Buying a Used Onewheel(Guide)

Why Does Onewheel Nosedive?

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Buying a Used Onewheel

Buying a Onewheel can be challenging. But it’s even more complex to buy a used Onewheel.

Indeed, it’s impossible to make the right decision without appropriate help from experienced users.

Since used Onewheel’s have an unknown usage history to the potential buyer, it’s critical to know how to go about the process safely.

Uninformed and careless purchases will always lead to untold losses and manifold disappointments.

However, with patience and the right strategy, it’s not impossible to find a used Onewheel in excellent condition.

Have a plan on whether you will buy Pint, XR, or a Plus. Make use of alerts for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, be flexible and contact sellers of used boards and check warranty and if it will transfer.

When buying a used Onewheel, it’s critical to have a plan. It’s important to have clarity on what you want. It might be a Pint, XR, or a Plus.

But if you are not conversant with the fundamental differences among the different models, it’s best to do your research.

After you know what you want, make a list of your expectations based on your budget.

It’s also needful to be flexible. Sometimes, you might have your heart fixed on a particular model, let say, on a used Plus.

If you come across a lightly used Pint that is a great deal, be willing to buy it and avoid being rigid.

After buying it, you can consider modifications that can give you an experience as initially desired.

Thirdly, make use of alerts for Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.This is a rich resource, although it will depend on where you live.

However, if you do not mind traveling widely, check out some used Onewheel, use these alerts.

As long as you have set alerts, you will be among the first to know when a used board shows up for sale.

The fourth thing is to practice patience. If you are not used to patience, there is no point in buying a used Onewheel.

You might be required to wait several months before finding an appropriate board.

A used board is not something you will go and find the first day you plan to buy. It will take lots of time and consultations to find what you are looking for.

Lastly, you might want to contact sellers of used boards. Usually, people will grab a good deal on a slightly used Onewheel.

Therefore, it’s not advisable to let an opportunity pass when you are ready to buy. Grab the opportunity and ensure that you get what you want.

Should I Leave My Onewheel Plugged In?

Yes, but not indefinitely. In normal circumstances, there should be no issue leaving your board plugged in.

To some extent, it’s healthy for your battery.

This is required after a few months so that the battery’s charge can be balanced. However, Future Motion does not recommend leaving your board on a board for too long.

They discourage leaving your board connected for more than about a day or two. It’s critical to understand that all batteries are fundamentally the same.

Consequently, taking care of them is key to enjoying their longevity.

To charge your Onewheel, you will need to connect your charge to a power outlet and then proceed to connect your Onewheel to the charging port.

As charging is in progress, there will be a red light to confirm charging status. However, charging will automatically stop once the battery is fully charged.

5 Tips for Buying a Used Onewheel

This does not mean that the current will be cut off from accessing the battery pack.

Therefore, you will need to physically disconnect your charger from your Onewheel and proceed to disconnect your charger from the mains supply.

How long your Onewheel will take to charge will depend on your model and your charger as well.

Technically, the stock charger will take more time to charge a Onewheel than what an Ultra charger will take.

Regarding the models, Onewheel + XR will take 2 hours on a regular charger but 1 hour on an Ultra charger.

On the other hand, Onewheel Pint will charge in two hours 50 minutes.

The most important thing to remember is that while Onewheel boasts a BMS (intelligent battery management system) to ensure the battery stays in good shape.

It remains unwise to leave your board plugged in for extended periods.

Does Changing Onewheel Tire Void Warranty?

Yes. The Vega MBM, Onewheel’s stock tire, is a good all-rounder. In addition to being stable, this is a durable and long-lasting tire.

However, after you have learned your wheel, it is always tempting to try something new. You might even have a preference for a particular riding style.

And this might not be possible without a change in the tire. Thankfully, there are tires for every possible riding style and surface.

These come as racing tires, all-terrain tires, slick tires, fat tires, carving tires, and any riding style you can think of.

Therefore, you might consider changing your Onewheel tire to spice up your riding experience.

While you will find a tire to suit your preferred riding style, you might want to consider your warranty terms.

However, you can change your tire and get away with it by keeping the original and swapping it back when a warranty issue arises. 

Now that you know that you can change your tire and still enjoy your warranty terms let’s see how you can change the tire.

Indeed, a need will arise where you cannot avoid changing the tire. Fortunately, it is a straightforward affair to change your Onewheel tire.

Many situations might dictate changing your tire. For instance, wear and tear is a very ordinary situation where you will have to change your Onewheel tire.

Even if you are very keen when riding your Onewheel, you will need to change your tire due to wear and tear, probably after about 2,000 miles.

Again, you might want better traction. Many riders will prefer changing their tires to improve traction.

If you love riding your wheel in off-road terrains, you might find it needful to swap your tire for a better one that can handle such terrains better.

You will find thick-treaded tires to be best suited for this purpose.

Still, some people will want to change their tires to enjoy improved handling. Those riders who love curving know how important handling can be.

How Many watts is a Onewheel XR charger?

The stock AC charger has an output of 200W, taking 300VA (watts) on the input.

Regarding the car charger, it takes about 100W but takes around 150 watts on the input.

When charging your Onewheel, it’s highly recommended to use the stock charger or an Ultra-charger.

Using any other type of charger can damage your battery, causing a shorter lifespan to your battery pack.

It’s essential to avoid either overcharging or undercharging your battery. Your board should be charged at least every other month, even if it’s not being used.

Remember, your warranty will be voided if you do not stick with these charging requirements.

Additionally, lithium batteries need to be disposed of per local laws and regulations. It’s also important to understand that a damaged battery pack should not be used.

The BMS (Battery Management system) is a system that controls charge rates in a Onewheel battery.

It doesn’t affect the charger itself. This is done to protect your battery since, hypothetically, adversely high charging rates damage your Onewheel’s battery and electronics.

The best-case scenario will be a reduced lifespan for your battery. In addition to protecting your battery from overcharging, the BMS is tasked with balancing the cells.

Does The Onewheel Warranty Transfer?

Yes. If you buy a used Onewheel, the warranty will transfer to you as the new owner.

Onewheel warranty covers your Onewheel for one year from the date of purchase.

However, the battery is under a different warranty that does not exceed six months. The warranty limits itself to normal use of the product.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to understand what “normal use” refers to. And Future Motion has remained ambiguous on this one.

However, we know that your board’s warranty can be voided by several actions.

Including exceeding speed or weight limits, collisions, modifications, fall or misuse, dissembling, self-wheel repair, among others.

It is best to find out if your Onewheel is operational before you mount on it since Future Motion has a very bleak return policy.

And even if your board is faulty from the factory and they decide to make replacement, they will still charge you for the foiled delivery!

How unfair! But that is what happens with monopolies. Currently, Future Motion is treating its customers as they want because there is no competitor.

Therefore, be careful as you use your board, know that water damage is also not covered by the so-called warranty.

Additionally, there are areas not covered by the warranty, including all consumables (tire and a camera).

Parts covered by the warranty can be replaced or repaired by Onewheel, but you will still need to pay for their shipment on top of footing the repair cost.

The warranty includes eliminating product deficiencies, exchanging for a similar product without surcharge, transferring funds to the buyer’s account, and returning goods.

How Do You Check Onewheel Hardware?

It’s very critical to know the hardware that runs your Onewheel. This is especially so since some bugs and problems are hardware-specific.

Therefore, it becomes paramount to find out the hardware version of your new board.

There are several options with regard to hardware versions for Onewheel boards. These include 4206, 4208, 4209, 4210, and 4211s.

There is a default way of knowing your board’s hardware when you have a problem.

This is because 4211 will not turn on while 4210s will give a false hardware connection error. To know your board’s hardware, go to Board settings.

You can also find out which version you have by going to the Onewheel App on your phone. Go to the Menu icon, proceed to board settings, and find out your hardware version.

Every new boosted/ hoverboard/ electric skateboard/ is always tested before being released to the market in the country of its origin.

The uniqueness of Onewheel is quite peculiar. While other boards are tested, Onewheel boards are hand-assembled in a factory setting at San Jose by Future Motion.Inc.

The relevance of this is that every board is overseen by the team in person – be hands-on, and involved.

The battery module, controller, and motor are installed and then always tested throughout the process, where the technician loads digital data at each stage.

Data entry ensures the batch codes, serial numbers, etc., are stored on the database.

In case of any problem in the future, it’s easy to reach a diagnosis where recalls can be made.

Indeed, even the wood that makes the board is sourced from a Southern Californian surfer, ensuring authenticity in the board sport stamp of approval.

There is on-site testing, regular riding, and quality control in the facility to ensure all Onewheel boards pass the necessary safety checks.

After this, every board is packaged up, ready for market use.

Does The Onewheel Pint Have Digital Shaping?

Yes, Onewheel Pint enjoys digital shaping modes.

Digital Shaping modes are handy in allowing you to customize your ride on your board easily. This is possible through your Onewheel App.

With digital shaping, you will be able to set your top speed, handling, and responsiveness to suit your riding level and environment.

Digital shaping is a feature that supports Onewheel+ XR and Pint. Both of these boards have pre-set Digital Shaping modes.

To create your Shaping mode, you can toggle sliders that control Carvability, Aggressiveness, and Stance Profile.

Digital Shaping modes for Onewheel Pint are Redwood, Pacific, Elevated, and Skyline.

On the other hand, Onewheel+ XR has Sequoia, Cruz, Mission, Delirium, Elevated, and Custom Shaping for digital shaping.

There is a different top speed for every digital shaping mode.


When buying a used Onewheel, it’s critical to choose carefully since the board is not new. You might not be aware of how the board was used by the previous owner.


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