Does the Ninebot Max Have Cruise Control?(Yes, See How)

Does the Ninebot Max Have Cruise Control?

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Does the Ninebot Max Have Cruise Control?

Ninebot Max has excellent cruise controls. It’s easy to notice the quietness of this scooter if you ride in it. The noise is minimal.

In addition to having cruise control, the Ninebot Max feature turns it on and off by using an App installed on a smartphone.

Yes, It has excellent cruise controls that allows you to have great control over your speed even as you conserve your battery and increase the range from 13.7 miles. You are free to choose your riding mode from cruise, sport, and standard.

This can be activated by holding your throttle as you ride at a particular speed for about 10 seconds.

When your scooter gets into cruise control mode, the throttle should not be held any longer, for there is no need to do that.

Indeed, you will notice that the scooter rides at a consistent speed. To stop the cruise control mode, you will only need to activate your brake.

There are several cool things when riding in the Ninebot Max. But commuter needs are easily breakable into the need to cover some serious distance.

The need to carry scooters through different transportation modes, and the need for both.

What Is Cruise Mode Ninebot?

Ninebot’s top speed of 12 mph is not very suitable for learners, especially younger riders.

Still, those who want a dependable – yet relatively sedate – transportation to work will find this speed too great.

Even those who want to zip around town at pace will not want to cruise at this top speed.

Again, the 13.7 miles’ range will not be ideal for longer rides, either. Fortunately, you are free to choose your riding mode from cruise, sport, and standard.

These options make Ninebot a preferred scooter for parents who want a safer selection for their daughter or son. Here is where cruise mode comes in.

Cruise Mode is the option that allows you to have great control over your speed even as you conserve your battery and increase the range from 13.7 miles.

Cruise mode control allows you to have a relaxed ride that will help you unwind after a long day.

You might want to chill out, save a bit of battery and increase the range or just do some sightseeing; cruise mode is what you want to consider.

Indeed, when you choose cruise mode, you will be getting the maximum range from your Ninebot(Amazon Link)

Indeed, if you are lucky enough, you might get the equivalent of a couple of laps of Central Park!

How Long Does The Segway Ninebot Max Last?

Once you buy your Ninebot Max, you should expect several months free from any significant individual defects.

Indeed, the shooter will keep running efficiently for quite a long time. There have been predecessors before the NineBot Max.

Consequently, the mistakes of its predecessors have been a learning ground for this scooter.

It’s progenitors have been its learning ground, making this serious iteration craftsmanship that comes at an affordable cost.  You should expect the Ninebot Max to hold for a while.

A significant advantage that the Ninebot Max has is that it wins the IPX5 water protection standard. Indeed, it has some of its components beyond this, going up to IPX7.

Consequently getting more waterproof protection. While this type of rating cannot be perfectly waterproof, it offers much protection from water.

Indeed, it happens to be among the scooters with the best waterproofing capabilities in the market today. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about weak water jets from any angle.

Additionally, this scooter will present neither challenges nor any troubles when you ride it through the snow and the rain.

Some of the components in the scooters that are susceptible to water include screw holes, the batter, brake cable, and the charging port.

Your Ninebot Max has all these well secured strongly against water ingress. Indeed, many Ninebot Max models are safe to go through snow, puddles, and rain.

However, remember that the manufacturer firmly discourages riding Ninebot Max through the rain and water.

All the same, if you must ride it in such circumstances, you might be safe due to the sufficiency of the IPX5 rating. Still, the warranty provides no cover against water damage.

Consequently, it might be safe to avoid rain whenever practically possible.

Is The Segway Ninebot Max Worth The Money?

The short answer is Yes. Indeed, the Ninebot Max is a powerful machine that is fast but can also stop on a dime.

If you go for the Ninebot MAX, you will enjoy long rides while at the same time you will be enjoying it’s practical features.

The fantastic braking system and front and rear lights increase it’s safety, making fast speeds a no-risk issue.

The wider bars make control easier, the broad standing platform enhancing comfort.

However, I must say that this machine is heavy. But if you don’t mind the weight, cool.

All the same, this drawback will easily fade into insignificance viewed from the perspective of the performance.  

Ninebot Max boasts of a powerful extended travel range that is comfortable.

Does the Ninebot Max Have Cruise Control?

The 350-watt motor makes this possible, drawing its energy from a lithium-ion battery that will go for 22 miles without a hitch.

This is an easy to carry scooter that has a decent travel radius and a front suspension. It’s hill-climbing power coupled with the folded dolly function makes it your choice.

This is because the scooter combines utility and comfort in a simple yet sharp design. It is relatively inexpensive but with a respectable top speed.

Indeed, convenience and decent travel radius are not sacrificed due to affordability.

How Do You Hack Ninebot Max?

It’s not hard to hack the Ninebot Max. Indeed, if you wish to enhance the full throttle for your Ninebot Max, you will not have to worry much.

First things first: You will need several tools, including your Ninebot, an Android smartphone, and internet connectivity.  When you have these things, you are good to go.

The first thing will be to take your Android smartphone, go to the App Store, and download the Xiaoflasher. This is the App that will come in handy in this operation.

Once you download the App, install it on your smartphone and open it after installation.

When it opens, switch on your scooter’s Bluetooth and your phone’s Bluetooth and connect from your phone.

You will be prompted to choose your scooter, which you will do from your app’s platform. Once you choose your scooter, you will see the various locations listed to ride your scooter.

If you want the full-throttle, choose the option (US), where you can enjoy a top speed of 30 kilometres per hour.

But I must warn you. This is too much speed, and you need to be careful. Alternatively, you can also use a windows PC to hack your Ninebot Max.

To do this, you will need your Bluetooth enabled Ninebot Max, a Windows 10 PC with BLE; a flashed ESx dashboard, a Ninebot-Flasher and some disassembling tools.

After you have these tools, turn your Ninebot Max on, remove the scooter, and remove your Max dashboard, unplugging it from your scooter.

Now swap it with the ESx dashboard and turn on your scooter. Proceed to start your Ninebot-Flasher, connecting it to your scooter.

You might need to select your scooter from the screen again. Proceed and click Connect. Continue by holding Hit Ctrl+Alt+A down for a second.

Several buttons will appear but focus on the “Write ESC Sn.”.

Now proceed to replace your Ninebot Max serial number (first five characters) with N4GSD. This number stands for a certain maximum speed, but there are several of these.

Once you input your preferred maximum speed, click “Write ESC Sn.” The new top speeds can be unlocked using N4GSD: 30km/h, N4GCD: 25km/h, and N4GEA: 20km/h.

But there is a precaution to take. If you have your ESX dashboard connected, never attempt to update the firmware or connect to the Ninebot App.

These are DIY operations, and I take no responsibility for any damage that might occur. Indeed, you are doing everything at your own risk.

Can Ninebot Get Wet?

Water-resistance is a pertinent issue and concern to many people who buy devices these days.

This is because people look for high-end technology and transportation that has some ability to withstand wet conditions.

But is Ninebot waterproof? The simple answer is No, but it can get wet to some extend without problems. For a product to be waterproof, it needs special makeup and assembly.

However, Ninebot is water-resistant. But you ask, what is the difference? Water-resistance means that the device can withstand some level of wetness but not to the level of being immersed in water.

Indeed, you will get away with some splashing, puddles, and light rain. But under no circumstances should you attempt using it under a heavy downpour.

In New York City, it’s not uncommon to run into a puddle or a little rainstorm. That should be fine. Regarding snow, it might handle a bit of that too.

But I hope that you will not use this information to ride in snow habitually. That would be inviting trouble.

Let me also state that it might not be a good idea to leave your Ninebot in the rain.

Remember this one thing; water resistance is not waterproof! I find a rule of thumb useful here; a splash of light rain is acceptable if the vehicle is moving but dangerous if it’s still.

Do you see why you can’t leave it under the rain, no matter how light it might be? Another thing, damp is okay while drenched is not.

You might also want to know that leaving your Ninebot in the cold is never a good idea due to the batteries.

Batteries are not meant to withstand extreme conditions as they deteriorate quickly.

Manufacturers might claim otherwise, but these are marketing gimmicks. It’s best to keep your Ninebot away from ice, rain or any extreme weather condition that includes ice and storms.

How Do I Get Ninebot Max Off Eco Mode?

Your Ninebot Max has a massive motor but an ironically very long-lasting battery! These are almost unmatched parallels, but that is what technology can do.

The Max has a 350W motor. The performance of this motor is optimized for perfect performance.

Indeed, it takes very few seconds to get to the top speed of 18.6 Miles per hour.

While you might not consider this an extremely high speed, it is impressive when riding through the city streets.

As mentioned earlier, Ninebot Max supports several riding modes, including Energy Saving Mode, Sport Mode, and Standard Mode.

When the energy-saving mode is activated, the screen will display “ECO.”

This mode allows smooth acceleration that is suitable for beginners, unlike the  “D” display for Standard mode or “S” for Sport mode.

Which is most powerful and can only be recommended for skilled riders.

If you want to switch to different modes, double click the main button at a fast rate. Therefore, exiting from the Eco mode will not require anything more than that.

What Is The Fastest Ninebot Scooter?

The fast-paced way of life and technology is increasingly putting pressure on us to desire to become a machine or robot.

Indeed, everyone is on a mission to become faster and more efficient. There is a desire to handle all tasks with more ease and increase productivity.

This is perceived as the easiest way to make life easier. Children and adults alike want to get to their destinations faster than at any time in history.

Indeed, people are drifting away from public means of transport and turning to personal transportation. Personal vehicles are increasingly being delivered.

And among them are scooters. The car does not fit all situations, and a bicycle will not serve well. Therefore, scooters are now preferred as alternative vehicles.

There are many scooters available in the market today, and identifying the fastest might be gruesome on your part. But do not worry.

I have done enough research and want to share the information with you.

When considering the fastest scooter, you will need to consider battery life and range.

Well, the Segway Ninebot S-Plus is the fastest and most stable scooter in the Ninebot family.

It comes with Powerful dual motors. With a single recharged battery, you can ride for 12.5 mph for up to 22 miles.


The Ninebot Max enjoys good cruise controls and a plethora of other features.


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