Does Onewheel GT Overheat? (How to Fix)

Does Onewheel GT Come With A Charger?

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Does Onewheel GT Overheat?

When riding on a OneWheel GT, it’s important to keep the brake light on and the motor off until you are ready to ride. You can use a similar LED from below and within your wheel if these lights are unavailable.

The LED should be set up under your wheel and wired to shine into the wheel’s light guide when activated by your brakes or switch.

Yes! Onewheel GT overheats when you ride it on declines or inclines boasting grades exceeding 15% steepness. When the incline exceeds 25% steepness, the Onewheel GT will overheat to the shutdown point.To fix this issue, wait for your board to cool down for 15 minutes before you resume riding.

You can also fix this issue quickly by engaging in a fast-paced ride on flat or downhill terrain. This will allow you to go over 25km so the board can cool down.

Do not press the remote’s buttons when your board overheats and shutdown. The Onewheel GT is designed to shut down immediately upon overheating signs to prevent further damage to its components.

After waiting for 15 minutes, you can now start your ride again.

Note that this symptom only shows up when going up steep grades. Mild to moderate inclines are no problem for the board to withstand.

This symptom is common to all electric skateboards as it’s one of the safety precautions manufacturers put on their boards.This also prevents the board from overheating when you repeatedly use it for long hours.

This happens especially when your board is paired with a motor that produces more power than necessary for your weight and traveling speed.

With the GT, there are no specific ways to prevent this issue from happening. You can only let the board cool down after riding it on steep inclines before you can resume riding.

Another way to prevent this issue from showing up is to ride your board the proper way. This means going with a slower pace and on flat terrain.

If you do not need top speed, you should avoid riding your board on long slopes as this can trigger overheating.

Engaging in an intense workout can bring out this issue as well. The faster you ride your board, the more power it consumes and produces.

This can significantly increase the internal components‘ temperature and trigger the Onewheel GT to shut down.

Make sure not to ride your board on too steep grades, as this will increase its heat-up time. If you need to go uphill, use a different mode, such as walking or jogging, to balance it with your weight and incline grade.

Here are some other symptoms that you can observe when Onewheel overheats:

  • Onewheel+ -Remote fails to pop up.
  • Onewheel+ –Onewheel keeps beeping every 5-seconds when it’s on flat terrain. When this happens, the board must cool down for 15 minutes before it becomes functional again.
  • To do this, turn off the remote and stop using it for a few minutes.
  • Onewheel GT shuts down without reason with a loud and continuous beeping sound. This usually happens when you ride uphill.

Onewheel GT: Top 7 Compiled List of Current Issues

Onewheel GT, a new personal transportation device, has problems that need to be addressed. Here is the top 7 compiled list of current issues.

OverheatingThe current active fix is holding the power button for 10 seconds and then shutting it down.
Battery ProblemsOnewheel GT battery life is supposed to reach 8 miles/12 km, and up to 20 miles /32 km with the $500+ extended range battery, which you can buy separately.

People have reported that extended range battery does not have a long enough life for daily use.
GPS Receiver IssuesTo solve the GPS issue, the Onewheel GT has a Gyroscope on board to help with tracking and compass problems
One-Foot sensor continuous engagementThe sensor near the foot pad stops the board from moving when you don’t want it to, like when waiting for a car to pass.

The problem occurs when it continuously engages as a person naturally uses both feet instead of only one. This problem is sometimes solved by changing to a different size foot pad.
Onewheel locking issuesThe issue sometimes happens when you lock your board on two feet, but it continues to lean in one direction, not returning to the center as it should be.

One notable case is when the owner is trying to release, and it continues to lock the front wheel, so he has to drop it on foot.
Board Doesn’t start when it arrives – To cold batteryWhen the remote is on the board and using the plastic key to slide in, it keeps trying to activate even after waiting a few minutes.

The remote is working fine; if you turn on your remote, you can see the lights on. The battery may be too cold, so wait a few hours to try again.
Bearing Problems inside the hub motorThere is some concern as the rotation between the sensor and bearing may have been compromised from dropping the board.

The bearing may be so loose that it creates no cycle or doesn’t spin for a few seconds after you press start. Riding in one direction doesn’t make noise when turning, nor feel like spinning.

With this issue, your hub motor won’t work correctly in certain directions, such as right-hand turns or a right lean.

How good is Onewheel GT?

Onewheel GT is a very good ride that boasts high speed that you can use to crush hills. It has an impressive concave front and rear for a smooth ride that you can ride on any surface.

It comes with a decent frame that is strong and is not going to break or bend under weight and pressure. The handlebar holds 195 lbs. of weight, making it safe enough for people heavier than average to use and enjoy the ride.

The downside is that the grip tape on this board seems to wear down quickly, so you will need to replace it often.

This board also has an impressive range: 20 – 30 mph. This high-speed range makes it ideal for downhill riding and fast cruising.

Onewheel GT can be used by just about anyone, even if you’ve never ridden an electric skateboard. It’s light and easy to use.

But beginners are advised to use it on level pavement because it will take some practice and experience to ride on hills or rougher surfaces like grass, dirt, etc.

One thing that most beginners find difficult with this board is the weight distribution. It’s quite heavy in the front, making it harder to balance.To master the balancing act, you must balance your weight between your feet, legs, and arms.

This board is not for everyone. If you are a person who skates a lot, has ridden electric skateboards before, or is good at balancing yourself, this board is good for you. But beginners (on electric boards) may find it challenging to operate.

Does Onewheel GT Overheat?

But, if you are a beginner to electric skateboards and want to try them out, we recommend getting Onewheel+. It’s cheaper, lighter, and easier to ride than the GT.


· High speed 20-30 mph (fastest on the market).

· Available in asphalt and concrete color scheme.

· Equipped dual motors (450W total) so more power is delivered. Power delivery is smooth and consistent. Acceleration is gradual, which allows better control of the board.

· The wheel size is 83mm x 52mm, perfect for cruising on different terrain without damaging the board.

· The handlebar can hold up to 195 lbs of weight (the highest on the market right now)

· Battery range is 5-7 miles on a single charge. However, This varies depending on the rider’s weight, terrain, and weather conditions.

You will get more mileage if you ride on smooth surfaces or below 20mph. You will get less mileage if you ride it in rougher terrains or above 20mph.

· It can be used as a commuter board and is also good for fun rides.

· Fast charging time: 2 hours (as fast as an electric car)

· Has a regenerative braking system that slows the board when you back off on the throttle or hit the brakes.This will help boost your range and provides additional energy to your battery.

It also reduces the wear and tear of the brake pads. You can turn off the regenerative braking system with a switch if you don’t like it.

· A display screen shows critical information like battery capacity, speed, and range.


· Some wheel parts get damaged if you ride them on rough terrain or grass. You should avoid riding it on these surfaces to prolong your wheel’s life and avoid damaging the motor.

You can use Onewheel+ or Onewheel Stealth if you want to ride on grass surfaces. The Stealth does not have a wheel, so it is less likely to get damaged.

· Although the weight distribution is good, it’s still not perfect, and you may have to compensate by shifting your weight on the board.

The front wheel of this board tends to rise when the rider stands up on it after riding it for a long time.

You can lower the front wheel by placing your foot underneath it and getting off the board when you are done or ride on an incline to reduce the front wheel slightly.

· The biggest issue with this board is its very little traction on wet surfaces or grass. You will need to get used to this because even the GT has this problem.

· It may take some time to get used to the shifting gears, as there are 5 gears total. You will want to keep experimenting with different gear combinations until you find one that works for you, but overall it’s not that difficult.

Is The Onewheel GT Worth It?(Top 5 Specs)

Yes, It’s worth it. Onewheel GT is a hassle-free and safe way not to drive. In the center of the wheel is a motor with a built-in brake that activates when the user skids their foot against the side.

This assures that users will only have to pedal or steer. Onewheel GT also has a soft padded reinforced cushion and anti-slip rubber treads on its underside for extra protection.

This board can cover 8.8 miles on one charge, and the max speed is 15 miles per hour which are fast enough for most users.

Onewheel Wear App and the XR

Onewheel GT also has a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to play background music while riding. Below are the top 5 specs:

  • Onewheel can cover 8.8 miles continuously.
  • The maximum speed of Onewheel is 15 miles per hour.
  • Onewheel has a fast charging rate of two hours, allowing it to have an extended ride time of hours before it needs to be charged again.
  • Onewheel weighs 20 pounds.
  • The max weight capacity of Onewheel is 264 pounds.

Is Onewheel GT Bigger Than XR?

Yes! The new GT model is thicker and heavier than the +XR and is fit for riders with a height of 6’6″ or taller.

The board tops out at 21 mph, has a range of 15 miles, and can go up to 20% steeper slopes than the original Onewheel GT (up to 35 degrees) with a 65-degree angle.

The battery boats twice the capacity of the +XR due to increased weight and is also bigger at 10.5ah and 12.6 lbs (2,931 vs. 3,244 mAh).

I recently got my hands on the Onewheel GT for a few days to test its performance on various terrain and was impressed with how much more real estate the larger battery provided for distance, speed, climbing ability, and turning radius.

For a shorter, lighter, and faster board, then the +XR might be a better option. Note that there is no right/ wrong decision between the two models; they are simply different.

Let’s dig into the differences that will help you decide if the Onewheel GT is right for you and your needs.

Onewheel GT Won’t Turn On

Your Onewheel battery might be drained or defective. The user manual does say that on advanced models, failure to turn on may also indicate a faulty fuse in the charger.

If so, and you have charged your battery with a wall adapter (and a car adapter), and your charge light still doesn’t come on, don’t worry; this is most likely just a software issue that you can fix through an update.

How Much Weight Can Onewheel Hold?

If it is a hardware issue, go ahead and contact Onewheel Customer Service if you want to send your unit in for warranty service.

Another reason why your Onewheel GT won’t turn on is that it’s turned on. The Onewheel GT has a capacitive touch sensor button. To turn it on, you have to tap the right side of the casing with your foot (right beside the LED display).

If you’ve already tried charging your unit and are still having trouble getting it to turn on, tap the right side of the casing again while pressing down with your foot. This has fixed issues for some Onewheel owners.

If your Onewheel GT won’t turn on and you’ve tried the steps above, it may be time to send it in for a warranty repair.

If you don’t want to take it to the manufacturer, you might be able to get a local skateboard or electric scooter shop to repair your Onewheel GT for a reasonable amount.

The last reason your Onewheel GT won’t turn on is that it’s not plugged in. Sometimes, if you’ve been riding your Onewheel GT and stopped using it for a while, you may notice that it’s not charging anymore.

It might be necessary to plug the Onewheel GT into a USB port on your computer. If this doesn’t work, try charging your unit with a different USB cable.


Onewheel GT is a great investment for any rider. The overall performance is great, and it provides an enjoyable riding experience. Think of the Onewheel GT as your electric skateboard, and you made an excellent choice.


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