Does Onewheel Pint Come Charged?

Should I buy a Onewheel Pint or XR?

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Does Onewheel Pint Come Charged?

It’s a very tempting time when waiting for your Onewheel Pint to arrive after ordering.

You will frequently wonder, does Onewheel pint come charged? Your concern is understandable since you do not wish to wait for some hours, charging it after arrival.

Yes. Your Onewheel Pint will have some charge. However, it will not be fully charged. You should be expecting about 30% of the battery charge when it arrives. The amount of charge will give you about 2 miles or less.

Ever since Samsung phone explosions in South Korea in 2011, airplanes placed stricter requirements for lithium-ion batteries.

One requirement is that in addition to falling below 160-watt hours, the batteries should not be charged above 30% of their charge capacity.

This is not anything you will gladly welcome as a new owner of a Onewheel pint since you want to enjoy your pint as soon as you get it.

Unfortunately, it won’t have enough juice to do that, but you will have some fun before you have to charge it.

That amount of charge will give you about 2 miles or less, and therefore, it’s good to be prepared to charge it soon.

What Makes Onewheeled Pint To Stand Out? 

When we talk of Onewheel Pint, we are talking about a futuristic platform with a combination of an electric skateboard’s performance and a hoverboard’s coolness.  

This device has successfully stricken a good balance between price, performance, and practicality.

It, therefore, becomes easy to cruise through city streets and off-road terrains without worrying about the efficiency of your device.

The Onewheel Pint is small in size but fortunately has a classic design, permitting easy fitting into many people’s lifestyles.

Does Onewheel Pint Come Charged?

You can never be seen as intruding on any other person’s space when traveling with the pint as it takes very little space compared to other Onewheel’s.

Indeed, it can fit into your backpack, and you can carry it in the backpack without any problem.

Although Onewheel Pint does not have a front handle, you can use the Maghandle to carry your Pint.

At the front of Onewheel Pint, you will locate an indication sensor.

Fitted with a LED strip, you will get notifications about the condition of your battery condition/status or any other alerts related to your ride.

The lightbar comes as an improvement to the general appearance of Onewheel Pint.

Additionally, there is an intuitive sensor on the board that is used to either activate or deactivate the Onewheel pint.

On stepping on the board, the motor is activated and kicks to work, just the same way it will be stopped when you dismount.

There are many concerns about balancing issues related to onewheels. Fortunately, this has been addressed by the Onewheel Pint.

The Onewheel Pint is easy to balance as it automatically puts the rider and the board in the same level once you step on it.

It also features a Simplestop feature that you can reach out to if you need to dismount abruptly.

What Should I Expect To Find In The Onewheel Boxes?

According to the type of Onewheel you buy, you should expect different contents in your box.

For instance, if you buy Onewheel+ XR, the box will contain your Onewheel, Surestance Footpads, and Black XR Bumpers.

Additionally, you will find an XR Home Charger, stickers, and an Owner’s Manual.

When it comes to the Onewheel Pint, the box will come with your Onewheel, Dark Grey Pint Bumpers, Pint Footpads, and a Dark Grey Maghandle.

Again, you will find a Pint Home Charger, stickers as well as an Owner’s Manual.

What Type Of Charger Does My Onewheel Come With?

The type of charger that your Onewheel comes with depends on your chosen Onewheel type. Ideally, both Onewheel Pint and Onewheel+ XR come stocked with chargers.

However, these chargers take too long to full charge, and you may need to buy Pint Ultracharger or the XR Hypercharger(Amazon Link)

How Long Will My Onewheel Last?

There is a difference between Onewheel’s and all other boards you might have ridden. Indeed, they come as the best fun you will ever experience on a single wheel.

Unfortunately, you will need to part with a significant amount of money as Onewheel is an expensive thing.

You might wonder why the high price, what kind of life expectancy should I have regarding the Onewheel?

It’s possible to ride your Onewheel for many years as long as you carry out the routine replacement of movable components and regular maintenance.

Before you replace the tire (the most commonly replaced part), you will enjoy about 750-1,500 miles of riding your Onewheel.

The number of miles you can enjoy from your Onewheel will depend on your weight, tire pressure, riding surfaces, and riding style.

On the other hand, most lithium-ion batteries will survive approximately 500-1,000 charges.

What is important to note is that real-world experiences are a significant factor in determining how long your Onewheel will last.

How Long Should I Expect My Onewheel’s Battery To Last?

The XR+ lithium NMC and the Onewheel Pint batteries boast very long lifespans with the ability to withstand many riding styles.

Therefore, you can have several years from your battery if you follow key upkeep instructions.

For your Onewheel to last long with a good battery, you must store your board at mild room temperatures in a cool place.

It’s needful to remember that your Onewheel should be stored indoors as it may be exposed to harmful weather elements outside.

Battery degradation is common to Onewheel’s stored in cold outdoor environments.

Does Onewheel Pint Come Charged?

Your battery will always require to be charged every few months, regardless of whether you used the Onewheel or not.

This is an excellent way to ensure that your battery never sits on zero charge, a fast way to degrade your battery.

To prolong your battery’s lifespan, tend to charge it up to about 90 percent and never drain it below 20 percent.

Most manufacturers advise against running your battery through a full cycle by charging it fully and draining it completely if you want to have many years from the battery.

Fortunately, you can download the Onewheel App and enjoy detailed battery data that will help you keep an eye on your battery and track everything.

The Onewheel battery App is a necessity for all Onewheel owners.

The App’s usefulness lies in its ability to provide information on speed, battery life, distance traveled, maps from other riders;

And connecting with other riders and owners of the Onewheel.

How Long Can I Enjoy My Ride Before My Onewheel Battery Needs Recharging?

It’s universally understandable that many plug-in devices like your breathtaking new Onewheel.

Or even smartphones can keep us wondering how much time we have before we have to connect the charger.

Fortunately, the battery life of your Onewheel is generally perceived as excellent.

It’s possible to ride for an hour for four days, and then after charging for about one hour, your battery gets fully charged.

There are advantages of the Onewheel, like regenerative braking, where your device charges up your battery when going downhill.

You won’t like it when, as you enjoy your ride, things are brought to a standstill due to low battery power. However, you can have worry-free 1 hour rides near your home.

As long as you ride within a radius of 3-5 miles, you will not need to worry within that one hour.

Due to the improvements in the technology that goes into the Onewheel batteries;

Technological advancements have made it possible to ride 12-18 miles on the Onewheel XR+ on a full battery, taking only 110 minutes to have it fully charged by the XR Hypercharger.

You will have the battery charged in a lesser time if it’s not fully drained.

On the other hand, the Onewheel Pint will give you about 6-8 miles and take around 120 minutes to recharge.

With the Pint ultra charger, you will only need 50 minutes to recharge a fully drained battery.

This is an improvement as compared to what could be enjoyed from the original Onewheel.

Additionally, the improved battery gives more power as you ride up hills and in colder weather. This does not consume anything from your battery.

Can I Change My Onwheel Tire?

Yes. You can replace your Onewheel tire when it wears out. Generally, you should be expecting a lifespan of about 1,000 miles from the Onewheel’s Vega MBM.

Consequently, if you ride for about three miles a day, you should be able to use your tire for around a year before you can think of a replacement.

However, other factors that can affect this projection are your riding style, your weight, your speed, your terrain, and even your riding tire pressure.

The tire that comes with your new Onewheel may need to be upgraded way before it requires replacement if you desire a serious grip in off-roads or winter riding.

The market is flooded with different tires you may find appropriate to choose from.

For instance, you will find products like the Hoosier or Burris tire as good replacements when you wish to upgrade for better traction.

As you plan to replace or upgrade your tire, it is essential to look at your warranty since you may void it with any changes to your tire.

For some brands, you may find that the manufacturer wants to do any replacements for your warranty to stay in place. This is because your new tire may need to be calibrated.

How Do I Ensure That I Get The Most From My Onewheel Pint’s Tires?

To enjoy longevity with your tires, you should follow maintenance procedures that will guarantee the maximum life expectancy of your Onewheel Pint.

Your board should stand up to the test of time. When you regularly check your tires, the longevity of your ride will be ensured.

Anytime you get home after your ride, it’s essential always to check your tires. In this quick scan, you should be looking for sidewall cuts and treads.

If your Pint needs a clean, you can brush it using a handheld brush. Avoid wet hand brushes as your pint is not waterproof.

Every single month, it’s needful to check your tire pressure several times. This becomes more important if you notice that your tire feels a little deflated or slow while riding.

Also, it may become necessary to check the pressure after enjoying a long ride or when you ride through a testing cruise or terrain.

Does Onewheel Pint Come Charged?

You can check the pressure using the digital gauge in your local gas station.

You will be looking for the optimal tire pressure, which is 20 PSI. Regardless of your weight, do not vary this pressure.

Can OneWheeled Pint Be Charged Using A Solar Charge Controller?

Yes. It’s possible to use a hoverboard battery to charge your Onewheel Pint. The battery needs to be rated 36v 4.4ah to ensure compatibility.

A solar charge controller will be used to boost the 36V 4.4 AH to 58V 3.5AH.

The Onewheel Pint requires this as the input charge, and therefore, you will be ready to charge your pint.

Indeed, you will not need to use a wall charger if you have this solar charge controller.

To charge the one-wheel pint with this charger, you will require a minimum of about two hours. This is the same time the stock charger will take.

However, if you don’t want to wait for that long, it is advisable to buy an Ultracharger to slash the charging time to about 50 minutes.


You can enjoy many riding years with your pint if you practice timely maintenance procedures.

Ensuring regular battery charges, maintaining the correct tire pressure, and practicing timely component replacement will guarantee many years of fun with your Onewheel.


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