Does The Onewheel Come With A Handle?           

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Does The Onewheel Come With A Handle?           

Onewheel is an electric-powered self-balancing wheel on a board. It’s used for sport, personal transportation, and recreation purposes.

Generally, Onewheel is described as an electric skateboard.

One thing that distinguishes Onewheel from the electric unicycle is that Onewheel riders’ feet are pointed perpendicularly to the wheel and travel direction.

Invented in 2014, Onewheel has taken the personal vehicles’ industry by storm.

Since its invention, Onewheel has seen several transitions where models include, Onewheel original, Onewheel+, Onewheel+ XR, and lastly, the Onewheel Pint.

The first two models have been discontinued (Onewheel original and Onewheel+), leaving only the two later models under production (Onewheel+ XR and the Onewheel Pint).

But you can ask, does the Onewheel come with a handle?

No! Only Onewheel Pint come with a handle. The maghandle eases the carrying of the Pint when traveling. In addition to the maghandle, other benefits came with Onewheel Pint, include pushback and SimpleStop.

Someone might argue that the XR has a handle as well, but how many can secure a grip on the so-called “handle”?

The original model, Onewheel original, enjoyed a range of 4–6 Mi and a top speed of 13 mph. As mentioned, it has been discontinued.

After Onewheel original came Onewheel+ in January 2017, enjoying an improved range of 5–7 Mi with a top speed of 19 mph.

This, too, was to be discontinued and succeeded by Onewheel+ XR. Onewheel Pint was released as the only Onewheel model that has a handle.

These features were not available with the previous models and made the Pint stand out among previous Onewheels.

However, there are handles available in the market that can be installed in other Onewheel’s.

How Do You Install A Onewheel XR Handle?

As mentioned above, only Onewheel Pint comes with a stock handle. But that does not mean that you cant enjoy your Onewheel without a handle.

Indeed, you can customize your Onewheel to suit your preferences.

If you have ever had to carry your Onewheel for any distance, you will not doubt how important it is to have a handle on it.

With nowhere to comfortably hold, it’s awkward to carry. You can install your handle by either buying Onewheel handle(Amazon Link) or even resorting to a DIY invention.

Does The Onewheel Come With A Handle?           

Adding a Onewheel handle to your ride doesn’t eliminate a walk but makes it a lot easier.

If you don’t wish to spend more on your Onewheel or do not have the budget for a Handle, it’s acceptable to use a Jeep roll bar grab handle.

However, if you have the financial muscle to purchase a handle, one of the most popular handles is Greg DiGenti’s Silver Handle.

This Onewheel handle from Mazzco boasts a rubber grip around an aluminum bracket. Installing the handle is easy as you secure it quickly with two velcro straps provided with the purchase.

Another handle is the Bone Flex handle. This beautiful handle comes from Land Surf, and its availability is in 12 colors. Its aesthetics is unmatched.

Again, there is the Stealth handle for all Onewheels. This is the best handle for those who wish to maintain a low profile.

Its makeup consists of Carbon Fiber infused Nylon, making it have the strength of a bone.

Does Pint Come With Maghandle?

Yes. Onewheel Pint comes with a stock maghandle. This is the easiest way of carrying your Onewheel.

The Maghandle is handy in allowing you to take your board with you wherever you go. This makes it easy to carry it the “briefcase-style.”

It’scomforting to know that the handle will “disappear” into the hub when not needed.

What’s more, the variety of colors available with the maghandle is amazing.

This makes it possible to mix and match the wide array of colors that Onewheel maghandle comes in.

Additionally, your maghandle is compatible with Onewheel +XR, although you need to use XR Maghandle Mount.

While Onewheel Pint stock comes with a Dark Grey Maghandle, you may wish to customize your look by using a different color or even by upgrading to a Maghandle Pro.

Maghandle Pro is different from Onewheel standard maghandle as the former is rubberized aluminum built.

This is a premium and sturdy build compared to the standard Maghandle constructed of heavy-duty plastic.

When you see Onewheel Pint for the first time, it’s un-doubtable that your head will do a 180 degree turn around.

This is a device that defies all known laws of physics at first glance. Your questions on how the hell the thing balances itself seem to go unanswered.

Well, I also don’t know either. But one thing is sure; those motors under the board play a major role in that.

Onewheel Pint has a hill climb rate of 20-25%. This amazing performance is possible due to the 750W Hypercore Brushless motor.

I know you might have seen better specs in other personal transport vehicles. And you will appreciate that this performance is not bad at all.

After all, Onewheel Pint is not a performance board.

Consequently, if you are one of those guys who want more range, speed, and power.

I will advise you to go for the XR as it has much better speed and a wider range.

How Do I Install Maghandle Pro?

As pointed out earlier, Future Motion does not provide handles for its products apart from Pint’s maghandle.

Even so, Onewheel Pint comes with the stock maghandle that can be upgraded to maghandle pro. 

Since a handle eases your interaction with your Onewheel, especially when you need to carry it, it’s critical to ensure that any Onewheel that you own has a handle.

The easiest way to have a handle on your Onewheel is to either buy the Pint or get a way of installing a handle on your other model of Onewheel.

To do this, there will be a need for some form of customization to ensure that Pint’s maghandle fits into your Onewheel+ and Onewheel + XR. 

To do this, you will need the XR Maghandle Mount that will enable Onewheel+ and Onewheel+ XR owners to install the Maghandle to help ease carrying your Onewheel.

Well, XR Maghandle Mount is meant to attach to your axle block even as it allows you are connecting any Maghandle variations to it.

You will find your XR maghandle useful if you are mostly on the go. But it’s useful to note that XR Maghandle Mount and Maghandle/Maghandle Pro sell separately.

The Maghandle Pro is handy in elevating your Onewheel carrying/transporting experience with premium materials and construction.

It provides comfort through its quality rubberized aluminum sturdy build. Indeed, maghandle pro will allow you to carry your board like the standard Maghandle.

In the box, you will find a Onewheel Maghandle Pro, screw, and an installation tool.

This is compatible with Onewheel Pint, Onewheel +XR, and Onewheel +.

Does Onewheel XR Have A Handle?

No, but it can be installed. However, there is a built-in “handle” that scarcely works for riders. So, to many, it doesn’t have a handle.

Onewheel XR does not come with a stock handle as we have seen that this is available for Onewheel Pint only.

However, XR Maghandle Mount is useful in enabling Onewheel+, and Onewheel+ XR uses the Maghandle.

Technically, XR Maghandle Mount will attach to the axle block, enhancing all Maghandle variations connection.

In the box, you will find a Maghandle Mount, Installation tools, and screws.

Regarding the maghandle mount, Pint owners do not need this as your Pint will come with a standard maghandle.

Onewheel XR’s board is meant for action sports enthusiasts as opposed to casual commuters.

Its better range and more speed coupled with better sensitivity settings make it appeal to many people.

It boasts of complex shaping software, using no remote. There is indeed many similarities between electric vehicles and non-electric  vehicles.

Additionally, if you can ride a skateboard, it is no problem riding an electric skateboard.

However, the Onewheel+ XR does not operate within the confines of logic and physics. I find it different from the boards I have ever tried riding.

Onewheel XR’s thick deck comes balanced on a wide, heavy tire that’s 10 inches across.

Once  you place your feet on the board, its three gyroscopes and accelerometers are kicked into action, starting the motor.

Consequently, you, and the board, are held level. Indeed, Future Motion Inc. designed XR’s board to give the feeling of snowboarding in powder.

And this it does. You will have difficulties comparing it to a Boosted Board since XR’s chunky tire will prevail over any terrain, including sand, dirt, and gravel.

Onewheel Handle Options

If you are one of the few giants who might be remaining on the face of the earth.

You are tall, and your Popeye forearms will secure a monster grip using Onewheel’s built-in grip to carry over long distances.

However, if you are mortal like me, I would recommend that you get a side grip. Whichever method you adopt to carry your Onewheel.

It’s critical to ensure that the fender faces towards you (although not all riders install a fender).

This is an effective way to ensure your tire doesn’t rub against your pants, dirtying them.

If you have ever run out of batteries and you have to carry your Onewheel home, it will come soon down to you that installing a side handle is necessary.

Not many people will have the strength to maintain a grip on the inbuilt handle. To most people, this feels like it is block-heavy.

But even if you have that type of strength, it’s not likely to be easy carrying your Onewheel gripping on the built-in handle unless you are significantly tall.

I am talking of a height beyond 6 feet. If you are not that tall, holding your Onewheel by the built-in handle will make the bottom drag over the floor.

There are three popular options that you might want to consider.

First, you might consider Handles by that retail at $49.99.

While this handle has a lot of aesthetic value, not many might be willing to pay about $5o for a handle.

If that is you, you can look into other options that offer a low profile and the most desired strength provided by the metal bar.

The Polaris 2858185 Grab Handle goes for$20-$30 on Amazon.

This comes as an exceedingly popular alternative to Onewheel handles as there are many great reviews for this product from the Onewheel community.

Its makeup integrates velcro, just like Craft & Ride handle. However, there is no metal bar, as is the case in Craft & Ride handle.

However, its price isn’t stable as it fluctuates all the time.

Probably, this is due to the sudden unanticipated surge in its popularity that forces the seller to adjust prices as supply dwindles.

I can only hope that the price will stabilize when supplies are adequate.

Lastly, the other Onewheel handle alternative is the 4 Pack Roll Bar Grab Handle that sells at $14.99 on Amazon. This is a great handle too.

But not similar to a $50 handle when you are paying $14.99 only. Stuff never works that way.  

Cheap and Easy DIY Onewheel Handle

If you are pretty careful with your expenditure, perhaps you might want to consider some DIY options for Onewheel handles.

There are DIY options that you can rely on by repurposing handles that were made for other devices.

These handles are great since they will work just like the “made for Onewheel” options but at a friendly budget.

The first to consider is the Polaris 2858185 Grab Handle that has two velcro straps. These hold the Polaris 2858185 Grab Handle securely to your Onewheel.

The second one is the Moveland Grab Handle, which comes as the cheapest option. However, it requires a few modifications to ensure it works.

Indeed, a handle cannot be categorized as a must-have accessory.

Should I buy a Onewheel Pint or XR?

However, it is important to pimp your Onewheel, although you will know the worthiness of this accessory when you have to carry your Onewheel over some distance.


Onewheel comes with a handle. While both XR and Pint come with handles, the only practical handle to use is the Pint’s.


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