Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

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Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

When it comes to electric skateboards, there are many considerations one has to make regarding different models and how you plan to use them.

This has, therefore, prompted the question as to whether you should purchase an already made skateboard or build one for yourself. So, can you make your electric skateboard?

Yes, Provided you have already purchased the electric skateboard kits, the rest involve assembling, which you can do on your own and have fun in the process.

You should also be aware that making your electric skateboard does not mean you have to build everything from scratch since you will have to purchase the electric skateboard kits.

It is these conversion kits which you will assemble by yourself to come up with an efficiently performing skateboard.

Since the electric skateboard conversion kits(Amazon Link) are purchased from the stores, all you will have to do is assemble the parts,

Which generally include; the deck, trucks, wheels, enclosure, drive-train, and the electronics which are included on the skateboard.

You should, therefore, be on the knowledge of your tools handling ability to carry out the task at hand effectively.

Although it may be preferred that you make your electric skateboard.

This choice may not be a great one to consider if you are unsure of what you are doing; thus, it may be better to get a premium ready-made one. It will be expensive but could be worth it.

Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

How much does it cost to build an electric skateboard?

After getting the idea of making your electric skateboard, the next question most likely to pop into your mind is the cost.

The amount you may have to spend while making your electric skateboard differs from one skateboard to another.

The model and the types of conversion kits used may play a significant role and difference in the overall outcome of the kind of skateboard you are making or want to make in that case.

Most electric skateboards may cost about $350 or slightly higher to make. However, since they vary, some may cost up to as high as $1000 to put in place.

It depends on your taste and the type of equipment you may want to install on it.

There are more affordable choices you may consider going for, but if you are into better and more advanced equipment.

Then you may as well proceed to acquire the high-end materials and dig a little deeper into your pockets.

Generally, the amount it will cost to make a skateboard will be defined by the one you want.

And averagely, $600 is adequate for a good electric skateboard which may satisfy you.

Is $200 enough to build an electric skateboard?

Since building an electric skateboard involves the initial purchase of the parts assembled, $200 is not enough to get the whole nob done.

For instance, once you purchase the basic stuff such as wheels, deck, and the trucks.

You shall have spent about $100 or even slightly more. You, therefore, remain with 50% of the money or less.

After the basics, other parts have to be installed, and they play a crucial role in your electric skateboard.

Well, it’s the electric parts that will make your skateboard to be referred to as electric.

That is to say; they are the defining factor of electric skateboards from the basic regular skateboards.

So, with the 100 dollars or more already spent, it is impossible to acquire the remaining electric stuff, which is often the more expensive one to purchase.

Building an electric skateboard with a budget of $200 is therefore not possible, even if you went for cheaper electronic parts in the market.

However, your low budget should not discourage you from owning one;

Perhaps you may consider acquiring the regular skateboard first and have in mind the needed upgrade which you will make later on.

Is it cheaper to make your electric skateboard?

Yes, Well, don’t get me wrong, but both answers apply to this question which has seemingly been asked by most upcoming skateboarding enthusiasts.

Let me start with the Yes part. If you were to purchase an electric skateboard kit and assemble it yourself;

Then compare the price to the same model of an electric skateboard you have put together to the already made one in a box at the store.

Then you notice that the price is probably higher than the one you made by yourself. Therefore, in this context, we could say it’s cheaper to make your electric skateboard.

However, the No answer part comes in when more considerations are made and other details are further looked into.

For instance, when making your electric skateboard, you may want to include high-end equipment, which is expensive to acquire.

Such equipment may consist of the motor and other electric parts or just a generally expensive electric skateboard kit.

Therefore, after you have completed putting your skateboard together, you may realize it’s way more expensive than that which you could have purchased directly;

Since more expensive equipment may have been used on different parts of the electric skateboard.

Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

So, how cheap or expensive your electric skateboard is, whether you make it alone or purchase an already made one from the store.

Will be related to the types of equipment used and not by just basing it on the assembly process.

Can I turn my skateboard into an electric skateboard?

Why not? With the necessary electric skateboard kits.

You can transform your regular skateboard into a better electric skateboard by tuning up some parts and installing the electronic components onto it.

The satisfaction likely to follow after accomplishing the task by yourself is immeasurable.

However; before you go all out into making transformations to your old-school skateboard, there are some nitty-gritty about electric skateboard kits you may want to know;

First, you have to ensure the types of electric skateboard kits you plan to install are compatible with your skateboard.

Some kits may not be so much different, and you may need to do a little modification to your skateboard to get it right.

However, in some cases, the kits may be very much different that you need to consider checking other kit options.

An interesting part of the electric skateboard kits, which you may find exciting, is that they come with all the parts, well, except the deck. But you will have your deck.

Therefore, with everything included in one package, once you have acquired the kit and ensured it is compatible.

You may not have to worry about sourcing other parts somewhere else. Well, except if you are interested in getting other high-end features from other sources.

All in all, transforming your skateboard, probably an old-school one, into an electric skateboard is possible.

You can achieve this by simply purchasing compatible electric skateboard kits or parts, For that matter, and installing them onto the skateboard.

Enjoy your ride and a deep sense of pride and satisfaction of your job done in transforming your skateboard by yourself; thus, creating a new thing altogether.

What should I consider when buying an electric skateboard kit?

Like any other gadgets, wheels, or already made electric skateboards.

Purchasing an electric skateboard kit also involves a set of considerations you should consider before acquiring them.

Performance; Topping the list is performance. Every skater wants an electric skateboard that performs efficiently to boost their experience as they move about skating.

When acquiring the conversion kit, ensure that you will get the best from it regarding the range and speed.

Since probably you would not want to be the snail on the skating track, high speed would be a better option to go for. But the ratings should match your preference and taste.

Modularity; One of the reasons which may have prompted you into opting for the DIY choice of electric skateboard is because you like changing and replacing parts and components .

Since most electric skateboard kits come as one package, they are often modular.

Still, it doesn’t always hurt to go the extra mile of confirming the modularity status of the components, lest you be disappointed by the kit you acquired.

Quality of the components: One of the most crucial considerations when acquiring electric skateboard kits is quality.

Low-quality materials pose several challenges to the one who is supposed to assemble them; in this case, you.

Furthermore, since you will probably be doing this alone, you may find it quite challenging and fail to have fun in the entire assembling process.

You should also be aware that putting the parts together is not the only challenge you may face when using low-quality components.

You may get everything right in putting it up together stage, but it may not last for long.

That is to say; you will be skating an electric skateboard and experience an unexpected breakdown at any moment.

Can You Make Your Electric Skateboard?

Therefore, the quality of the components of the electric skateboard kit you go for is relatively important.

What should I consider when buying an electric skateboard?

After looking at the details to keep in mind when acquiring electric skateboard kits, what about the already made electric skateboards?

What should you look for, and what should you avoid?

Weight and length: These are the two common features that should be the number one factor in determining whether you purchase the electric skateboard or not.

Electric skateboards, which are large in size and heavy, have less portability thus cannot be moved around as much as you please.

In the end, such skateboards will result in annoyance and skating inconveniences.

Therefore, you should consider going for lighter ones that are smaller in size to get the best out of them.

Skateboard capacity: this is the amount your electric skateboard can comfortably support. This is often an overlooked area when purchasing electric skateboards.

As you move to the store to get yours, get one that can contain your body weight without experiencing much pressure.

This is an important feature to think about, especially if your weight falls on the heavy side.

Power: While acquiring your electric skateboard, you should consider the amount of power it uses while operating.

Usually, an adequately powered electric skateboard is backed with efficient, better performance than the underpowered ones.

Since electric skateboards are mostly for performance, you should acquire one that is highly powered to get the ultimate electric skateboarding experience.

The material used; Just like the electric skateboard kits, the material used in making an electric skateboard should also propel you in the direction to take when purchasing one.

Plastic electric skateboards are not as durable and can crack or break without notice.

You risk hurting yourself and spending more as you will need to replace them with new ones every time they break.

How much should I spend on an electric skateboard?

An electric skateboard is likely more expensive than an old-school skateboard. The electric skateboards range from about $400 to well over $2000.

The price variation is brought by the different models available and the types of electronics installed on them.

Your taste and preference play a crucial role in determining the amount you should spend on an electric skateboard. Well, your budget too.

If you are willing to go deeper into your pocket, you may acquire an efficient high-end electric skateboard.

Likewise, if you are operating within a budget, you may still get hold of one which suits you.

Final thought

Making an electric skateboard is not much involving, and you can make one on your own.

Provided you have already purchased the electric skateboard kits, the rest involve assembling, which you can do on your own and have fun in the process.

Well, nothing also beats the sense of satisfaction that comes when you build things by yourself and get them running.


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