Can You Replace Onewheel Battery?(Yes! How to)

Can You Replace Onewheel Battery?

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Can You Replace Onewheel Battery?

While it’s a wonderful experience to ride your Onewheel, it might fail sometimes. After all, all electrical devices fail at one time.

Your board is powered by a battery that connects to the charging port via a charging circuit.

When charged, your board should give you an acceptable range, right within the acceptable range given by the manufacturer.

But what happens when your board seems to lose juice too soon, perhaps not even able to ride half of it’s range? That calls for a battery replacement.

Yes! You can replace the Onewheel battery after your current battery deteriorates. Again, you might also wish to replace your battery to get an improved range by installing a better battery like the CBXR battery from ChiBatterySystems.

Onewheel battery will need to be replaced after some time. But you might ask, can you replace Onewheel battery?

If your battery is spoilt, you will need to buy a replacement battery and change it. That is the only way to bring your Onewheel back to an operational state.

But before you rush to buy a battery replacement for your Onewheel, it’s important to be sure that you need a battery replacement in the first place.

To get a clear understanding of the situation, it’s best to diagnose your battery.

The first sign that you are down on your battery and need replacement is that once you switch on your board, it will move back and forth an inch or two.

This will be a kind of a sporadic movement, showing that it doesn’t have much power. Secondly, if you open your Onewheel, the battery might show burnt resistors.

Still, when you connect to charge your board, the charger might indicate green, showing that the battery is full, although your board only rides for a short period.

What Is The Battery Life Of A Onewheel?

When you buy your coveted Onewheel, one thing will be ringing in your mind, how long will I enjoy this kind of stuff before I need to replace my battery?

Well, you are not alone, but technically, your battery will last anywhere between 500 and 1000 charge cycles.

But there will be other factors affecting the way your Onewheel will hold a single charge and how long that will last.

For instance, if you ride for 3 miles per day, a single charge will take approximately 6 days before it depletes.

On the other hand, if you ride for ten miles per day, a single charge will take approximately two days.

Still, if you are the guy who uses your board for only three miles per day, you will be enjoying your 500 charge cycles for anywhere between 5-8 years.

However, if you would rather enjoy life today and ride your board for ten miles per day, you can’t expect anything beyond 4 years on your 500 charge cycles.

This is when battery replacement will come beckoning.

Practically, Onewheel Pint and the XR+ LiNiMnCoO2 lithium NMC (LiNiMnCoO2) battery enjoy extremely long lifespans, withstanding may charge cycles.

No matter how much you ride your board, you can expect years or couples of riding years, as long as you maintain the batteries in the right way.

It’s always a good idea to keep the board indoors and at room temperature. Avoid storing your board outside.

Your battery will easily be affected by extreme temperatures, either cold or hot.

Xr Replacement Battery Options

As you continue enjoying your ride on your Onewheel, you will remember that your battery will run out one day from time to time.

And when that happens, you are those people who will want something better than what you had.

By this, I mean you might want an upgrade of your Onewheel XR battery.

With the increased popularity of Onewheels and other electric rideable, users want more range, so you are not alone.

Can You Replace Onewheel Battery?

Fortunately, some manufacturers now offer electric vehicles with an extended range, like the Kingsong 16X Electric unicycle.

Indeed, with these new electric vehicles, you can expect anything to the tune of 200 miles.

But as you know, your Onewheel is stuck with a tiny range that cannot get anywhere near that.

Therefore, riders have adopted a get-around solution to Future Motion’s inability to offer a better range in a changing world of electric rideables.

Indeed, Onewheel riders are turning to aftermarket battery upgrades to increase range. And this is where Chibatterysystems comes in handy.

With ChiBatterySystems(Amazon Link) your Onewheel range will be increased by up to 50%! This means that we are talking of a whooping 38-mile range for your XR!

And that’ not all, ChiBatterySystems offers an option for you, regardless of the Onewheel board that you own.

Additionally, this battery comes with enhanced torque characteristics and fast charge capability.

CBXR The Original Onewheel Xr Battery Upgrade-CBXR

The ChiBatterySystems CBXR is the best Onewheel Battery upgrade you can find on the market at the moment.  

Indeed, many riders consider this a “Must-Have” for any onewheel severe rider. When you upgrade your Onewheel XR battery and go for the CBXR battery.

You are signing yourself up for some 30-40 miles per for every single charge with the ultimate “Do It Yourself” battery mod.

There was never an easier way to take your board to the next level!

When I talk about the CBXR battery, I am talking about massive range boosts that will take you farther than ever before.

You will also enjoy increased power, with more torque at your disposal to push your board to new limits.

You will also be getting more durability and more safety as you will be able to throw your board around without a trace of fear.

Talk of longevity! This is precisely what you are getting with your CBXR battery.

Since CBXR battery upgrade will give you more control, chances of nose-diving will be greatly reduced.

Unlike other competitors, the CBXR battery can perform in low and high temperatures, making it superior to any competition.

It comes with improved cycle life and fast charging technology, thanks to its Grade A Molicel.

With a CBXR battery, you will no longer have to worry about rough riding, large drops, and impacts.

The CBXR battery is more compact than any other battery upgrade you will find out there.

What’s more, CBXR discharges at a continuous discharge of 30 amps, making all 567 WH of the CBXR usable.

While other upgrades claim a similar capacity, such claims are unfounded since the batteries lack the amperage needed to back that capacity!

One Wheel XR Battery Specs

The upgraded Onewheel XR has a larger battery that allows for much longer trips and more torque in certain situations.

Indeed, your Onewheel + XR battery is 324-watt hours, making it impossible to travel with unless you ship it separately.

On the other hand, the Onewheel Plus battery is 130 watt-hours. To see this, you will only need to flip over your Onewheel and see it etched into the rail.

This makes the battery suitable for flying since it falls within the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) laws on lithium-ion batteries.

These laws stipulate that lithium-ion batteries between 101-160 watt-hours are permitted in an airplane, but “with airline approval.”  (

This is good news as you can fly with your Onewheel to your destination without any problem.

However, you will need to have all the necessary paperwork as the TSA agents can still decline if they consider your paperwork as wanting.

How Do I Update Onewheel?

It is easy to update your Onewheel board. But before I tell you how to go about it, let me tell you about the update.

Your board just got better due to the new Gemini Firmware for Onewheel.

The update benefits as it improves rideability across the board, enabling riders to share snapshots of their adventures.

Additionally, it gives you control as far as the most advanced riding platform on the planet. This firmware takes your Onewheel riding experience to the next level.

To get the new Gemini firmware is an update that will make your Onewheel experience even more awesome.

Start updating your Onewheel through your Onewheel App on your smartphone. All you need to do is to update your Onewheel App.

As soon as this app updates on your smartphone, open it and then connect it to your board. When the connection is established, you will be prompted to upgrade your firmware.

But before you start downloading the update, it is necessary to ensure that your board is connected to the charger connected to the mains.

After this, make sure your phone sits on the front footpad of the board as it updates, but refrain from using the phone or unplugging it during the update.

After about 3-5 minutes, the process should be complete, and a confirmation screen will appear on your phone’s screen.

That’s all it will take to get you to the next level of Onewheel experience!

Those buying new boards are equipped with the new firmware, so there is no need to update your firmware.

What Kind Of Battery Is In Onewheel XR?

The stock battery for Onewheel XR is Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide (NMC) 324Wh 63V.

From this, you get a range of 12-18 miles (19-29 KM) and a top speed of 9MPH (30KPH).

This battery is enough to drive the 750 W hyper-core hub motor after a full charge that takes 100 minutes when using the FY6303200 charger.

It’s possible to regenerate your battery charge when you are riding downhill as the board uses a regenerative braking system.

However, you will need to be careful here to avoid exceeding 100% charge. On the other hand, riding in hilly or unpaved terrain will significantly reduce your board’s range.

Now that I have discussed the stock battery for Onewheel XR let me talk about the available battery upgrade for the same board.

Can You Replace Onewheel Battery?

The battery upgrade is CBXR from ChiBatterySystems, going for $650.00. It has high-quality cells (UN 38.3).

The battery has the largest count battery available you’re your Onewheel XR (15s3p configuration). As you might be aware, more cells in a battery make it more robust.

As indicated earlier, it boasts 567 WH of usable capacity, something you will not find in any similar battery.

Indeed, CBXR bears both a realistic and an attainable capacity rating. It has a nominal charge of 54 volts and a full charge of 63 Volts, supported by a continuous discharge of 30 amps.

This cell will give you up to 1000 full charge cycles and 800 full cycles on the lower end.

By full cycles, I am talking of a situation where you are draining the battery from full to zero, not from full to half, as that would count as a half cycle.

So, this means that we are talking of many more cycles here! And after the 1000 charge cycles, you will be amazed that your battery will still get 70% of its original charge!

Onewheel Charging Battery

To charge your Onewheel battery, you will need to connect the board to your mains. Connection will be via the appropriate charger connected through the charging port.

After a successful connection, your charger should display a red light. But this light will change when your battery gets fully charged, changing to green.

Since your board uses smart charging technology (which most modern electronics are using anyway), it will automatically stop charging once it charges fully.

This means that your battery is safe from overcharge and battery damage.

Indeed, you can even leave your battery Onewheel charging overnight without any worry of damaging your battery.

This is even recommended at times as it balances and recalibrates your battery. This will go a long way in guaranteeing longevity for your battery.

When it is time to disconnect the charger, press the release button located at the charging plug and pull firmly.


You can replace the Onewheel battery after your current battery deteriorates.

Again, you might also wish to replace your battery to get an improved range by installing a better battery like the CBXR battery from ChiBatterySystems.


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