Do Longboards Have Brakes?(Guide)

Do Electric Longboards Have Brakes?

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Do Longboards Have Brakes?

Electric longboards are easily confused with electric skateboards. Many people use the terms interchangeably, as though they were referring to the same thing.

But these are different vehicles, the electric longboard being longer. Unfortunately, you will need to place both sides by side to know which is longer certainly.

However, there are many subtle differences between the two, from power to the experiences offered by riding the two boards.

But you might be asking, do electric longboards have brakes? The short answer is yes.

Yes, An electric motor inside the electric longboard propels it. You will have the ability to easily control your speed on your longboard by use of a hand-held remote and brake.

The communication between the remote and the board is via Bluetooth connection, where your board receives commands relating to speed and braking.

After receiving the information relating to speed and movements, your electric longboard will draw the necessary energy level from the battery to the electric longboard.

The electric longboard runs on a battery handy in fueling the electric motor mounted right under the deck.

These motors are either connected to the wheels or attached to the deck.

It’s critical that electric longboards can travel very fast, and you will be better off testing out comfortable speeds and braking before riding to ensure safety.

How Do You Brake On An Electric Skateboard?

The popularity of electric skateboards continues to soar. While many people use them for fun, others find them their ultimate solution for commuting on their everyday routine.

These vehicles are handy in saving you much energy and time, not to mention money! So you might be asking, how do I stop when riding my electric skateboard?

And this is a proper concern as stopping should be your primary concern whenever you try out a new vehicle.

For electric skateboards to brake efficiently, they require regenerative braking.

Do Electric Longboards Have Brakes?

At other times, it might even become necessary to combine this with dynamic braking to brake efficiently.

However, it’s also critical for any rider to be conversant with manual skateboard braking. This should be mastered at any speed to ensure safety in case the braking fails.

There are several things you need to take note of to master safe brake operation on your electric skateboard.

Before we continue, remember that an electric motor drives an electric skateboard.

Indeed, you can compare an electric skateboard with an electric longboard, although the latter is not only longer but more stable.

Their acceleration and braking differ significantly. Indeed, an electric skateboard doesn’t require you to kick push with your foot to enhance forward movement.

The built-in electric motor will do this. The electric motor will do the hard work for you as you enjoy your ride with both feet on the board.

Notably, electric skateboards come packed with a complete braking system.

This is unlike traditional skateboards that lack motors and consequently require riders to use their foot for braking or slowing down.

On the contrary, you will not need to do anything more than pulling the trigger on your remote control to have your electric skateboard slow down.

This will happen without any footwork from the rider. Again, when it comes to increasing your speed, you will not need to use any energy for that important function.

Electric skateboards are similar to normal skateboards, except an electric motor that drives them forward.

Are Longboards Safe?

If you wish to get into longboarding, safety might be one of your most significant concerns. So you might be wondering, do I have any guaranteed protection while riding a longboard?

Before we delve into this concern, remember that longboards are a fantastic and effective means of transportation. They have also been used for sporting events with much success.

When riding a skateboard is a means of a workout, and your fitness will be improved.

Unfortunately, there are scores of longboarders who at some point sprained a knee, lost some serious skin or broken a bone from crashing their board.

Such incidences have not been confined to newbies alone, as seasoned longboarders are also susceptible to safety issues.

So, can we authoritatively say that longboarding is safe? Let me say this is not an inherently dangerous activity. But it might be dangerous if you make it so.

If you are one of those people who love higher speeds, then it might be dangerous as you are vulnerable to more risks than those who ride at normal speeds. 

If you can control your riding environment, your speed, and the way you ride, you are making the sport safer and less risky.

Additionally, wearing safety gear as you ride will always make a huge difference when it comes to reducing your risk of accidents and injury.

Again, if all you want is to involve yourself in relaxed riding on mild slopes or flat ground, longboarding will be satisfactorily safe for you.

There are very few cases of people who have ever got injured riding in such situations and conditions.

However, I am not ruling out the possibility of occasionally running into small rock or some sidewalk crack that might cause some injury or send you flying off the board.

Not at all! Indeed, any regular longboarder knows that this might happen a couple of times a year regardless of how cautious you are with your riding.

But seasoned riders who are fit and alert will avert any serious problem at this kind of speed. You might even be able to regain your balance and trip off the pavement or sidewalk.

If you are unlucky, this might only occasion some minor rash or a bruise on your hands and elbows.

This is why wearing protective gear is always a smart idea regardless of the speed you are riding at.

How Do Electric Longboards Work?

Due to the popularity of electric longboards, you must have heard of them. With electric longboards, transportation has taken another turn to perfection.

These boards are not only handy in transportation but are also used for leisure in the market places.

It’s indisputable that the market is awash with a myriad of unique skateboards design; the electric design beats them all, gaining popularity by the day.

It’s incredible functionality and features enhance this.

While electric longboards are a lot like skateboards constrained by hand-held chokes, electric longboards are different and offer a significantly different experience, as some put it.

Twenty to thirty-year-olds are the group of individuals that are obsessed with electric longboards.

Electric longboards(Amazon Link) can cost anywhere between $450 and $1,600. Since other vehicles can go up to around $36,000, price moderateness is an attraction factor.  

Consequently, more and more people are switching to this moderately-priced vehicle.

Electric longboards do not require much from the rider apart from charging. There is no oil to think about changing or transmission fluid to worry about.

These are some of the things that make owning a vehicle costly. But with an electric skateboard, all these costs are irrelevant to you.

Storage of electric longboards is easy as you can just store them indoors. With this board, you can get to where you want to go instantly.

With a top speed of around 25 mph, they top the normal biking speed and require considerably less physical exertion.

Again, electric longboards are significantly more ecologically friendly compared to fuel-consuming vehicles.

Are Electric Longboards Worth It?

This is a very pertinent concern to many who want to leap before they jump.

If you are one of those people who want to look for a hassle-free eco-friendly method of commuting, the weapon of choice is electric skateboards.

Do Electric Longboards Have Brakes?

You will find this vehicle very useful for long cruising rides that will take you from point A to B at no cost.

With this vehicle, you will cruise around the city without worrying about anything. But with all these, does it suffice to categorize electric longboards as being worth it?

The straightforward answer here is yes. And you will not need to look far to get convinced of this.

Consider the sturdy components and the ergonomic designs used in the manufacture of electric longboards.

Electric longboards can be fast, up to a top speed of 20mph to 35+ mph, boasting a range of 6 miles to 20+ miles on a single charge.

Couple this with the ease of climbing 20-30% hill inclines, and you will agree that we are talking of a formidable beast! 

While an electric longboard is fast and will reach speeds of about 35 mph. It can attain higher speeds than that.

This makes the electric skateboard a very attractive choice for those who are thrill-seekers. Again, lovers of the outdoors will just fall for this board.

If you are spoilt for choice when buying an electric skateboard, you might want to consider several factors.

At the top of your list might be the flex, the length of the board, and the trucks’ placement. You might also want to consider wheel size as well as the type of board.

Are Electric Longboards Harder To Ride?

Longboarding comes with its peculiar benefits as it gives an exhilarating feeling of surfing on land.

This might be for commuting or for other intense activities such as carving and even speed riding downhill.

However, it’s common for new riders to wonder frequently, is longboarding hard? 

The short answer is that longboarding is easy as long as you want to cruise around enjoying relaxed riding around the park or at the beach.

However, you will still need to do some work on balance, your stance, turning, and foot braking.

However, the in-depth truth is that whether longboarding is hard will depend on several things.

Factors that get into play include age, physical abilities, fitness level, type of longboard, what you want to do with your longboard, and the kind of environment you are riding in.

While age might be a limiting factor, it is largely dependent on your physical fitness as longboarding is quite demanding on your knees and muscles than what you would experience when walking.

However, I must warn you that longboarding is an extreme sport and is potentially dangerous at downhill speed.

But for the older folks, longboarding can be a mellow, relaxing activity, where the rider focuses on riding smooth and enjoying nice curves. 

This is comparable to Tai Chi on wheels.  Indeed, if you look keenly on the streets, you might see old guys in their sixties riding these boards.

The weight of a rider is also crucial in determining how hard or easy it gets to ride an electric longboard.

But it is much on how agile the rider is as there are bigger riders who are surprisingly swift-moving.  Indeed, there are cases where weight might be an advantage.

This is especially so when it gets to pushing or carving. The only precaution you might need to be keen on is to take a board that can support your weight for a long time.

The best decks have more than eight plies of maple wood with some bamboo layers.  Flex will also be welcome for the most needed comfort.

They also dabble as shock absorbers.

Why Are Electric Longboards Expensive?

If you are planning to start longboarding, you might be considering buying an electric longboard.

And if that is the case, you might be asking, why are longboards so expensive? Many other people have the same question, so you should not feel alone.

Let me take a few moments to explain.

To make a longboard requires much effort and time. This makes the boards so expensive. First, there is the fine-quality wood selected for the board’s durability.

Manufacturers put many kinds of machinery and great effort to come up with every single longboard.


Electric longboards have brakes. These brakes are controlled by hand-held remote control.

This happens when the board communicates with the remote via Bluetooth connection.


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