Can You Take An Electric Unicycle On A Plane?

Can You Take An Electric Unicycle On A Plane?

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Can You Take An Electric Unicycle On A Plane?

When you get used to your electric bike, you almost become inseparable from it. You wish to carry it everywhere you go to get some time on it when you can.

Unfortunately, regulations surround electric unicycles that you must factor in when trying to contain your aspirations to use your Unicycle at every available opportunity.

If you don’t want to cross the other side of the law, it’s critical to know what these regulations are in your state or the states you want to visit.

Remember, even as a visiting tourist, you will still need to adhere to the laws in your destination.

But you might be asking, can you take an electric unicycle on a plane? Well, this will depend on several issues.

No! The limiting factor will be the battery. Most electric unicycles have batteries averaging 300Wh to 600Wh. Lithium batteries exceeding 100-watt hours are allowed in carry-on bags but subject to airline approval.

This means that it’s unlikely for them to be allowed on a plane.

Indeed, airports and air carriers are keen on the limitations on the capacity and size of batteries that can be taken onboard a plane.

This affects carry-on and checked baggage. Battery capacity in wattage is capped at 100Wh.

However, Lithium batteries exceeding 100-watt hours are allowed in carry-on bags but subject to airline approval.

Additionally, you can carry a spare battery (a maximum of one) that does not exceed 300-watt hours, or two extra batteries, each below 160-watt hours, are allowed in carry-on bags.

The rules are well set out under the FAA regulations on batteries.

While batteries can be allowed with watt-hour (Wh) capacity beyond 100Wh but not exceeding 160 Wh (with prior air carrier approval).

Most electric bikes use batteries that are larger than this.

Mostly, electric bikes have batteries averaging 300Wh to 600Wh. This means that it’s unlikely for them to be allowed on a plane.

But there are several ways to go about this and still have power on the other end of your journey.

Batteries that are rated above 160 Wh have either an extended life or are used on power-hungry devices.

But how do you know your battery rating to determine the limitations you might be facing?

Well, this is a straightforward affair since you only need to have your battery’s voltage (V) and its Amp Hours (Ah). After this;

Watt-hours (Wh) = Volts (V) x Amp hour (Ah). It’s that simple!

If your battery is too big to be carried on a plane, you still have some options.

First, you can bring with you a few smaller batteries that will make a bigger battery after landing at your destination.

Perhaps, a particular company had this in mind when manufacturing 36V 2.7Ah batteries. Using 2 of these gives you 98Wh.

Should I get a Onewheel or EUC?

This battery (the LiGo battery module) can be re-assembled into a larger, capacity e-bike battery after landing at your destination.

Alternatively, you can rent a battery at your destination.

Is An Electric Unicycle Hard To Ride?

It will depend. It’s hard to give an all-inclusive answer to questions related to learning since learners are different.

However, riding a unicycle is not a significantly hard skill to acquire. It’s critical to remember that electric unicycles are meant to be self-balancing.

Consequently, their sensors and gyroscopes look after your balancing extremely well.

And after you try it for a short while, you might find that an electric unicycle is not hard to learn.

However, learning sideways balancing is a different thing altogether.

I almost forgot to mention that the sensors and the gyroscopes largely deal with the forward and backward movement balancing.

This means that you have to deal with your sideways balancing on your own. Unfortunately, you cannot count on the Unicycle to help with this.

If you are lucky to have learned to ride a bike, you are familiar with learning how to balance the sideways.

But that belongs to the time when you didn’t fear falling, and your body learned easily. Now, learning to ride an electric unicycle is re-learning to ride a bike.

So is it not that hard once the devotion is there. Indeed, if you have normal use of arms and legs and have normal balance, you can learn to ride a unicycle.

But people are generally different, with some having more strength than others. There will always be people who will learn skills faster than others.

And sometimes there are huge differences. But the bottom line is that you will ultimately learn to ride a unicycle.

Are Electric Unicycles Waterproof?

No, but a brand new electric unicycle might have a high class of durst resistance or waterproof. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid riding them on lake bottoms.

Generally, electric bikes are water-resistant. Therefore, they should be treated the way you would treat your mobile phone.

Ignore what the marketer might have said about your vehicle being water-resistant. Indeed, your electric Unicycle is water-resistant to a certain degree.

Therefore, avoid using your electric Unicycle as a submarine.That should make you fine with your electric Unicycle.

Now regarding rain, this is always a question to those who own electric unicycles. No need to worry anymore!

Since all electric unicycles are water-resistant, you will not be having any problem with rain.

But that does not mean that you leave your electric Unicycle in the rain for long.

To keep your bike safe and enjoy a long way with it, it is critical to ensure that your electric bike does not stay in the rain for many days.

Indeed, if you are not riding it, it’s no point in staying in the rain.

But if you do not mind a big repair bill, there is no better way to achieve this but to leave your electric Unicycle in the rain for days.

First, you will be paying for the electrical circuit repair, which is not guaranteed to function thereafter;

after this properly, you will repair the bearings as water will sink into them and the chain as well. I would not wish to go this path.

If you are like me and do not have a place to keep your electric Unicycle inside.

It’s best to buy a waterproof cover to use when you leave your electric Unicycle outside.

This does not have to cost much since you can buy a large sheet of polythene that will serve the purpose.

Alternatively, if you have some budget for this, purchase a specific unicycle cover made precisely for this task.

How Do I Choose An Electric Unicycle?

Buying an electric unicycle requires a tremendous wealth of knowledge from forums and other users.

This is not an entirely cheap investment, and therefore, you do not wish to make your purchase carelessly.

Several things and attributes will always come to the fore when buying electric vehicles, especially an electric unicycle. 

But your need and preference will play a significant role in this.

While everyone will want a sexy apparatus that is also useful, what will take the day is your intended purpose for your electric Unicycle. 

For instance, will you be using it for sports? If this is the case, you need a bike with a superpower and a large capacity battery.

As you decide what to buy, bear in mind that all the specifications the manufacturers provide are rarely accurate as they are mostly inflated.

If a unicycle guarantees a 15km/h speed, it will mostly seem to perform at a lesser capacity. Among the most critical areas to consider is the range as well.

You do not want a unicycle that will largely be used to orbit your house.

Analyze your daily routes and calculate the distance you want to be covering with your electric Unicycle.

See if there is anything in the market that can meet that specification. The key here is to buy a vehicle that has a range that you might never need.

Again, do you want to be frequenting the city, or do you want an off-road unicycle? Your riding environment should guide you in your choice.

What point would it make to buy a big-wheeled electric unicycle designed for off-road riding when you will always be using your bike in the city.

This does not only beat logic but makes your purchase unnecessarily expensive.

Lastly, consider who will be using your electric Unicycle. If you have your child in the picture, consider safety as the number one feature.

Consider a bike that has a power backup and is compatible with a speed-limiting App.

How Do You Control Speed On An Electric Unicycle?

Based on principles of gyroscopes and accelerometers, an electric unicycle comes as a sophisticated and very impressive mode of transportation.

While the electric Unicycle appears like a simple wheel with a seat on it, it’s a more complex device. An electric unicycle consists of a single strong axis that is also self-balancing.

After a rider mounts on an electric unicycle, the entire system receives additional lateral stability.

If a rider desires to increase their speed, they need to lean forward carefully.

This should be done smoothly to avoid an abrupt change in speed. On the other hand, you will need to lean backward to reduce speed.

Gain, if you wish to control the steering, you will need to twist your feet to turn right or left.

Understandably, these ways of controlling your electric Unicycle may seem complex.

However, you will essentially need a little practice, using only a few minutes before you master all these seemingly complicated procedures.

Remember, you have the gyroscopes, reaction wheels, and auxiliary pendulums, all working in your favor in this endeavor.

How Do You Waterproof An Electric Unicycle?

From experience, I have come to know that electric unicycles are not water-resistant. Indeed, electric unicycles are not IP65-protected.

Unfortunately, most of the available electric unicycles claim that they are IP65 protected.

If you want to be on the safe side, ignore all the manufacturers say about waterproofing and believe me.

The truth is that those enclosures are not even watertight to guarantee any significant safety from water splashing when you are riding in puddles or the rain.

But some have ridden them in the rain without problems.

So how is this possible, especially when we know that manufacturers will consider your warranty void if the damage is water-related?

Well, there is always another way of getting what you want.

Since the manufacturer won’t give you a watertight electric unicycle, you can go ahead and make your device waterproof. And this is quite easy.

You will neither require any expertise knowledge or expensive tools.

You will only need to get bathroom silicon or something similar and then open up the unit, sealing all the openings with silicon. That’s all.

Is EUCs Waterproof?

No, but most of them have a high water resistance level. Waterproofed devices can be submerged in water without any problem.

But this cannot be tried on any EUC. Many people are concerned with riding their EUCs in the rain, and for a good reason.

Although you will see a guy enjoying their ride in the rain, holding an umbrella in the advertisement, trying this might be suicidal.

Just a slight tilt of the umbrella in the wrong direction will cause problems with the wind and cause you to fall.

While you can safely ride your EUC in the rain, a wrong judgment of how heavy the rain is might damage your EUC.

A light shower can transform into a heavy downpour within moments. Generally, unless it is unavoidable, it is best to avoid riding in the rain.

I do not dispute that there are water-resistant models. But they will still be problematic if the water is too much.

The bottom line is that there is a big difference among the models, and you cannot know who to trust. Many models are even marketed as waterproofed!

This shows how misleading advertisements can be.

Again, why would a manufacturer declare that your warranty is void if the damage comes from water and at the same time claim that their product is waterproofed?

I mean, this beats logic. So don’t take them for their word.


An electric unicycle can be taken on a plane if you understand how to deal with the battery limitation.


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