Can I Take My Onewheel Pint On A Plane?

Can I Take My Onewheel Pint On A Plane?

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Can I Take My Onewheel Pint On A Plane?

If you have just bought your Onewheel Pint or would wish to travel with your favorite Pint, you might be asking, can I take my Onewheel Pint on a plane?

Yes! FAA regulations have classified Onewheel Pint as allowed to be carried on airlines. With 130 watt-hours battery, FAA regulations states that large lithium-ion batteries not exceeding 160-watt hours are allowed.

However, some airlines will still prevent devices within the FAA allowed limits from being carried.

This needs preparation since some TSA agents will not follow the list of permitted devices.

Basically, batteries are the critical thing for what may or may not be allowed in an airline.

With 130 watt-hours, the Onewheel Pint battery , FAA regulations states that large lithium-ion batteries not exceeding 160-watt hours are allowed, howbeit “with airline approval.” 

Since these battery falls within this range, there should be no problem taking the Onewheel plus with you in an airplane. However, remember the battery is subject to approval.

Can I Take A Onewheel Pint With Me On An Airplane?

Being the newest in the Onewheel family, the Onewheel pint comes as a smaller device whose weight is significantly reduced from its predecessor, the Onewheel XR.

Consequently, traveling with a Onewheel pint is much easier to travel with if it passes the airline restrictions.

When the Onewheel Pint was manufactured, the first batch of batteries was labeled a 170-watt hour. Although this was a manufacturing error, it impacted the Onewheel pint in diverse ways.

Since 170 is beyond the 160-watt ceiling, it became a problem to travel with the battery, although in reality, it didn’t have 170-watt hours but 130-watt hours. 

How do I Fly With a Onewheel?

Although your Onewheel may have a battery that is allowed by the FAA in an airplane, you still need to be prepared to ensure you are never denied to travel with your Onewheel.

Indeed, having a Pint or a Plus is not a guarantee to be allowed to have your one wheel on your flight.

Due to the explosions of Samsung phones and hoverboards, many TSA agents turned overly cautious as far as devices with batteries are concerned.

Can I Take My Onewheel Pint On A Plane?

To avoid being barred from boarding your plane with your Onewheel, ensure that you have enough time to spare at security as well as boarding.

With enough time, you will not be anxious or angry with the many security checkups that your battery may require.

Ensure that your paperwork is printed early in advance but also to familiarize yourself with the contents therein.

Additionally, you will find it advantageous to dress nicely, preferably like a professional, so that you get through with minimal hassles.

Poorly dressed people are less serious, and the TSA agents may easily find a reason to deny you flying with your Onewheel.

Can A TSA Agent Prevent Me From Flying Even When My Onewheel Is Okay?

Yes. Nothing ends with the fact that your battery pack is below 160-watt hours. You will need to understand that the way you treat the TSA agent can either lock you in or out.

Again, a smile will always work for you. A polite smile will easily get you on the side of the TSA agent handling your luggage.

Can I Take My Onewheel Pint On A Plane?

If you encounter a mean TSA agent, let it pass, and don’t get intimidated by their meanness or attitude. You only need to be confident but not confrontational.

You can go a step further by giving the TSA agents a heads up.

As you take off your shoes and belt, politely tell the nearest TSA agent that you are carrying some expensive camera equipment in your bag.

And you are ready to give it out when they require that for inspection. Notice when the TSA agent screening your bag gets perplexed and demands to know whose bag it is.

Smile and wave at the TSA agent and reassure them that your bag doesn’t have anything sharp.

When they summon you over to have the bag inspected, let them know that you had already spoken to the airlines before the trip, and you have the paperwork ready with you.

Preempt their moves by telling them that such inspection happens all the time you fly with your Onewheel.

Go a step further to tell them that the Onewheel is used for your mobility as well as for camera work. Allow them to have your papers for inspection.

It’s normal for the TSA agents to want to see the wattage on your battery.

Consequently, be ready to let them see the watt-hour as listed on the rail of your onewheel, confirming that it lies within acceptable limits of the FAA.

Lastly, you will do well to thank them as you take time to repack your Onewheel and leave to catch your flight.

Avoid any temptation to ride the Onewheel in the airport, but for all those who may want to do so most likely you will be banned.

Which Onewheel Can I Fly With?

Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR are permitted in airlines. It’s not permitted to fly with the onewheel XR.

However, there are stories of people who successfully travel with their Onewheel XR, but that is a risk you do not want to take.

Again, although you may get through security during the departure flight, you can never guarantee that the same success will be on your side on your return flight.

It would be unfortunate to get away with your Onewheel to your vacation and then be unable to take it home on your return flight.

Do I Need A Fender On My Onewheel

The battery chemistry behind the Onewheel XR doesn’t allow it to fly either as a carry-on or as check-in, and you better forget about flying with it.

How Do I Pack My Onewheel For Air Travel?

Many people struggle with this, and you may struggle with it for a long time.

Due to the weight and the awkward shape of the Onewheel, it’s not an easy task to get a good bag or case for it.

There are several options that you may want to consider, including various roller cases,

Onewheel Mafia bags, large suitcases, custom-made bags for the Onewheel, duffle bags, large dry bags, and even backpacks.

You can even consider the original box your Onewheel came in.

As you consider the bag that you will pack your Onewheel in, remember it will dictate the way you fly; will it be a carry-on or a check-in?

Although Onewheel qualifies typically as a check-in due to its length, you can succeed in bringing it as a carry-on if you have the right bag.

Bringing it as a carry-on will enable you to directly speak with the TSA agents if there will be any questions that arise.

Additionally, you will be able to show them and increase the chances of your device boarding the plane.

It’s also advantageous to have the Onewheel as a carry-on since there will be decreased chances of your device getting damaged or lost.

Can I Use A Backpack When Flying With My Onewheel?

Yes. Backpacks can be successfully used to carry the Onewheel. There are some backpacks designed to be easily rugged.

These can carry a large amount of gear that is significantly heavy. This is a good option, and it might just work for you.

Indeed, you might already have a backpack in your home used for camping trips, and this eliminates the need to start looking for another.

With the extra compartments and all the straps in many backpacks.

You will not have any trouble packing your charger, your wrist guards, a large helmet, a Mafia bag, and other needed stuff.

A big enough backpack will make it easy to bring your Onewheel and the required gear aboard a plane without any questions from the TSA agents.

You may want to loosen your shoulder straps for the bottom of the bag to sag to your butt, effectively decreasing the upper profile and giving it a smaller appearance than it is.

Can I Successfully Use A Roller Case To Fly My Onewheel?

Yes. Roller cases are different in size, and you may find a large enough roller case that will accommodate your Onewheel.

Most of these larger roller cases(Amazon Price) can be purchased online at reasonable prices. Once you purchase such a roller case.

You will only need to add a bit of cushioning or foam to ensure your onewheel is protected for the flight.

You can use the roller case’s wheels to pull the Onewheel around as you clear with security.

Since the roller case will be big, you may not have an option but to check the bag in.

The most unfortunate thing about the cheap roller cases is that they are not strong enough to endure many flights.

Many will start tearing apart after two flights. Therefore, if you choose roller cases, consider buying the expensive ones whose quality is unmatched.

Will A Large Suitcase Carry My OneWheel When I Fly?

Like the option of a backpack, this is a great option as many people already have such in their homes. Perhaps, you may have a big old suitcase lying around your home.

You might have even wondered if it will ever be used.

Well, this is the time to use it! Did you know that 5,000 to 10,000 immigrants were smuggled into America between 1900 and 1914 using large suitcases?

Indeed, large suitcases can carry a lot of stuff in a concealed manner. What is astonishing, very few immigrants were turned back to where they came from in this scheme.

Indeed, it’s interesting how your perspective on life can be changed by owning a Onewheel.

Therefore, if you have a suitcase in your home that is large enough to fit a Onewheel, you can put your device in and then support it with foam or other cushion forms.

With a large suitcase, it’s unlikely that security will bother to look inside or inspect it. However, since the bag may actually be inspected.

It’s best to avoid using clothes around your Onewheel as insulation as security will not pack it well after the inspection.

Can I Use Large Dry Bags Or Duffle Bags To Put My Onewheel?

Yes. This is a less expensive option and preferred by many. At a relatively low price, it’s easy to get a very durable duffle bag or dry bag.

Unfortunately, it’s impractical to use a duffle bag to carry the heavy Onewheel for a long time.

The shape of the Onewheel will get uncomfortable even if your duffle bag has straps resembling those of a backpack.

Additionally, there is very little protection offered by the duffle bag to your Onewheel. Consequently, it is neither wise nor safe to use this bag to fly with your Onewheel.


It’s possible to travel with your wheel Pint through an airline as the battery has fewer watt hours than the ceiling set by FAA.

However, if you have the old batteries that showed 170-watt hours on their labels, you will still not be able to travel with your Onewheel Pint in an airplane.

It’s best to contact Future Motion to have the battery labeled correctly or swapped to allow you to travel without any restrictions.

There are many options available when it comes to carrying your Onewheel aboard a plane.

Some of the options are cheap, but you should not go for the cheapest or most convenient.

It’s best to carry your one wheel using safe and protective bags to ensure that it is protected from damages.


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