Does Backfire G2 Have Regenerative Braking?

Does Backfire G2 Have Regenerative Braking?

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Does Backfire G2 Have Regenerative Braking?

The Backfire G2 is an electric longboard priced under $400. Backfire G2 developers promise that this is the best electric longboard available today for under $500.

This is possible due to its unique design delivering all you need in an electric longboard at a fair and affordable price.

The Backfire G2 is both an economical electric longboard and a fast way to cut traffic. But you might ask, does Backfire G2 have regenerative braking?

Yes! Backfire Ranger X2 will cruise at a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h), with a maximum climb gradient of 30% and a maximum load of 265 lb (120 kg). The boards have hub motors that use regenerative braking technology.

As you travel downhill and braking, some energy will be recovered into your board’s battery.

If interested in buying the Backfire G2 electric longboard, there is nowhere else to look; you need to buy from Indiegogo as that is the only place you can get them.

Indeed, there is no Backfire G2 on any other websites where you can buy your board.

Is Backfire Ranger X2 Waterproof?

No, Backfire Ranger X2 has a water-resistant rating of IP55. Water resistance and water-proofing are rated by use of IP rating.

Perhaps, you have come across products whose packaging are marked things like IP44, IP54, IP55, among other similar ones.

These are relevant because they are international ratings that show a product’s protection level against the intrusion of liquids and solid objects.

For instance, a product whose IP rating is IP00 is deemed as having no protection against solid objects and liquids. Unfortunately, not many people understand IP ratings.

Consequently, they will be misadvised when making purchases, especially where water resistance and water-proofing is concerned.

Since there are many IP ratings and meanings, I can only limit myself to IP55, the rating on Backfire Ranger X2.

Products rated IP55 will enjoy protection from dust ingress that can harm the product’s normal operation. However, it cannot be said to be fully dust-tight.

Additionally, this product is protected against water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3mm) from multiple directions.

With an IP rating of IP55, Backfire Ranger X2 can resist some level of water splashing. You will not want to use it in a heavy downpour or water paddles.

It’s useful to take marketers’ descriptions with a pinch of salt as they might mislead you about boards you buy from them.

Why Do You Need Backfire Ranger X2 Electric Skateboard

One of the best electric skateboards is the Backfire Ranger X2. Backfire ranger X2 is handy for your all-terrain skateboarding, making it an all-purpose board.

This electric skateboard is lighter weight, has faster speed, has higher power motors, redesigned wheels, and updated handheld wireless controller.

Indeed, this is the electric skateboard that you need to buy.

When you try riding your Backfire Ranger X2(Amazon Link) you will immediately realize that it excels in smoother rides than its predecessor.

All-terrain boards are designed to take it over tough terrain and even feel safe while doing it.

You will prefer this new board which is not only lighter but amazingly more agile, flying more easily over obstacles.

While this board is handy in handling grasses and other off-road stuff, it’s also great on the pavement as well. When you ride it on the streets, you will notice a difference.

So many riders spend much time on the pavements, which poses no challenge to your Backfire Ranger X2 board.

As you know, urban jungles are never smooth as they will have many obstacles that must be surmounted, including trolley tracks, curbs, road debris, potholes, etc.

And your big beefy wheeled board that boasts of a powerful motor will give you much more confidence in maintaining a grip on your board, riding right over any obstacles in your path.

Is The Exway Flex Waterproof?

No, it’s water-resistant. There is a difference between water-resistant and water-proofed devices.

For an electronic device to be regarded as water-proof, its IP rating must qualify it as so. Water-proof devices should have an IP rating of 8 or higher.

This means that it will hold even when the device is submerged deeper than 1 meter in water. Your Exway Flex is far from that.

It has an IP rating of IP55, meaning that it has been tested for dust and water protection, getting a rating of 5 in each.

Since our concern is the water, let’s say that it’s protected against low-pressure projected water. Now, does that mean that it’s water-proof?

Therefore, you will still need to be careful when riding it in wet conditions and avoid extremes in wetness.

For instance, avoid puddles of water and heavy rainfall. You might also what to avoid snow as well.

However, apart from your Exway Flex not being waterproof, there is not much you can find in terms of shortcomings. After all, how many boards are waterproof?

While many manufactures will market their products as waterproof, they scarcely are. And most of the time, they are water-resistant.

If you want to be sure of a manufacturer’s honesty in declaring their product waterproof, look at the warranty. Does it cover water damage?

If it doesn’t, you can’t believe a word they say about the water-proof product!

I mean, water-proofed devices are not susceptible to water damage, so they should not be hesitant to insure against this.

Does Backfire Have An App?

Yes, this was initially announced as a proposition on the Zealot board page.

Backfire promised that there would be an app that would make the use of their boards seamless and easy to command. The App works on Android and iOS.

This comes as a very intriguing achievement. This App can be downloaded and used with any of Backfire’s electric boards.

Backfire, a leading Chinese e-skate budget board company dominates the Budget Board market.

Therefore, you will find it helpful to understand Backfire boards and choose appropriately from their various skateboards.

Unlike other electric skateboard companies, Backfire has many years of experience.

If you check the records, you will find that most electric skateboard companies were founded 3-4 years ago.

Does Backfire G2 Have Regenerative Braking?

It’s not so with Backfire as its history will take you down memory lane to 2009. Over the years, they have worked to become well-reputed manufacturers of electric skateboards.

Backfire Ranger X2 All-Terrain Electric Skateboard- Specifications

Backfire is famous for being behind the manufacture of Backfire’s all-purpose and all-terrain electric skateboard.

In this venture, the Backfire Ranger X2 is the second. This is an upgrade from the previous version.

Consequently, this edition features improved speed, redesigned wheels, lighter weight, higher power motors, and an updated handheld wireless controller.

The Backfire Ranger X2 boasts dual 1,200 W hub motors with 6.5″ airless honeycomb tires that are replaceable.

It has a 44V, 454 Wh battery, boasting an admirable range of 16-22 miles (26-35 km).

Your Backfire Ranger X2 will cruise at a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h), with a maximum climb gradient of 30% and a maximum load of 265 lb (120 kg).

It weighs 23.8 lb (10.8 kg). When riding, it’s not hard to distinguish Backfire Ranger X2 from the original as the latter falls shy of the stability and ability to handle terrains.

When it comes to maneuverability, the Backfire Ranger X2 will make you wonder how it can allow you to turn quite a tight radius, taking into account how big the board is.

Indeed, the board has a 2-meter turning radius. You will feel like turning on a dime.

Additionally, your Backfire Ranger X2 has a flexy deck that assures you of a comfortable ride. Then when you add in the flexy deck, you get a super comfortable ride.

The wheelbase is large enough, meaning you won’t be riding too close to the trucks, as with many other boards.

This is mostly responsible for the more comfortable rides since the increased distance from the rigid trucks means you can take advantage of that flexy deck to act as suspension.

Backfire Ranger X2 Battery Replacement

The Backfire Ranger X2 battery comes with a replaceable battery.This is a power-packed battery that can last about 500 cycles.

However, the battery will still work even after 500 life cycles, but with a reduced range. New batteries can be ordered from the  Backfire website.

This can be learned online regarding how to replace them since it’s easy to replace the batteries. What’s more, no caveat requires you to have prior DIY experience.

While I appreciate the powerful motor that the Backfire Ranger X2 comes with, I also understand that it cannot perform without a proper battery.

The efficient battery and components account for the smooth ride, giving this electric skateboard an impressive performance.

And while the battery has much to do with the range, your riding terrain will also play a major role in affecting the range as well.

Again, since your Backfire Ranger X2 features a regenerative braking system, it is possible to make the most out of your battery life, especially when riding downhill.

Are Backfire Boards Good?

Yes, Backfire boards are among the amazing best in the electric skateboards category.

Additionally, these are large-wheeled, affordable electric skateboards that guarantee a comfortable ride as you smoothly skip the bumps and cracks.

Although the boards still lack flashy features, their performance is ranked among the top brands.

This Chinese electric brand is not far from getting a prime position for the best basic electric skateboard.

This is because the company has been on a steady course of improving the performance and stability of its boards.

For instance, consider the Backfire G2 black with minimal features yet offers a comfortable and effortless ride.

In addition to being durable, this board is also reliable and stylish as far as modern skating is concerned.

Backfire Ranger X3

Backfire has been at the forefront of offering top-of-the-range electric skateboards at amazing deals.

If you have bought the Ranger X2, you will think that you are riding from another planet until you experience the Ranger X3.

Indeed, you will love this board because of the freedom those wheels give you and the feeling of a whole new world of riding.

Again, you will get funny looks when riding this monster from the pavement or even when going up a grass hill.

Your Backfire X3 currently reigns in the market in terms of the most powerful hub motors. 

It comes with 12 months warranty and amazing battery performance to your hub motors. It has a smart turn-on feature and accent tail lights with wide wheels.

The flex battery is the deal-breaker for many as they consider the X2 over the X3. Indeed, the X3’s battery is more appealing to most riders due to the flex and lights.

While the battery adds considerable weight to the board, I would consider this worth it.

Again, you will appreciate the auto-turn setting that can be set to function through remote control.

This is unlike other boards and even the previous model where you have to turn the light on.

As you know, there are cons for every skateboard, and Backfire Ranger X3 is not an alien from these.

Changing speed modes while accelerating would have been a smoother transition, rather than having to let off the acceleration.

Again, it’s not easy to change wheels as this option does not exist.

Backfire Ranger X3 Weight

Backfire has come up with an incredible product, the Backfire Ranger X3 electric skateboard. This board has been constructed as one of the leading all-terrain boards.

This is a powerful board that features dual 1500-watt motors. What’s more, the weight is reasonable as the board is 12.8kg (28lb) heavy, making it lighter than some other boards.

The composite material that makes the board is responsible for the versatile nature of the board.

Additionally, this board will give you a zinging top speed of 24mph, coupled with an impressive 17-21 miles on a single charge.


Backfire G2 has regenerative braking that somehow prolongs battery life.


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