Do I Need Float Plates On Onewheel?

Does Onewheel XR Have a Simple Stop?

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Do I Need Float Plates On Onewheel?

When you buy your Onewheel, you want it to last long. To achieve this, you know that you need to take good care of your Onewheel and perform regular maintenance.

In addition to this, you need to make some extra installations. But you might wonder, do I need float plates on my Onewheel? .

Yes! With a float plate, damages to the underside of your Onewheel are drastically reduced. They are built to withstand over 3,000 PSI impacts and provide protection that extends to the edge of your existing Onewheel bumper.

Float plates will assist you in achieving your dream of taking care of your Onewheel as they will protect it’s underside from damage.

Since Onewheels are an expensive investment, it’s advisable to protect them from damage.

The most susceptible area to damage is the underside, and the best way to protect the underside is using a float plate.

It’s crucial to understand that your stock controller and battery compartments are vulnerable to breakage since they are made of plastic.

Since float Plates are built to withstand over 3,000 PSI impacts, they will perform a great job protecting the vulnerable underside.

Are Onewheel Float Plates Good Pressure-handlers?

Yes. Indeed, Float Plates are known to handle high-pressure levels, up to 3,000 PSI on impact. In a more layman’s language, a hippopotamus bite is less than 3,000 PSI.

And float Plates can handle that amount of pressure. 

For instance, V3 Float Plates, one of the most robust float plates, are known to seamlessly protect your Onewheel’s hardware.

And also introduce new opportunities where many new tricks and slides can be tried by the rider.

As the latest addition to float plates from The Float Life, V3 Float Plates are famous for their ability to provide protection that extends to the edge of your existing Onewheel bumper.

Do I Need Float Plates On Onewheel?

Indeed, V3 Float Plates can be said to be a complete form of protection when it comes to the underside of your Onewheel.

Are Fangs Necessary In A Onewheel?

Yes. Indeed, fangs reduce that nosedive that might otherwise get from the surface as you ride.

Consequently, it’s handy when your Onewheel’s front bumper comes to the pavement from another plain surface.

Your Onewheel will not be stopped, throwing you off due to the sudden deceleration.

With fangs installed on your Onewheel, you will be able to take advantage of a few seconds and jump off your Onewheel in a controlled manner.

Alternatively, you can regain control and continue riding. Fangs(Amazon Link) come in handy in low to mid-speed nosedive mitigation.

This is at a <= 16mph, but experienced riders can ride at higher speeds beyond 23mph. Indeed, fangs are now considered a must-have by many riders.

However, using fangs on your Onewheel will need you to learn the skill.

This is not an isolated case of fangs, as all Onewheel performance products require you to understand the skill to use them.

Consequently, you will need time to practice using fangs on your Onewheel in the correct manner.

Since you will not normally expect to be a Onewheel expert in a single day, likewise, you will need several days of practice to get used to using fangs in the proper manner.

Indeed, you will need to experiment with them for some time before you can skillfully use them.

You will find fangs to be of great use when going up steep inclines.

This is because nosedives in these cases happen when the board is already too close to the ground.

This makes the fall of the nose to the ground much shorter and even very easy to control, unlike if you were on flat ground.

Additionally, you will be able to do things that you can never dream of doing if you don’t have fangs. One of these things is Fang Drag starts.

However, you will need to understand that fangs are experimental products, and therefore, there are no guarantees that suggest that you can never experience a nosedive.

Therefore, you will need to be cautious in their use.

As a rule of thumb, while fangs have worked repeatedly for many riders, the surest way to eliminate nosedives is to avoid much acceleration for a given speed.

This is because no product will completely prevent a nosedive, but gradual speed increases reduce the occurrence of nosedives.

Do I Need To Add Mods To My Onewheel?

Yes. While your Onewheel can crush many types of terrain, a simple addition of mods in accordance with your riding style can bring much difference, making you get the most from your Onewheel board.

With the addition of mods to your board, you will quickly push the boundaries of grinding, sliding, and carving.

There are endless opportunities available to you once you buy a Onewheel.

Indeed, mods allow your board to feel customized, making you feel like the board was meant for you.

In addition to this wonderful feeling, your board will appear as if it was made for you!

You can install mods in your Onewheel and tear up terrains with a tire switch!

Do I Need Float Plates On Onewheel?

One of the best things you can do after buying your Onewheel is to change the standard Vega tire you bought with your Onewheel.

As you choose a new tire, pay keen attention to your riding preferences in regard to maneuverability and carving ease.

Think of the type of traction you want in icy conditions and buy the best tire suited for that.

Sometimes, it might be best to try a rental Onewheel with the kind of tire you want.

Once satisfied that is what you need; you can proceed to buy that coveted tire, taking your riding to the next level.

Again, you can take your riding to the next level by installing an extra coarse grip tape.

While your Onewheel has a stock grip tape serving it’s purpose, aggressive riders push for top speeds.

If that is your riding style, you will need an extra coarse grip tape to get locked-in non-slip security as well as the control you need.

Is An Electric Skateboard The Same As A Onewheel?

Yes and No. let me first explain why you would need an electric skateboard.

You might be living in an area connected with smoothly paved roads with no debris or cracks.

Additionally, you might need speed and are specifically looking for a commuter vehicle that is not too costly to own; you need to buy an electric skateboard.

On the other hand, your choice for a Onewheel would be dictated by different factors.

Well, you might not be greatly concerned with getting from point A to point B but desire to enjoy the journey rather than the destination.

Buying a Onewheel will offer precisely that, in addition to traversing challenging terrains while at the same time manoeuvring around pedestrians and obstacles with nimble ease.

When you are faced with deciding between choosing an electric skateboard and a Onewheel, it might prove to be a difficult task.

These are incredible ways of getting around, and both can be much fun. There are several pros and cons that might help you with this crucial decision.

First, it’s crucial to learn the curve.

Electric skateboards do not depend on the way you propel your legs since they are controlled by a controller to either accelerate or decelerate.

This makes electric skateboards a straightforward thing. On the other hand, a Onewheel will require you to learn to ride it correctly and safely.

It’s critical to understand that, regardless of the confidence that you might feel after a few minutes of riding your Onewheel, you need to avoid this false sense of security.

Indeed, you will need a lot of practice and skill to ride safely and securely with a Onewheel.

Additionally, you will need to understand how pushback works, and this will come from practice.

However, remember that all this does not make the Onewheel a less worthwhile affair.


The average speed at which electric skateboards travel is around 20 miles per hour.

Since they have many wheels on the ground, nose-diving is an impossibility, unlike the case in the Onewheel.

This makes the skateboard a preference if your cruising consists of perfectly paved roads that lack cracks, debris, or bumps.

Additionally, it will cruise at higher speeds than what a Onewheel can do. Indeed, your Onewheel will scarcely qualify to be called a speed demon.

Pushing the motor to its limits will make you feel pushback since the board will tilt to slow you down.

Therefore, avoid choosing the Onewheel if you want to cruise at a faster speed than 19 mph.


Since electric skateboards don’t use much technology, they are lighter, but they are still heavy.

The skateboard weighs about 17 pounds, while the Onewheel weighs about 25 lbs. Consequently, you will not want to carry around your Onewheel for long distances.

Additionally, the big centrally placed tire on the Onewheel makes it a pain to carry around.

Battery Life

The range for Onewheel XR is about 18 miles before it requires a recharge.

The Onewheel consumes more energy as it requires energy for balancing and also to move the board.

This is unlike the electric skateboard that uses limited energy. Again, an electric skateboard can still allow you to ride on its board like you would a regular skateboard.

On the other hand, once you run out of juice on a Onewheel, you are doomed as you might need to carry the 25 pounds weight back home.


All electric skateboards use a wireless controller. Compare this with the Onewheel that uses no controller.

Indeed, you will need to use your weight to control speed, direction, and stopping. The use of a controller means that it can run out of batteries, get broken or lost.

The controller can also be forgotten. Additionally, as you ride your Onewheel, you might as well be able to drink or even eat as your hands are free.

This freedom that lacks in the electric skateboard makes it your less preferred choice.

Are There Any Complaints About The Onewheel Pint?

Yes. There are several complaints that have been fronted regarding Onewheel pint. While the Onewheel Pint is an amazing product, it’s still far from perfect.

Technology tends to improve with time. But let’s see if any of the many complaints concerning the Pint will hold.

Do I Need Float Plates On Onewheel?

The Onewheel Plus and XR had problems with the Bluetooth, making it mostly buggy. Unfortunately, it is still buggy with the Pint.

This is a problem that should have been fixed as the predecessors had the same problem. This is a big problem for riders who use the app while riding.

The App’s malfunctioning might occasion a loss of your streak, practically frustrating you.

The strong pushback is another source of complaints about the Pint. But what would you prefer, a nosedive or strong pushback?

Since safety should come first, it’s reasonable to accept that the strong pushback is not necessarily bad.

Pushback is a safety feature that I embrace and welcome since it tells me to slow down.

Another concern is the low price. People are so accustomed to high prices that it is hard to imagine quality at a relatively low cost.

Well, the Pint is cheaper but also boasts of being a high-quality product.

On the other hand, some complaints concerns the size; that Onewheel Pint is too small. But a larger size doesn’t always mean better. The Pint is smaller but has impressive features.

The Onewheel Pint has a decreased top speed, with Pushback happening at 15 mph. It does not only happen earlier, but it’s also harder compared to previous Onewheel models.

Since this is not a stoke machine, we can hardly expect much better. The truth is that this is not a fast board. But it has an increased torque with a zippy feel as you ride.


Float plates are a necessity in Onewheels. They offer enhanced security on your board’s underside.

Other accessories that are needful and need to be installed in your Onewheel include fenders, fangs, and mods.


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