How Do Electric Skateboards Slow Downs?

How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

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How Do Electric Skateboards Slow Downs?

Once in motion, at one point, you may have to slow down and eventually halt.

Therefore, mastering your controls with the braking systems plays a crucial role in ensuring your safety whenever you are driving or riding.

What about skateboards? How do they slow down and break?

Electric skateboards uses the regenerative system that redirects electricity into the battery. The energy is used to recharge the battery. While in dynamic braking the electric energy is redirected into the resistor for dissipation.

This system is indistinguishable from the dynamic braking but can only be told apart regarding the redirection of their electric power into different components to achieve different results.

Most electric skateboards are installed with Outrunner brushless motors. They mainly consist of wound copper wire in perfect circles and permanent magnets.

A magnetic field is created when an electric current passes through the wound copper wire. This results in motion as the motor begins to rotate.

The reverse effect is also true as the motor rotation also leads to electric current on the wires.

This functionality principle is the main reason behind the development of the dynamic and regenerative braking system.

Is Regenerative Braking Inefficient After Overtime Use?

It may not be much of a big deal when you don’t think about it, but, yes, the regenerative braking system of your electric skateboard may be the reason why you lost braking control.

This means that after some time, the brakes may perform inefficiently as it solely depends on recharging the battery.

So, what may happen once the battery is charged at 100% may be of personal safety concerns to you as the rider or your skateboard’s battery health.

How Do Electric Skateboards Slow Downs?

Two things are bound to happen, including one or both at a time.

First, since the battery may become fully charged after some time of use, you may lose control of the skateboard as the energy produced may not be effectively redirected to the battery.

The second part, which is relatively the common one and bound to happen more, is the overloading of the battery.

Continuous use of the skateboard results in continuous electric energy production, resulting in recharging an already full battery.

The result? Your batteries will eventually spoil.

So, yes, regenerative braking could become inefficient after some time despite being the most common braking system used on skateboards.

But don’t worry, it may probably be a long while before you have to think about the batteries charging to full capacity.

How Do You Control Speed And Direction On An Electric Skateboard?

The speed of an electric skateboard can be controlled using two ways, first, by changing the riders’ body position, and secondly, by using a remote control.

Electric skateboards often come with their programmed remote controls, changing their speed depending on what the rider wants.

You can either increase or decrease the speed at the press of a button, and you may not have to do many movements.

Well, some riders would see this to be boring as shifting the body and moving while riding the skateboard is more likely to increase their level of fun.

The remote control is great, especially for beginners, but I doubt if doing the bare minimum while on the board can be fun for advanced riders.

What about changing direction?

The remote control may not be used in changing the direction to which your electric skateboard goes. Direction is mainly influenced by shifting the body weight to different directions.

Whenever you want to initiate a bend, you will have to incline your body towards the direction you intend to turn.

Inclining the body shifts weight on the skateboard and the change of direction follows.

These are the basic riding techniques you will have to learn as you begin your skateboarding experience.

How Long Do Electric Skateboards Last Before I Have To Recharge?

Most electric skateboards may last anywhere between 10 to 20 miles before you have to recharge them.

However, this may not apply to all skateboards since different models are manufactured with different specifications regarding performance and efficiency.

Some skateboard manufacturing companies have claimed their skateboards can be used for well over 50 miles without recharging.

However, you should be aware that these specifications may sometimes be exaggerated for advertising purposes.

Once you purchase them, you are likely to notice they last a little less long than what had been advertised.

What Determines The Range At Which I Can Ride My Electric Skateboard?

Many factors play crucial roles in determining your electric skateboard’s range. The main one, which is relatively obvious, is the battery capacity.

However, other parts of the electric skateboard(Amazon Link) also play active roles in determining how long you can ride your electric skateboard.

How Do Electric Skateboards Slow Down And Brake?

They include; wheel size and the power of your electric skateboard’s motor. Also, environmental variables such as wind may affect the range.

Battery size

The battery size of the electric skateboards is the number one determinant of range.

Batteries with higher capacity result in a higher range, while low capacity batteries result in a shorter range.

Regarding the battery capacity, there are also chances that other factors may be at play, such as the type of the battery and the brand.

This means that different types of batteries may provide different ranges whether they have the same capacity.

Some brands are of better quality than others and are likely to offer better performance and longer range.

Some manufactures choose to display their electric skateboard battery in amp-hrs.

Whenever you notice this, you cannot tell the actual voltage, and there are high chances the battery capacity may be insufficient for a satisfactory range.

How Does Motor Type Determine The Range Of The Electric Skateboard?

Apart from the battery, motor type also plays a significant role in determining the range of electric skateboards.

Different motor setups such as the Quattro, dual and single, have different power consumption levels.

A high number of motors will result in more power consumption; for instance, given the battery capacity is equal.

An electric skateboard with more motors will drain the battery faster than that which runs on a single motor.

Therefore, more motors result in a higher power for the electric skateboard, and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it, but the range will be significantly limited.

The other important bit about the motors is the age. Motors that have been around for a long while may become inefficient once they develop performance issues and friction.

Such problems result in wastage of battery, and a lot of energy may be consumed in overcoming these challenges, resulting in low range coverage.

Always ensure your electric skateboard motors are performing efficiently, and the old ones should be replaced to improve the battery life and range. 

Does Weight Affect The Range Of Electric Skateboards? How?

Yes, weight affects the range of electric skateboards. The weight on the skateboard is directly transferred to the motor;

Therefore, if the electric skateboard carries more weight, the motor will have to do more work to perform efficiently.

More electrical power and energy will be required to handle the heavier weight load than the lightweight.

As a rider who wants higher range coverage, it’s prudent to research the weight load your electric skateboard can comfortably contain without stressing the motor performance.

For an average estimation, each rider should have in mind that with a weight of 30 pounds, you get about one mile of 4 Watt-hours.

As you decide on the type of electric skateboard to acquire, you should always have the rider’s weight on your mind, whether it’s for you or someone else.

An increase in weight directly translates to power consume which will also ultimately affect the range.

How Do Electric Skateboard Wheels Affect Range?

The electric skateboard’s wheels may also affect their range. When talking about wheels, we mainly refer to the size.

Bigger wheels are often preferred by riders who want to gain higher top speeds than the standard wheelers; however, they have lower acceleration properties.

The bigger wheels are great when off-roading, but they result in a drag-like effect when used on the pavements.

Which will have them using more power and energy; thus, resulting in a low range.

These big wheels significantly change in range than standard wheels since the range reduction is more than 25%.

The other point to note when it comes to using big wheels on your electric skateboard is how well they are inflated.

Inadequately inflated wheels drain the battery as more power will be used to move them, reducing range.

What Are Other Factors Which Affect The Range Of Electric Skateboards?

Battery age; over time, your battery storage capacity decreases.

This means that your electric skateboard battery no longer stores the same amount of power it used to store a few years back and will cover a lower range than before.

As time passes with constant use, the battery storage capacity will drop. Proper maintenance may see to it that this inevitable process does not come by too fast.

An average efficient performance of about two years is great for the skateboard, considering you ride it daily.

Speed; most electric skateboarding enthusiasts are excited at high speeds.

However, riding at these speeds often results in more energy consumption to get the motors running faster and overcome other performance issues involved at a higher rate.

If you want to ride for longer, doing so at a slower speed will give you the desired result.

Terrain; As with the rule of thumb, electric skateboards will cover different ranges depending on the terrain you ride on.

Hilly locations cause high pressure on the electric skateboard and also decrease battery life.

The motor will consume more energy to overcome the pressure and get you to the top.

Most of the tests used in skateboard advertisements regarding the range are done on relatively flat terrains, making it unpredictable how well they can do in mountainous locations.

If you want to cover a longer range, you should consider maintaining your rides in flat environments. 

Wind; Wind is often related to speed, such that when you ride at high speeds, there is more wind resistance to overcome as you maintain the high speed.

However, sometimes, just riding against the wind, even at a slow speed, may result in faster drainage of power due to the high resistance.

You, therefore, have to overcome two forces at the same time; the wind blowing against you and the wind resistance experienced whenever you ride.

The battery is drained quickly than when you ride on standard conditions hence low range.  

Are Electric Skateboards Worth It?

Yes! Electric skateboards are worth it, especially if you need a way of getting too short destinations quickly and with less hassle.

The standard non-electric skateboards often rely on the rider’s energy, and unless you use it for exercises and fun rides, you will get to your destination undesirably sweaty.

However, the electric skateboards are motor propelled, and you get moving at the press of a button from the remote controller.

How Do Electric Skateboards Slow Down And Brake?

A little shift in body weight may be needed to maneuver along bends and turns, but that is not tiresome as you are likely to enjoy it along the way.

So, yes, the electric skateboards are absolutely worth it.

Final thought

Purchasing and riding electric skateboards come with a set of operation and maintenance terms.

Their regenerative braking system may affect its performance and efficiency depending on how often you use it.

The battery has a higher chance of wearing off faster than that which uses a dynamic braking system.

However, since the motor also relies on the battery for its power and propulsion, it may be a while before you incur any performance issues regarding the battery efficiency.

Always pay attention to maintenance and conditions you ride in, including the weather at any given time.


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