Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

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Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

Owning an electric skateboard is one thing; knowing the dos and don’ts regarding its operation is another thing altogether.

Perhaps, one of the most asked questions by new electric skateboard owners is whether they can be used in most weather conditions?

The answer as to whether you can use your electric skateboard in the rain, I would say, depends on the amount of downpour.

Yes! But, Your safety and that of your skateboard will be at risk. Visibility is often low during such conditions, and you may end up running onto an obstacle by the roadside, the trenches, or even an oncoming automobile.

This has different effects on you as the one skateboarding as well as your electric skateboard too.

For instance, riding your electric skateboard in a moderate or heavy rainstorm is a definite no for you and your skateboard.

Visibility is often low during such conditions, and you may end up running onto an obstacle by the roadside, the trenches, or even an oncoming automobile.

On a personal level, you should therefore avoid skating whenever there is a heavy downpour; else, you risk endangering your life.

Regarding your electric skateboard, there is a higher chance you risk losing it too when used in heavy rain. The electric parts are the ones at most risk.

Water and electricity do not relate much, and contact between the two may fail the electric parts of your electric skateboard. All it takes is a little sip in, and the motor is done.

Therefore, we can undoubtedly say riding your electric skateboard in the rain may not be the best riding time decision to make for your safety and that of your skateboard.

Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

Can I ride my electric skateboard when it’s drizzling?

Since we have already confirmed that riding your electric skateboard during heavy downpours may not be much of a good idea, what about the light showers?

Well, when it’s drizzling, visibility is adequate for skating, and you can see pretty much of the pavements and areas you skate on.

So, it’s possible, and you can do it, but always remember your safety and comfort comes first whenever you decide to skate.

Once you feel you are not safe doing so, you should quit and wait until it is hot and shiny again.

The best time for skating is a hot sunny day, and you would not compare it to skating any other time with a different weather condition.

Oh, the other bit you should not ignore whenever you decide to ride your electric skateboard when it’s drizzling is the pavement or road condition.

The downpour may not be much, but some surfaces you skate on may become slippery thus, creating skidding risk.

For a better illustration, you should always compare riding your electric skateboard to riding a motorbike.

Conditions under which you may not ride your motorbike may also apply to riding your electric skateboard.

Are electric skateboards waterproof?

Electric skateboards can waterproof or, let’s say, water-resistant to some degree. That is to mean there is a limit to which they may be used in high moisture conditions.

Most companies dealing with electric skateboards may boast of making waterproof skateboards.

Still, in the real sense, these electric skateboards may not perform efficiently when exposed to high levels of moisture. They may end up breaking down at some point.

For a better understanding, let’s look at how the water resistance capability of these electric skateboards is rated.

Ingress protection mainly referred to as IP, is the water resistance rating used by different companies to determine how efficient their products are regarding moisture resistance capability.

There is always the first digit which indicates intrusion protection, and the second digit indicating moisture protection.

The intrusion protection is rated from 0 to 6, while moisture protection is rated from 0 to 9.

Higher numbers on the IP rating indicate higher resistance levels, while a lower number indicates low resistance capability.

So as with your electric skateboard, most of which are rated between IP64, IP 65, and IP54, IP 55.

Electric skateboards may be dust-tight, but they can withstand as much moisture as low-pressure jets.

Any amount of water exposure higher than the amount it can resist will ultimately lead to mechanical complications on the electric parts.

Can I use my electric skateboard as a regular skateboard?

Yes, It’s possible to use electric skateboards as regular skateboards.

However, it is not recommended since you will risk your safety and your electric skateboard’s health.

For instance, the motors can be damaged, or even worse still, whenever the lithium batteries which are installed are compromised, there is a potential risk of explosion.

Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

This will be hazardous both for you and those around you and your electric skateboard.

You definitely can use your electric skateboard as a regular skateboard. Still, caution should be taken when doing so as it is not the operations recommendation list.

Can first-timers use electric skateboards?

First-timers on electric skateboards may not be a good idea. This type of skateboard is often built with two things in mind; performance and speed.

Therefore, if a first-timer can ride on an electric skateboard, the result may be unpleasant.

If you are trying out skateboards for the first time, you should consider going for the regular skateboards first, or rather the non-electric skateboards, to be clear.

The first-timers should first get used to riding the skateboards at normal speeds and understand how to maneuver around.

After gaining confidence, it’s only then that they may have the green light to proceed to electric skateboards.

However, some skateboards may have been made to be moving at a relatively slow speed.

These may not pose a danger to the learner as there is plenty of time to react to skating changes and avoid falling off.

Or experiencing other unpleasant riding scenarios which may have been caused by the ones built for high speed.

If you are a first-timer, you should go for the regular skateboards first before acquiring the electric ones as your riding skills advance.

Do electric skateboards last longer than regular skateboards?

Just like any other gadget or machinery in your possession, the time your electric skateboard may remain in your services is dictated by how much you take care of it.

Adequately maintained electric skateboards can last longer than those carelessly left unattended.

It doesn’t matter whether the skateboard is electric or non-electric. What counts is how well it is taken care of.

Therefore, electric skateboards may serve you longer when you take care of them and shorter when you don’t.

Is rain bad for skateboards?

Rain is bad for skateboards. Not only electric skateboards but also regular skateboards are likely to be much affected.

For instance, when used in the rain, the wooden deck will warp after absorbing water.

Once you notice the deck is warping, it is a clear indication that the wood integrity has been compromised.

You may need a replacement soon, especially if you do not want to experience uneventful occurrences when riding the skateboard.

It may be worse for electric skateboards as they have more add-on parts that are not very water-friendly.

These are mainly electric parts that are often the more expensive hardware, and you don’t want to mess with them, lest you spend more on repairs and or eventual replacements.

To avoid incurring unplanned expenses, avoid riding your skateboard when it is raining, whether it is a heavy downpour or light showers, for the damage will still be quite evident.

What should I do when my electric skateboard gets wet?

Your first course of action when your skateboard gets wet is to ensure it is properly dried.

Ensure you remove moisture from as much surface as you can, leaving nothing to chance.

You should pay attention to the charging port since it is the most vulnerable part to moisture contact.

If compromised, you may not charge your electric skateboard, and you will have to make plans into getting a new replacement; perhaps you had not budgeted for it.

To some extent, if your electric skateboard plunged into a pool of water and you are not sure how much may have made its way to the interior parts, backed with adequate skills;

You may disassemble your skateboard and ensure the interior consisting of the electric parts is dried.

The other part of your electric skateboard which may not appreciate water contact much is the bearings.

When there is moisture contact between the bearings and other environmental elements, they tend to rust.

Well, rusted bearings are not what you want on your electric skateboard.

You may end up being thrown off the board when they suddenly seize functioning due to overtime friction.

Therefore, the two most important parts to pay attention to when drying your wet electric skateboard are the electric components and the bearings.

You should do general drying work, but it is advised you pay more attention to these parts and components.

Do electric skateboards have breaks?

Yes, electric skateboards do have breaks. They are often controlled by their uniquely designed remotes for carrying out maneuvers, acceleration, and breaking.

Although some riders may want to use an installed app in their smartphones to perform the same functions as that of the electric skateboard remote control,.

This move is strongly advised against since the app may fail to launch when you most need it.

Always opt for the choice of constantly using the electric skateboard’s remote, which it was designed for if you want to avoid operation inconveniences, well, in this case, when riding.

Are electric skateboards worth it?

Purchasing an electric skateboard is an expensive investment that should be looked into first before giving out your money since they are often relatively expensive.

You probably would not want to spend where you won’t enjoy the worth of your spent cash.

However, to determine whether electric skateboards are worth it, I would say it depends on the type of electric skateboard you have in mind to acquire.

Some may be quite good, while others may not prove to be worth it as much.

With electric skateboards, in most cases, higher prices often translate to a better product.

This is to say, the level of superiority of an electric skateboard may be determined by the amount you spend to purchase it.

Well, in reality, a $2000 electric skateboard may be better in many ways than that which you used $450 to get.

The other factor you may want to look at is the material used to manufacture the electric skateboard.

Some may be expensive, yes, but the materials used in manufacturing them may be a disadvantage.

As a regular skateboarder, you probably want an electric skateboard made of durable materials which will stand the test of time even as you use it daily.

So, the ones made of plastic materials, however much expensive they are, may not serve you for a long time, thus not proving their worth.

The plastic is relatively weak, and the wooden ones may last longer.

Therefore, in most cases, electric skateboards are worth it. Still, pay attention to the nitty-gritty details to decide whether the one you are contemplating acquiring is worth spending on.

Are electric skateboards dangerous?

No, electric skateboards are not dangerous, but I would how you use them plays a primary role in dictating whether you are safe while riding or not.

The electric skateboards often come with safety measures instructions.

If you are a regular skater, are quite conversant with the whole drill and need no further instructions to ride successfully.

Can You Ride An Electric Skateboard In The Rain?

For instance, having your skateboarding gear on, such as the helmet and knee guards.

Among other protective gear, is the first step to ensuring you are always safe while riding the skateboard.

So, electric skateboards are not dangerous, but how you use them may make a difference regarding your safety.

Final Thought

Electric skateboards have electric components attached to them.

Therefore, riding them in the rain is not recommended, although you may ride when it drizzles since there may not be much water contact with the delicate electric parts.

However, you should avoid riding your electric skateboard in the rain as much as you can.


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