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Do Onewheel Tires Come With Slime?

This wonderful companion for your Onewheel will cost $7.99. it’s bought separately from another company as Future Motion does not manufacture slime.

Slime is a tire sealant for Onewheel that is manufactured by Craft & Ride.

No, Slime is effective tire sealant handy for use with the stock tire. Slime instantly seals up to 1/4″ (6mm) punctures, stops slow leaks, and it’s safe and easy. It’s non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable, and non-corrosive.

It’s useful in seeking and instantly sealing tread area punctures in tubeless tires.

This sealant is carried directly to the source by the escaping pressure, forcing the particles to seal the opening as they build up and intertwine, forming a long-lasting, flexible plug.

Within an instant, air loss will be blocked, preventing a flat tire. If you install slime on your aftermarket Onewheel tires, you will enjoy continuous flat tire protection.

What size is a Onewheel XR + tire?

The Onewheel XR is your ultimate mate for traversing unknown off-roads, mudflats, hills, sand, gravel, pebbles, and clumps.

All these are no problem for your Onewheel XR +. And with a single charge, you can ride much farther than the Pint.

But several things will affect the range, including your weight, speed, and terrain.

But what makes a Onewheel so special is the wheel. Onewheel XR +has a large square tire with a wider foot stance, making it more stable and powerful.

Indeed, you can easily carve at higher speeds more confidently, creating an awesome feeling of surfing.

As your board begins to get to top speed, the nose (front of the board) will lift to notify you of the upcoming speed limit.

This is the time you need to slow down a little bit before you pick some little speed slowly. But you might be asking, what size is a Onewheel XR tire?

Your Onewheel XR will come with the stock tire, which is the Vega MBM, whose size is 11.5×6.5-6 or 29.2×16.5-15.2 cm.

The Vega MBM is durable, stable, long-lasting, and simply a good all-rounder. Indeed, this tire can best be described as a jack of all trends as it will handle any terrain, but none perfectly.

It’s not specifically designed for any particular type of riding. Therefore, after you learn the ropes and develop your unique riding style.

You can upgrade to a tire that suits your riding style, which will seriously improve your riding experience.

Fortunately, there is a tire for you out there, regardless of what you prefer. There are slick tires, racing tires, all-terrain tires, fat tires, and carving tires.

List Of Onewheel Tires And Specifications And Features

There are different tires to suit your riding needs. This is because there can be no all-fits tire for your Onewheel.

But before you change your tire, you will need to consider your warranty. Many riders will want to change their wheel to better handle or because their tire is worn out.

And anyone will easily find a tire size that will suit their preferences. While changing your Onewheel tire is a straightforward affair.

This will void your warranty and potentially make your Onewheel inoperable. You have to revert to the stock tire if you take your board to Future Motion for repair.

As mentioned, the Vega MBM6500W is the stock Onewheel tire that you receive when you order your Onewheel XR+. This is white.

This is a decent option for those who use their board everywhere! This is a relatively flat tire making it more stable and most useful for learners. For the size, I already mentioned that above.

Another tire is the FF Hoosier Street “Whisper 6” Tire. This is the tire preferred mainly by those who use flight fins since it’s a lightweight street tire.

Its lightweight makes it ideal for riding in the streets as you throw in a few tricks. It’s great for carves due to its small contact point. Its size is 11×6-6 or 27.9×15.2-15.2 cm.

Another tire is Hoosier 6’ Slick, which is a favorite in the Onewheel Community. If you are looking for the perfect mate in street riding, this is what you need.

It’s perfect for street riding; it’s nimble, responsive, stable, and great for deep turns. However, Hoosier 6’ Slick will not offer the best durability or traction.

But this is okay for a slick tire that provides speed at the expense of grip.

The Burris Treaded tire is an all-terrain tire from Craft & Ride. Are you an off-roader?

This is your tire! It will give you enhanced traction with better surface grip while also improving turns and carves. Its size is  11×6-6 or 27.9×15.2-15.2 cm

What Is The Onewheel Pint Stock Tire?

When you order your Onewheel Pint, you will receive it with the stock tire, the Vega MBM.

Although I pointed that your Onewheel XR+ comes with the Vega MBM as the stock tire, there is a difference in size.

In the case of Onewheel Pint, yes, it’s a Vega MBM, but the size is 10.5×4.5-6 inches or 26.7×11.4-15.2 cm.

The stock tire is also white, just like the stock tire for Onewheel XR+. Again, this tire bears the same qualities as the XR+ stock tire, including the ability to cruise different terrains.

What Is High Mileage For A Onewheel?

Around 2000 miles will be considered high mileage for a Onewheel. Onewheels cannot be compared to other boards that you might have ridden in the past.

They offer the best fun you can get with electric vehicles. And because Onewheel is not a small investment.

You will undoubtedly want to know how long you will enjoy your investment before tear and wear come knocking.

Perhaps, you want to know the life expectancy for your Onewheel battery and so forth. Again, you might wish to know how long it will take before your tire needs replacing.

These are valid concerns. So how long does a Onewheel last? You can expect many years from your Onewheel.

But you need to ensure regular maintenance and routine replacement of all consumable parts.

For instance, your tires will need replacing sooner than later, probably after ding around 750-1,500 miles.

This will depend on rider characteristics, including riding style, weight, and tire pressure. On the other hand, most lithium-ion batteries last approximately 500-1,000 charges.

How Do I Change The Tire On My Onewheel XR?

As you continue using your Onewheel, there will be a time you will want to change the tire. This will be necessitated by tear and wear or even a need to upgrade.

Once you get conversant with your Onewheel, you might feel the urge to try a new tire like me.

I ditched the stock tire as soon as I learned how to balance as I considered it not so cool. Again, my riding style could not be accommodated by the Vega MBM stock tire.

So, when that time to change your Onewheel tire comes, you better get it right, or you risk damaging your investment.

Your stock vega tire that comes with your new Onewheel XR+ and Onewheel Pint boards will have a life span of between 750-1,500 miles.

But other factors might greatly influence the lifespan, as already explained. And to know that your tire needs replacing.

It will appear excessively worn-down tread, bead wear around the wheel’s hub, loss of traction, slow leaks;

Serious nicks or gashes in the tire’s sidewall, uneven wear, deep cracks, or tire vibration while riding. Do you have any of these signs? If yes, let’s have your tire replaced!

Changing a Onewheel tire is an easy task that will not take too much of your time.

If you have some inclination for mechanical repairs, you will find this not only easy but interesting.

All you need to do is make sure your Onewheel is not in warranty; otherwise, you will void the warranty.

You will need a valve core removal tool, Allen keys, Spare valve core,1 Philips head screwdriver, quick clamps, Flathead screwdriver, Bicycle nylon tire levers, and Tire pump.

Start by removing the front float plate using the appropriately sized bit of Allen keys.

Proceed to disconnect the motor and the sensor connectors and then unplug the footpad sensor and motor connector.

Remove The Cable Stay Screws, but you will need to first remove the sticky stripping on the rail’s underside.

Proceed to remove the hub bolts using the right-sized Allen key. Remove the hub cover by removing two small Philips screws holding the hub cover.

Remove the wheel from the frame as the tire is free. You only need to push it out. Proceed to remove the valve core. Now break the that holds your tire on the wheel rim.

Breaking the tire’s beading is not a tough thing to do. Indeed, you can even use your bare hands if you are strong enough.

But for those of us who would spare the strength for another day, there is another way.

All you need to do is squeeze the tire with the clamps and then use your hands to push firmly.

Alternatively, you can use the rubber mallet in breaking the tire beading, separating it from your wheel. 

After this, pry the tire from the rim using the bicycle nylon lever to remove the tire completely. It’s time to clean the rim.

You can do this by tossing the old tire and then cleaning the rim free from any tire slime and debris. The only tricky step is this one: install the new tire.

Here, you will need to use enough tire lube, soapy water, or even Windex so that the tire slides easily.

Proceed to set the bead, Install The Valve Core, and then Reassemble The Onewheel And Inflate The Tire, working backward to where we started.

Can You Plug A Onewheel Tire?

Yes, you can plug your Onewheel tire to stop a leak.

When pressure is leaking from your wheel, it will inconvenience you and be a potential safety risk as your wheel might deflate in an unsafe spot.

Therefore, it’s advisable to plug your Onewheel once you notice the puncture. For this to be successful, it is recommended to first identify the hole by using soapy water.

Use a “fix a flat” spray can to plug your tire. Alternatively, buy your plug kit from the local auto parts store.

However, whether you should plug your Onewheel or not will depend on where the hole is. For instance, if the hole is on the age, it’s best to have it replaced.

How Do You Use Dilloz Tire Sealant?

Yes, you can use Dilloz tire sealant. If you frequently ride your Onewheel across rough terrain, you might be annoyed with the frequency of flat tires for your Onewheel.

This results from unforeseen debris or some nail or anything sharp that might puncture your wheel. So you might ask, how does tire sealant work?

Normally, tire sealant comes as some sticky, fiber-filled liquid for coating the interior of your tire with the excess puddling inside as well.

Do Onewheel Tires Come With Slime?

If your tire is punctured, the viscous sealant will be carried out through the hole as air tries to escape.

Consequently, the sealant fibers create a plug and stops the leak. When you ride on the punctured tire, the puddled sealant will flow into and plug the hole.

There will be no other action required as the leak has been permanently stopped.

You will only need to pump it into the tire through the valve stem opening to apply sealant.

It’s useful to ensure that you follow the instructions on the sealant and the tire manufacturer’s instructions regarding the use of saltant.

These should be found in your owner’s manual.

After applying the sealant, it’s best to check the pressure and maintain the recommended pressure.


The Onewheel XR+ tire is bigger than a Pint tire. It’s 11.5×6.5-6 or 29.2×16.5-15.2 cm.


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