Can I Put LED Lights on My Skateboard?(Yes, How to)

Can I Put LED Lights on My Skateboard?

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Can I Put LED Lights on My Skateboard?

There is nobody who is not afraid of the dark. In the dark, you are not able to see anything. And there might be dangers lurking in the dark, behind the bushes.

Riding your electric skateboard in the dark is neither an easy nor a safe venture. That’s why it’s necessary to have good lighting when riding in the dark or at night.

This is especially important if your ride takes you through non-illuminated places. You need to be extra careful as you enjoy your ride at night.

This boils up to your stock lighting in your electric skateboards. Most of the time, it might not be able to handle darkness effectively. Can I put LED lights on my skateboard?

Yes! Many electric skateboard brands lack lights when you purchase the board. You will need a pair of taillights (for the back of your board) and headlights (for the front of your board).

Your visibility gets a profound boost when you install LED lights on your longboard. You can choose to install ordinary LED lights or go for LED navigation lights.

While nothing can increase your visibility and alert other road users of your presence than a pair of lights on your board.

You can even have some lights on the side of your skateboard for cross-sectional visibility. When you add reflectors or lights to your electric skateboard.

Vehicles, pedestrians, other e-boards, animals, cyclists, and anyone else sharing the road with you will be able to see you better.

When installing lights to your electric skateboards, you will have several options to choose from. For instance, some lights will require installing by use of screws.

But, this methods is not the best to install lights on your board as there will be a need to make permanent holes on your board.

Another option to consider is skateboards that require adhesive to install. Again, the adhesive might wear out with time and make your lights fall off without your knowledge.

The last option, and by far the most popular, is installing lights that come with mounts that attach to the trunks of your board.

This option is safe for your light and does not leave any lasting mark on your electric skateboard.

Can You Put LED Lights On A Longboard?

Yes. Whether you are a student or a person who leaves work at night and are not fond of using your car.

Then you might find installing LED lights on your longboard a worthwhile activity.

Your visibility gets a profound boost when you install LED lights on your longboard. You can choose to install ordinary LED lights or go for LED navigation lights.

If you go for the navigation lights, you will pay about $40 due to shipping costs.

Therefore, if you have a LED supply store in your area, you might consider this option as it will get cheap without paying the shipment costs.

Alternatively, you can make a generator-powered LED headlight for your longboard.

While the easy way to get your LED lights working on your longboard would be to hook up an LED to a battery, this is not very interesting.

Imagine having a LED that will not bother you with the switching when you need the lights!

Indeed, when you use a generator, you will not need to worry about the switch at all.

While it’s pretty simple to connect the lights, attaching the generator might not be that simple.

You will need a generator, red and white LEDs, a 4.7 uF capacitor, 100-ohm resistor, 330-ohm resistor, and Two 1N5337BG Zener Diodes.

How Do You Install Shred Light?

One of the most excellent accessories to install on your electric skateboards is shred lights.

If you want to be riding your electronic skateboard after the sun goes down, installing some form of lights is highly advisable as most stake boards do not come with lights.

Among the most reputable products in the market is Shredlights due to their durability and the brightness with which they illuminate your board and path.

What’s more, Shredlights are the most straightforward lights to install on your electric skateboard. Shredlights can be installed anywhere on your e-board.

For instance, the Shredlights Night-Ops pack gives you three red lights, three white lights, and a curved sticky mounting seat with double lock Velcro.

Still, you get an action clip together with various types of skateboard mounting brackets with this package.

To install the Shredlights, get the two curved mounting seats and choose one for the back and the other for the front.

You can choose two lights for the headlights, but you can have any combination that suits your preference.

The Sticky Mounting Holder will connect the Shred lights to your helmet via a 3M Dual Lock Velcro.

Therefore, you will find that it can’t fall as it’s very sturdy, guaranteeing you a worry-free riding.

You can remove the lights easily or even change the light angle without a hassle.

The action clip that comes with the Night-Ops package is a real game-changer.

Being a form of an alligator clip, it can be attached to your pocket or backpack strap or even to an alligator clip.

Shredlights can then be installed into the Action Clip for enhanced visibility.

How Do You Install Shredlights On Boosted Stealth?

Stealth, Boosted’s new Board is the company’s most expensive and fastest model.

While the $1,599 board resembles other boards in many aspects, it breaks away from the herd when it comes to its record speed of 24 mph.

It boasts an extended battery range that keeps its high speed for about 14 miles between charges.

There are requirements that will make for a great electric skateboard. First, you will need a fast-enough board that can quickly stop.

This will come in handy in swerving in and out of situations. A case in point would be when a mean rider or driver cuts you off.

Additionally, you will need a board whose battery range is decent. This makes your Boosted Stealth a cool choice as it has both speed and range.

However, despite this board having these features, it still needs lights. It is advisable to install Shred Light 300’s to your order. 

These lights come with all the required hardware for front and rear lights.

Fortunately, the front lights ship with standard mounts. Therefore, it is critical to specify what your rear lights are for, like, will they be for stealth, a plus, or a V2?

The package consists of two white SL-300 Lights, two Red SL-R1 Lights.

Two Dual Micro USB Charging Cables, two Pairs of mounts (one rear mount for your choice and one front standard mount),and three ShredLights Stickers.

Installing Shredlights on your Stealth is easy since the mounts will make it easy to attach. The process is oversimplified by the mounts.

Can You Ollie On A Penny Board?


After you gain experience riding around on your penny board firsts like commuting from A to B isn’t enough anymore.

You will always want more than to use your board to take you from this place to that other place.

And this need will have to be gratified if you want any peace with your riding experience. Without this, your board will become a bore.

Consequently, you might want to learn to throw some tricks into the mix for the experience to get more interesting.

These are things you can do on your penny board.

Doing tricks on your penny board will spice up things. While basic tricks are possible on a penny board, they will be harder to learn and perform than on other regular skateboards.

Additionally, you will take longer to master and perfect each trick.

Among the easiest tricks to perform on your penny board is Ollieing. Since your penny board has a kicktail, it’s possible to ollie.

But understand that on a 22-inch board, Ollie will be much more complex and even tougher to master than it’s on a 27-inch penny nickel board.  

Start learning the tricks on the smaller board, it will be easy to master the bigger board. Indeed, it will be easy to Ollie up curbs and higher obstacles.

Apart from ollieing, you will also be able to perform kicktail manuals and nose manuals on your penny board.

However, the nose manuals will be a little bit easier. Although you might find it hard to hold your balance for long in the initial stages, you will get used to this over time.

If you can perform other tricks, there should be no problem performing manuals.

Another easy trick to perform is a hippie jump. This involves jumping off a penny board as it passes under an obstacle.

You will need to land on the board after it passes the obstacle. This means that jumping off will be easier than landing back on the penny board due to its small size.

All the same, the challenge makes it even more enjoyable.

Do You Have To Be Light To Skateboard?

No, A skateboard bears a lot of weight. However, it’s critical to understand this board that you entirely trust your weight on.

Indeed, skateboarding is interesting and exciting. However, it can also be dangerous.

Indeed, many riders will easily kick it high and fly through the air and then do a beautiful landing, graced by a gracious stop.

Also, it’s not uncommon to have an abrupt and harsh landing that will leave your board in two pieces.

So, how heavy is this board? Well, an average skateboard will weigh about 5 kilograms or 11 pounds.

Technically, there is scarcely any official skateboarding weight limit. However, the board’s quality will affect the weight it can bear.

Generally, highly durable skateboards will easily hold up to 115 kgs or 250 pounds. However, the landing is the true test for any skateboard.

When landing, much of a rider’s weight needs to be well-distributed on the skateboard’s trucks. Failure to do this could cause the board to snap.

A heavier skateboarder is advantaged since it’s possible to build a greater momentum going downhill.

On the other hand, lighter skateboarders will accelerate faster but lack this advantage their heavy counterparts enjoy.

Best LED Lights On My Skateboard

Many good LED lights are used on skateboards.

However, there are some which outperform others. And Shredlights happen to be among the best in the skateboarding world.

When it comes to the best in the herd, the ShredLights SL-200 will take it every time.

These are very bright lights that can be easily installed or removed. They boast a very long battery life.

Additionally, ShredLights SL-200 are known to be water-resistant. This is unlike other products, which are marketed as water-resistant but are not.

This makes “ShredLights SL-200 your perfect choice to cater for those days you might have to skateboard when it is raining.

They are easy to mount on any board, in addition to being sold at a low price.

For those who have to ride their skateboards at night, you will need to install lights.

Indeed, lights will be a necessity if you care about your safety and the safety of other road users.

Much havoc can be wrought by riding a light-less board at night.

Lights come close after a good-quality helmet and decent protective gear. If you live in parts where autumn and springtime make the sunrise late and then set early.

lights are necessary for skateboards. If you live in these places and ride your skateboard without lights, you might need to reconsider your actions.

For instance, without lights, it’s impossible to see holes and overlooking in the pavement. Oftentimes, these are the major causes of nasty falls and serious injuries.

Since Electric Skateboarding is a relatively new phenomenon, there is very little empirical data on crashes and accidents between e-boards and cars.

But if you look at the data related to accidents between cars and bicycles, you can understand how the stats can be.

In almost all such accidents, the car drivers attest that they were not aware of the cyclist until they hit them.


It’s possible to install LED lights on your skateboard as skateboards do not come with lights.


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