot.

Going for $649 and touted as the board with the best performance, Backfire Zealot is a belt-driven, flexible board that offers smooth control and high performance.

Fortunately, the board recently got a whopping $200 price cut, translating to the current retail price of $699.

Although this resulted from price wars with the Exway Flex Riot, which sells at the same price ($699), it’s a good thing for the riders.

This makes your Backfire Zealot(Amazon Link) the best board to get the mid-tier price segment.

Backfire Zealot is made of a flexible bamboo and fiberglass deck, big 96mm wheels (that you can easily swap out for even bigger 105mm Cloudwheels if you want);

And Caliber II trucks for stable and smooth control.

Although most of these strengths are equally matched by other boards in the same tier, Backfire Zealot still maintains an edge, thanks to the bigger battery and consequent better range.

While Backfire caps the battery capacity at 90%, yet even after that, the 12s2p pack of 21700 cells remains the largest amongst its peers at 311 Wh.

Additionally, if you are one of those riders who can never be over-satisfied with range, there’s the Backfire Zealot S too.

This is a $799 upgraded version of Backfire Zealot with an upgraded deck, a bigger battery, a forged truck, a stronger motor, and a smart power-on feature.

Wowgo 3x Performance Review

When you talk of WowGo 3X, you talk about one of the greatest starts for novice e-riders. However, you can never confine the relevance of this wonderful board to novice riders only.

Indeed, even as an experienced rider, I enjoy the experience I ride this board quite intriguing.

Like me, most experienced riders will still appreciate this seemingly good-for-novice riders’ board. Its smooth acceleration will be yours to start enjoying after only a few kilometers.

In addition to the admirable acceleration, which comes rather too early, you still get to enjoy its wonderful braking as well.

You also get acquainted with an unforgettable riding experience that supports the longboard’s reaction in turns.

But the best thing about WowGo 3x board’s performance. This is especially so when riding down steep hills at a decent speed.

With WowGo 3x, you have a new modified version of ESC for the board – Hobbywing V2.0. This comes in handy for the driver without any delay.

As a result, you are guaranteed a swift and trouble-free acceleration that you will appreciate on coasts or descents and smooth braking.

This means that even if you urgently require braking, you will safely brake and come to a halt over a very short distance in a smooth manner.

Your WowGo 3X offers four-speed modes. And this can be switched on your remote control as needed.

You can choose from several modes including, slow mode (20 km/h, slope 20 %), normal mode (30 km/h, slope 20-25 %), fast mode (39 km/h, slope 25 %);

Turbo mode (39 km/h, slope 25-30 %). The WowGo will enjoy a top speed of over 30 km/h in turbo mode.

But if you prefer to use the normal mode, you can expect a top speed of about 30 km/h.

While the speed modes 1 to 3 do not change the acceleration, they increase the potential maximum speed of your longboard.

Consequently, the engines will get more juice to enable the board to ride up steeper hills.

On the other hand, the turbo mode squeezes everything out of your longboard, resulting in more acceleration and utmost performance.

With WowGo 3x, you will get a maximum manageable slope of 30%. But you should not drive such a slope for long over a long distance. Otherwise, you will break the components.

Wowgo 3x Dimensions

WowGo’s electric longboards are generally considered the best there is with regard to many of their specs and other attributes.

If you take any reasonable time to compare WowGo 3x electric longboard with other boards, even such brands as Boosted Boards, WowGo 3x will beat them in all aspects.

WowGo 3X electric longboard has wheels with dimensions of 90x62mm and 78A hardness.

These feature a so-called offset design, giving them an improved grip and better ride quality.

WowGo 3x boasts a high-quality build and design. Due to the combination of bamboo and fiberglass in the board’s making, the longboard is extremely flexy yet strong.

The board weighs 7.8 kg and can take up to a maximum of 150 kg. WowGo 3x board is 96 cm long, and the 90 cm wheels are replaceable.

Wowgo 3x Amazon Pricing

Wowgo 3x electric skateboard & longboard’s regular price is $599.99 on Amazon with Free Standard Shipping and No Tax to 68 Countries.

This price is cool for a board with this type of functionality.

But as I indicated earlier, this is not the initially intended price for the board as it was forced to adjust downwards by competitor wars.

The board ships from China warehouse standard or even an air shipping US warehouse, the delivery being between 2 and 2 days.

Wowgo 3x Cloud Wheels Breakdown

The regular price for WowGo 3x cloud wheels is $169.00, exclusive of shipping. They have a size of 120mm105mm. It’s easy to upgrade your WowGo 3X by yourself easily.

When it comes to WowGo 3x, the pulley has 37 teeth. The package consists of 4 x Cloudwheels, 8 x Good quality Bearings, 2 x Pulleys with bearings.

These are compatible with WowGo AT2 as well. Additionally, it has 2 x Continental Belts that are also compatible with WowGo AT2 and WowGo 3X.

Wowgo 3 Review

There is no denying the fact that WowGo 3 has much resemblance to the boosted board.

The board will offer 15 miles in range and a top speed of 39km/h (24mph), comes with Paris V2 trucks and 90mm wheels.

Your Wowgo will give you a range of 12-14 miles, staying right within a similar board in the same category.

The WowGo 3 has an improved range due to the Samsung 30Q battery. Swapping your battery has never been easier.

WowGo 3 has a slight improvement in terms of speed compared to the Wowgo 2s. Probably, the size of the wheels is responsible for this. Your WowGo 3 has a top speed of 24 mph.

This board has an improved deck that features bamboo and fiberglass, unlike its predecessor.

This means that you will enjoy smoother riding with no risk of breaking your board. It can handle a weight up to a maximum of 150 kg, but the recommended weight is 120 kg.


WowGo 3x longboards are reliable boards that are rated as high-performance boards.


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