Does Onewheel XR Have a Simple Stop?(Yes,..But)

Does Onewheel Pint Come With a Charger?

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Does Onewheel XR Have a Simple Stop?

Simple Stop is an optional feature that eases dismount on Onewheel. This is available in Onewheel Pint only.

This feature comes in handy when dismounting, especially for new riders. This feature can be turned off if you do not wish to use it in your riding.

Therefore, if you are wondering, does Onewheel XR have a Simple Stop?

No! Onewheel XR does not have a Simple Stop. To stop it, you will need to use your stance and weight shifting to disengage the engine. You can also download and install Onewheel App as there is no other way to stop it.

Indeed, Simple Stop uses new technology, and as such, it does not feature in the older versions of the Onewheel.

This leaves the Pint as the only viable Onewheel where you can find this technology in use.

To turn it off in the Pint, identify the Simple Stop icon when your board is turned on. The default setting is “ON” so, try turning it off if you do not want to use it.

If you are not aware of how this feature should be used, you are better off riding when it’s turned off. This is what I do since it tends to throw me off the board so quickly.

Indeed, I have seen my Onewheel accelerate backward before it comes down, causing many falls.

This gets me wondering, why would the manufacturer make the board accelerate faster backward when it’s going to stop.

How Do You Stop On A Onewheel XR?

Stopping a Onewheel is not hard. Indeed, if you rely on the “Simple Stop,” you need to slow down by leaning back. After your Onewheel stops, slowly lean back and then dismount.

It’s also okay to jump off your Onewheel simultaneously, not leaving any foot on the board. You can also slowly lift your heels and then dismount.

As soon as you get off your board, I recommend that you always switch off your board.

To dismount from the XR, you will need to gently reduce your speed to a stop, after which you should remove both of your feet from the rider detect area.

There are ways you want to remove your feet from the rider detect area safely. First, you will need to heel-toe your foot to your board’s front, off the rider detect area.

After this, lift your heel, going on your tip-toe. A jump off the board should follow this. You will only need to ensure that both of your feet leave the board at the same time.

What is a simple stop on Onewheel?

Simple Stop is a safety feature that comes with the latest model of Onewheel, the Pint. Unlike it’s predecessors.

Onewheel Pint is integrated with this beautiful feature that makes dismounting very safe and secure.

Apart from the Simple Stop feature, Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR are different due to the huge price difference.

For instance, in Germany, the XR sells at 1,999 EUR incl. 19% VAT while you can buy the Pint at 1,249 EUR incl. 19% VAT.

This is not a small difference, and it can be rather implicative.

Interestingly, both of these models use the same motor, a 750W Hypercore hub motor. However, many of the other components used in the vehicles differ.

Indeed, the battery and wheel size is not the same for these two different Onewheel’s.

Additionally, the range is also different, the Pint having a shorter range. Still, the top speed for XR is 32 km/h, while that of the Pint is 26 km/h. r the XR versus 10 – 13 km range for the Pint.

The top speed is 32 km/h for the XR and 26 km/h for the Pint.

Being the newer model, the Pint has unique features like a lightbar and integrated handle. Again, as already mentioned, the Pint also features Simple Stop.

The XR will ride in both directions, while the Pint only rides in one direction. This is a plus for getting off the board, as this makes it pretty simple to do.

You just decelerate to zero before you dismount from your board.

Unlike the XR that would basically ride in the other direction, shifting your weight to the back will stop your Pint and enhance a dismount.

This is because the motor shuts down, and getting off the board becomes easy.

How do you stop on a Onewheel Pint?

The Onewheel Pint largely relies on the Simple Stop feature to stop. The feature, as already mentioned, helps you to slow down to a stop.

However, this does not mean you cannot stop without the feature turned on. No. Indeed, you can activate this feature or deactivate it and still stop at will.

If you turn off the Simple Stop feature and ride your Pint, you will still be able to stop.

To stop without the aid of the feature, decelerate by leaning backward on your board, slightly shifting your weight to the back.

This will automatically set the motor at a decreased speed until it stops. When your Pint stops, level out your board and then jump off your board with both feet simultaneously.

Does Onewheel XR Have a Simple Stop?

However, it would help if you were careful since your board might tip over on its side, causing a scratch on the side rails.

All the same, avoid any attempt to step off with the back foot first (this is the foot outside the rider-detection area).

If you do, there is an increased likelihood of a fall and a consequent injury. Therefore, it might be safer for you if you slow down to a stop by leaning back on your board.

After stopping, level your board out by making it parallel to the ground.

To stop your Onewheel from speed, you will need more than a subtle backward lean. I know it’s okay to shift some of your weight onto the rear foot, but more than this.

To completely disengage the motor, there should be no weight on the rider-sensor part.

Once you remove any weight from this area, your board engine will allow the board tail to drop and the nose to point upwards.

The Pints Simple Stop will only need that you lean backward until it comes to a stop. This will cause the board to roll back slightly before disengaging.

Consequently, your board’s tail will sympathetically drop to the ground.

Can The Onewheel XR Get Wet?

If you are looking for a great board to buy after saving enough money, then you might be considering Onewheel XR.

And perhaps you might be wondering, can the Onewheel XR get wet? If this is the case, the short answer is yes.

But before you start celebrating and carelessly riding your board in ice and damp areas, you might need to consider a few things.

Well, your Onewheel XR can brave many terrains, including off-roads.

Indeed, this vehicle will practically make most terrains feel smooth as your cruise through them at an amazing top speed that can range from 16-19 mph. Additionally, it’s hands-free too.

While you might ride in wet conditions and quickly get away with it with no issues at all, the manufacturer will not cover you if your Onewheel gets damaged by water.

They do not recommend taking your Onewheel into wet conditions unless you take some precautions.

Therefore, if you find that your Onewheel has been rained on or wet for one reason or another, you need to wait for about 24 hours before recharge your board.

In most cases, wetness and dampness will dampen your charging points. But it’s critical to understand how your XR works before we delve further into this.

Onewheel XR, like any other Onewheel, has one moving part, which is the wheel. An electric motor forms part of the wheel by use of very sophisticated technology.

The large go-kart wheel provides the movement and motorization that makes the board on which it’s mounted an electric vehicle.

Since the motor works with an electric circuit, you need to keep water away from this board.

While splashes of rain and wetness from puddles might not pose any potential risk to your board, it’s essential to understand that you cannot always ride in heavy rainfall or ice.

Your board is not meant to be waterproof.

But because you might not eliminate the possibility of getting some form of wetness on your board, it might help to know what to do when caught up in such a melee.

So, when you get home after riding in wet conditions (I am not saying that you should be deliberately riding in them), use compressed air to clean your board.

This can be bought in a can from amazon or other leading stores. Avoid plugging your board to charge when it is wet.

How Do You Control Onewheel Speed?

Many awesome riding boards come up all the time. Without any doubt, Onewheel is one of such boards. The single wheel beneath our feet might at first feel unusual.

This resembles a moving balance board. When the board is resting, the tail touches the ground as the nose faces upwards.

When the board starts to moving and engaging, it will level up while at the same time self-balances reacting to the rider’s foot pressure using installed sensors.

Your Onewheel will use your sideways stance in the same manner; this applies to a skateboard, snowboard, or surfboard.

What’s more, you don’t need any controllers to control this vehicle as your body will suffice to control speed.

Indeed, Onewheel’s board reacts to heel-to-toe weight shifts just like a skateboard. This will be handy in allowing you to curve.

But unlike conventional boards, this board will respond to speed adjustments when you lean forward or backward.

If you want to increase the speed, you will need to lean forward. When you do this, the underfoot batteries and the motion sensors will pass information to the motor to increase speed.

Consequently, the speed will be increased as the motor rotates at a faster speed. Indeed, our stance and weight shifts will dictate everything.

How Long Will A Onewheel Last?

All Onewheel boards are made by Future Motion. These boards can be described as very agile boards that can last long.

However, good maintenance is needed to enjoy many days on your Onewheel. For instance, I have been riding my board over the last two years and have covered about 2000 miles.

Frankly, I have not encountered any issues with the board. However, I must point out that you need to take good care of your board to enjoy longevity.

These are boards are meant to last! Indeed, my next-door neighbor has done over 8000 miles without any problem.

Unfortunately, you will also meet a rider who has experienced problems with the board, especially electronic issues. If this happens.

I recommend that you take your board to Future Motion since servicing your board beyond the confines of the warranty is damn expensive.

But I must say that all the Onewheels are expensive. However, if you can afford it, you will not regret your investment. It is worth the money.

You will not find any other device that can be ridden on any dry terrain. However, you might want to remember the dangers involved with any board sport.

Your Onewheel is not exempt. Be gentle on the board until you get the proper experience.

As you ride, you might want to pay close attention to all warnings, especially pushback warnings.

Your safety might be hinged on adherence to such warnings. Therefore, if you get a pushback warning, I advise you to always slow down without hesitation.

How to Dry Clean Your Onewheel

You can go a step further by getting insured against nosedives and swapping your wheels with wheels to grip the riding surface better.


Onewheel XR does not have a Simple Stop. To stop it, you will need to use your stance and weight shifting to disengage the engine.


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