Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?(Tips)

Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?

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Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?

There are different types of gear on motorcycles. Still, they all have some essential functions in common.

Yes! You can wear motorcycle gear on a plane. However, you should keep in mind that there may be certain restrictions or regulations that you need to follow, depending on the airline you are flying with. Some airlines may have specific dress codes or require you to remove certain clothing or protective gear items while on board.

Some items of clothing you may need to remove while on the plane include backpacks, jackets, helmets, boots, and gloves.

For example, they may ask you to remove your helmet to inspect you and easily store it in the overhead locker or under your seat when not in use.

You should also remember that specific protective clothing or gear boasts prohibition from wearing on board.

For example, suits of armor are not allowed on board unless you need them because of specific medical conditions such as heart problem or respiratory disorder.

If you are on a long-haul flight, remember that you may be sitting in your seat for an extended period and should keep this in mind when packing your bags.

You should also remember that as a passenger, you must respect the needs of other passengers; the crew and motorcycle gear may seem uncomfortable for them.

5 Tips for Flying with Your Motorcycle Gear

Check Airline PoliciesKnow the best ways to pack your motorcycle gear,Don’t leave anything important at home and bring a document that lets you use first class if you have it.
Pack SmartPack extra clothes, shoes, and warm gear, Pack all of your gear into Ziplock bags.
Protect everything from dust, dirt, lint, and spills with an anti-static bag.
Label Your GearPack in boxes and label with masking tape.
Use high-quality waterproof labels to peel off the next time you fly.
Insure Your GearDetermine if it’s needed and protect it with a large lens waterproof case.
You can place your gear in one big bag for check-in if you have a small case.
Hand-Carry Essential ItemsFor items that can’t wait, hand carry them.
For example, if you’ve forgotten your passport and need to fly quickly, you’ll still be able to check-in.

Can I Bring It on Domestic Flights in The U.S.?

Yes! You can bring motorcycle gear on domestic flights within the United States. Most airlines allow passengers to bring protective gear, such as helmets and riding suits, as part of their carry-on or checked baggage.

However, you can check with your airline to confirm their specific policies and any size or weight restrictions that may apply.

Some airlines may require that you pack the gear in a particular manner, such as in a hard-shell case, to avoid damage during transit.

Today, you can check on your airline’s website to determine whether your bag will be allowed on board.

Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?

For example, American Airlines allows travel gear in carry-on luggage for domestic and international flights. Southwest also allows travelers to check their protective motorcycle gear for domestic flights.

In addition, the TSA recommends that passengers traveling with a motorized vehicle, pack the following as checked luggage: protective helmet, goggles, gloves and pants, boots or footwear, and a jacket or long-sleeved shirt.

More, TSA does not need you to remove your helmet’s face shield, but you can slip off it if you’re traveling with a friend as it may interfere with their sight.

If you have religious reasons for wearing the helmet and face shield during travel, you can request an exemption from TSA screening upon departure.

This includes Sikh men who wear turbans and are religiously mandated to wear them publicly at all times.

Hand luggage dimensions for American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Iberia Airlines

Type of AirlineLuggage Dimensions in inches
American Airlines22 x 14 x 9.
United Airlines 9 x 10 x 17.
British Airways22 x 18 x 10.
Iberia Airlines 55 x 40 x 20.

How To Pack a Helmet- Steps

1. Make Sure The Helmet Is Clean

2. Put the Helmet On And Pull The Straps Snugly But Not Too Tight.

Position the chin under your chin and in front of your ears so that it doesn’t interfere with breathing or hearing, yet will still offer a protective hold in case of falls.

3. Push the straps down under your ears and tighten them with one hand while holding onto the back pad with the other hand to maintain the helmet position.

4. Tuck In Any Dangling Straps

5. Wrap the retention cords around your head and secure them with a rubber band, or put a piece of tape over each to keep it out of the way.

6. Re-adjust the fit, if necessary, and tighten everything down.

7. Inspect your work and make sure that all parts are securely fastened.

8. Make sure the helmet fits properly and is ready for use.

You should store the helmets where they won’t slide or roll and will not be subject to heat. If a helmet is cracked or damaged, you must replace it immediately.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Get Stolen?

Yes, Motorcycle helmets can get stolen just like any other valuable item you leave unattended. They typically get stolen for their resale value instead of wearing them out.

If someone steals your helmet, you can report the incident to the authorities and your insurance company.

Your insurer can compensate you for the loss of your helmet, and you can buy a replacement.

The resale value of a motorcycle helmet is much lower than its retail price. They sell it for just about what you paid, and in some cases, less.

This is especially the case with helmets that come from inexpensive brands.

If a thief steals your helmet and tries to sell it back to you, there will be no way you can identify it without examining its serial number first.

However, this might be difficult for the thief, as the helmet’s serial number may have been scratched off or painted over.

As with many other valuable items, I recommend securing helmets separately from the motorcycle. You should lock them when you park or store your bike.

Alarms, chains, and security locks may help deter thieves. You can also paint your helmet a mottled color, making it look older or damaged.

This might lower its resale value to the point where it is no longer attractive to thieves.

What To Do with A Motorcycle Helmet When Parked?

Removing your motorcycle helmet and taking it with you when you park your motorcycle is generally recommended.

It also prevents condensation from building up inside the helmet. If you cannot remove your helmet when you park, you can open a vent at the top and ensure you take it with you when leaving.

Another problem with leaving a motorcycle helmet on your motorcycle is that anything that might happen to your helmet when you are off-riding could still do it to your helmet while you are on the road.

The best way to protect your helmet is by keeping it with you when parked or taking it off and storing it in a protective bag. Do this immediately after you park and not later time or day.

I recommend you store your helmet upright position instead of lying on its side. Also, take care not to drop it or move it around unnecessarily.

Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?

If you are storing your helmet for a week or more, you should wrap the neck of the helmet to prevent moisture from forming on the inner surface of the helmet.

It is also essential to keep your motorcycle helmet as clean as possible, especially if you have been tracking mud or dirt into a motorcycling jacket.

Once you have finished with the helmet, clean it immediately and store it in a plastic bag.

How Do You Tie a Helmet on A Bag?

1. Locate the loops or hooks on your bag designed to secure a helmet.

2. Thread the strap through one of the loops closest to the buckle.

3. Carefully guide the end of the helmet strap over the bottom part of the loop, ensuring its seated properly before securing with a knot on both sides.

4. Once you have one seat, work around the bag until you can use all hooks.

5. Use a second strap to secure the second loop closest to the buckle.

6. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for another single loop.

7. If you have multiple loops, use a third and fourth strap to secure all remaining hooks.

8. Finish by tightening straps and working off knots. You must sag the helmet, but not overly tight.

Should I Put My Helmet on Hold?

Yes! Putting your motorbike helmet in the hold is easy and efficient. You can even put it in your luggage and know it is safe. You should put your helmet on hold for three reasons:

  • Makes your life easier when traveling by air.
  • The weight of a motorbike helmet is no more than a bag of clothes or shoes, so there’s no need to fret about paying extra.
  • Makes it more likely that your case needs to be opened and searched.

Although some airlines require you to put your helmet on hold, there should be no problem if you’re traveling by air. The only question here is whether you will lose or damage it.

But as long as you put it on hold correctly and ensure the airline staff knows about it, there shouldn’t be a problem.

The helmet size is also standardized, unlike other sporting goods such as skis and golf clubs.

Some airlines may require you to pay an extra fee if your helmet falls into their regulation size range, but there are no guarantees.

One of the best things about traveling with a helmet is that it’s easy to carry. You can just put it in your luggage or hold it if you’re traveling long-haul.

Just ensure that the airline staff knows about your helmet before you board.

Should I Use A Helmet Bag?

Yes, Using a motorcycle helmet bag is a good idea for several reasons:

1. Protection: A motorcycle helmet bag helps protect your helmet from scratches, dents, and other damages that can occur during transportation. This will keep your helmet in good condition and prolong its life.

2. Cleanliness: A motorcycle helmet bag can also help keep your helmet clean and dust-free. This is particularly useful if you have a good-quality helmet you intend to use for several years.

3. Convenience: The bag is very convenient for storing and transporting the helmet wherever it has to go. This helps you stay organized and makes it easy to find the helmet whenever needed.

4. Protection from the elements: Another benefit of using a motorcycle helmet bag is that it protects your helmet from the elements, especially when you cannot safely store it in your garage or car.

In this case, you can carry the helmet wherever you want.

5. Longevity and Maintenance: A motorcycle helmet bag is also useful for long-term storage.

If you intend to store your helmet for an extended period, for example, if you’re going on vacation or moving to a different home, using a helmet bag will protect it from dust and other damage that might occur while it’s in storage.

Can I Wear Motorcycle Gear on A Plane?

It also helps keep the inside of the helmet clean, which protects the inner padding from getting dirty and deteriorating over time.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Backpack

Type Of HelmetFeatures
OGIO Mach 5 BackpackWeather-resistant, molded exterior shell with molded graphic design.
Laptop protective compartment and fits most 15″ laptops.

iPad tablet protective compartment, Fleece-lined smartphone and personal electronics protective pockets.

Helmet visor padded protective compartment, Shoe storage dedicated compartment.

Removable hip belt with off-center attachment to prevent gas tank scratches.

Deluxe organization panel with secure valuables pocket and adjustable load divider to distribute weight evenly.

Expansion zippered gusset to increase main compartment capacity.
Ergonomic and deluxe padded back panel for ultimate comfort.
Rigg Hurricane Backpack Lifetime Warranty, 100% waterproof with electronically heat-welded seams and Made from durable UV Coated 24 oz.

Watertight roll closure with quick-release buckles and Padded back panel conceals backpack straps when using as a tail pack.
Klim Nac PakLarge enough for small/medium-sized laptops. It also has external storage space available for a shovel and probe. It has a removable water-resistant Tool Pak.

The Nac Pak has a molded goggle pocket with goggle chamois to keep your goggles safe.
Kriega R20Main compartment with YKK water-resistant zip, Side access pocket with YKK water-resistant zip and Internal hydration sleeve with compression.

Internal zipped mesh pocket, SUPERSPACE: 5mm airspace back and YKK water-resistant zips.

HYPALON: Abrasion-resistant re-enforcement, Scholler Dynatech With integrated 3M Scotchlite and 420 D nylon RipStop: lightweight yet extremely strong.

3M Scotchlite: reflective logo, Unique QUADLOC harness: adjustable back length and total arm freedom,Side access pocket.


Motorcycle gear is an essential part of your bike, but it can sometimes be forgotten or ignored. Therefore, keeping your gear in good condition is critical, especially if you use it daily.

This article has provided some hints and tips to help you maintain your motorcycle gear, including motorbike helmets and luggage.


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