Can You Ride Scooter on the Highway?

Can You Ride Scooter on the Highway?

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Can You Ride Scooter on the Highway?

Scooters usually feature 150cc motors. Scooters can either be engine-powered or electric-powered. The electric-powered scooters use Swagtron scooter chargers.

If your city is significantly crowded, you might have considered commuting options around the city, like using a scooter.

These are handy devices that are increasingly getting popular by the day.

Indeed, scooters are being adopted as the best transport option to get to work for those who wish to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams during peak hours.

But you might be asking, can you ride a scooter on the highway?

Technically, you can ride a 50cc scooter on the highway. However, you might need to have a full license to do that. These are devices that face many restrictions that emanate from particular states.

Scooters are banned from being used on highways in most states. However, it ‘s best to find out the particular laws and regulations applicable in your state.

There is no point riding your scooter innocently, only to get ticketed by one of the law enforcers.

Talking to a local administrator should solve most of your concerns so that you can know where to ride your scooter legally.

Technically, there are many public conversations around scooters.

Some cities have already banned e-scooters from their streets, while other cities have bills waiting to be discussed.

This is largely perceived as a means of protecting pedestrians from accidents. However, ask any scooter owner, and you will be amazed by their attitude and opinion.

Therefore, to ensure that each person’s rights are not infringed on.

Legislators might need to carefully navigate the discussion before they pass laws that seem to lean on one side.

This will only provoke owners who will challenge such laws in endless lawsuits.

Can a 50cc scooter go on the highway?

Yes, Whether a scooter can go out on the highway or not will depend on several factors. The main factor is the scooter’s engine power and capacity.

The two general categories to be taken into account are the 50cc and the 125 cc scooters.

Technically, you can ride a 50cc scooter on the highway. However, you might need to have a full license to do that.

The same rules that apply to car drivers will apply to those who want to ride a scooter on a highway.

Consequently, young age will be a limitation as driving age is pegged at 16 years. Therefore, before you attain 16 years, it will be illegal to ride a scooter in any state.

But some riders use their CBT till its expiration in two years. Riders will need to display L-plates on their vehicles to use CBT, but the rest cannot legally go to the highway.

Therefore, before you acquire a full license, it’s not legal to use a scooter on the highway.

Additionally, considering 50cc scooters boast a top speed of 30 mph, it’s risky to ride them on freeways.

Again, you might want to know that any scooter allowed on motor highways must be 50cc and above.

Since many models have a restriction to 49cc, it makes them unsuitable for use on highways.

But if you have a 50cc scooter and are of the appropriate age with a full license.

Can You Ride Scooter on the Highway?

Remember that you need to be more experienced with motorways as they entail different skills than local public roads.

Again, remember that no scooter offers the kind of protection you find in a car. Consequently, it’s advisable to be more cautious to avoid unnecessary risks.

Do I Need Insurance For An Electric Scooter?

No. Technically, electric scooters do not require vehicle insurance. Since electric scooters are categorized as PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles).

There is a problem riding them in public in many states.This makes it unnecessary to have insurance on them.

However, if you are riding your scooter on private property, you are not breaking any law, even if it’s illegal to ride them in your state.

And you will not need insurance for that. But the situation that surrounds the electric scooter is much more complex.

Due to the confusion that surrounds the legality of an electric scooter, people can end up breaking the law by accident.

Practically, it’s illegal to ride an electric scooter in public in many states. Theoretically, if you ride on the roads.

You will need an insurance cover equivalent to a motorized bike or a car.

With the increase of electric scooters, there is an upsurge in confiscations due to lack of insurance.

Therefore, people are looking for appropriate covers to insure their electric scooters. In the UK, however, it’s hard to find such cover.

In the US, scooters are more popular. But insuring a scooter is still tricky.

This is so with the rented vehicles where electric scooter rental companies including Bird and Lime only offer ‘limited liability insurance.

Ironically, a renter signs a rental agreement whose main purpose seems to strip the company of responsibility if an accident occurs.

This leaves the customer with the option of personal insurance to cover them in this eventuality.

A standard home or healthcare insurance can help if you were to get involved in a scooter accident.

But you will need to read the policy document well before you sign it, as some insurance companies state that they will not take liability for damages caused by riding a scooter.

But you can ensure your scooter against damage and theft.

Ice Bear Vs. Honda : Which is Better

As to whether to buy Ice Bear or Honda, there are several things to consider.

The Ice Bear has a 150cc motor, making it the perfect alternative scooter if you can’t take the Honda Ruckus anymore.

You will find Ice Bear in two versions; 50cc and the 150cc version. Both of these versions are impressive.

To know the real differences between an Ice Bear Scooter and a Honda scooter might require experiencing both.

And if you had bought a Honda, trying out an Ice Bear will leave you with questions.

You will wonder if it was worth spending so much buying a Honda when you could get an alternative that is up the task at a much lower price.

But people pay for the brand names. However, I am not making the Ice Bear your perfect scooter. This is far from the truth.

There are issues with this scooter.But it has more pros than cons.

When looking for the perfect scooter, it’s advisable to consider three main areas. These include style, performance, and practicality.

When it comes to style, you do not want to invest your money in a scooter that makes you cry when you see it as it looks pathetic on your driveway.

Mostly, this is the case with 150cc scooters. They have a less desirable engine size bracket for economy shoppers who prefer smaller 50cc models.

When you purchase a stylish motor scooter, it will turn heads, making you proud as you zip around on it around town and down country roads.

Indeed, style happens to be what has propelled scooter manufacturers such as Honda and Vespa to become icons in the world of scooters.

Consequently, you want to consider style as you buy a motor scooter. And the Ice Bear has style in abundance.

There are not many such cool motors scooters you will see out there.

It’s indisputable that the manufacturer of Ice Bear did an excellent job in copying a Honda Ruckus.

You know how the Chinese can be good at this! Here the Chinese manufacturer copied the beset and made some modifications to make their product even better.

Your Ice Bear takes it when it comes to style. Indeed, the Ice Bear will Beat the Honda in every aspect.

Ice Bear Maddog is one of the scooters of our time which have a sterling reputation among scooter fans.

In addition to being gentle on your bank, Ice Bear Maddog is well-made and designed as a high-quality Honda Ruckus’ clone.

Consequently, if you desire the enviable Ruckus-style ride but are unwilling or unable to accommodate the high price tag, Ice Bear Maddog will come in handy. 

There are  reasons you may choose Ice Bear over its Ruckus counterpart. First, the reputation that Ice Bear enjoys is amazingly great.

Indeed, as the manufacturer of ATVs and scooters, buying from this company is wise.

Again, the colors in which the 50cc gas-powered street legal scooters come are numerous.

With a choice from basic black to basic white, you will access a great-looking scooter for $1899.00.

This is a snazzy and modern-looking street bike boasting a four-stroke engine and one cylinder. At the rear is a rear drum brake, while at the front, it has a front disc brake.

With a price of about $1899.00, this is not only the most affordable but also the most basic Mad Dog scooter.

With various models from which to choose (Generation I, Generation III, and Generation IV), you can choose according to your riding style and need.

For instance, if you are for more power and performance, then you might want to go for the Gen III model as it will make more sense to you.

You can choose the GEN III MADDOG(PMZ50-19N), which is a hot pick.

Retailing at about $2100.00, PMZ50-19N will amaze you as it even has a bubblegum pink version for ladies and guys who desire something different.

This is a model that has an automatic transmission with other cool features.

The Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer (PST50-9) is one of the options you might want to consider if you want a change from the classical-looking scooter.

This is a quite comfortable and stable scooter that boasts a large storage room.

This is especially useful when you want to take many items with you, having a choice between carrying stuff either at the back or at the front.

This scooter will also look great if you want to go someplace, relaxing in your scooter.

Unlike many scooters, your Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer (PST50-9) will be accepted in 50 states as it is street legal in 50 states.

It comes with a differential driving device on a fully automatic transmission.

Additionally, the Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer (PST50-9) has dual disk brakes in addition to many other interesting features.

For instance, it has a single-cylinder, 4 stroke engine type with a 49.5cc piston displacement.

It boasts a maximum power of 1.4/5500kw/r/min that is complemented by maximum torque of 2.0/4500N.m./rpm.

This mini cruzzer can be started using the electric option or by a kick.

However, I must mention that some assembly is required after you buy your Ice Bear Mini Cruzzer (PST50-9).

All the same, this should not worry you as you should be done in around 60-90.

You will need to attach the front fender (4 screws), the front wheel (one bolt), trunk (4 bolts), and the handlebars (one bolt installation).

The IceBear PST50-19N 50cc Trike Gas Street Legal Scooter doesn’t look like a scooter. Indeed, its appearance is more of a bike, making it a great model to have with you.

As you might be aware, one of the easiest scooters to maintain is Trikes. These are very reliable, requiring low maintenance in addition to easy handling.

With an air-cooled engine, IceBear PST50-19N 50cc Trike Gas Street Legal Scooter has its front and rear brakes on disc, complemented by a dual shock rear suspension.

This makes the ride so comfortable to the point that you feel like you are riding with the wind.

Additionally, IceBear PST50-19N 50cc Trike Gas Street Legal Scooter has its headlights protected with a frame.

In addition to having wheels that are appropriate for many types of roads. However, remember to be keen as the scooter is lower than other scooters.

Fortunately, this is compensated for by its faster speed. It reaches a top speed of 41.6 mph.


A scooter can be ridden on the highway, but this will depend on your state and location.


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