How Do You Put Ninebot Max In Sport Mode?

Put Ninebot Max In Sport Mode

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How Do You Put Ninebot Max In Sport Mode?

Unlike what you might tend to believe after trying out your new Ninebot Max.

This electric scooter supports several riding modes, including Sport Mode, Energy Saving Mode, and Standard Mode.

On activation of The Energy Saving Mode, the screen displays “Eco,” allowing smooth acceleration suitable for beginners.

This is not near the “D” display for custom to Standard mode or “S” for the Sport mode.

When you buy your Ninebot Max, you might want to ride at top speed to enjoy the feel. Unfortunately, top speed to you might not be what you experience with your Ninebot Max.

And you discover that your Ninebot can do much better than it’s doing. So you wonder, how do you put Ninebot Max in sport mode?

To unlock Ninebot-Segway Max electric scooter sport mode. Double click “D”, This is near the “D” display for custom to Standard mode or “S” for the Sport mode. It supports different modes such as Sport Mode, Energy Saving Mode, and Standard Mode.

When you ride, you will discover it might continue to show “D,” even after doing well over 20 km. All you need to do is to click the “D double.” This will be all.  

How Do You Go Faster On Ninebot Max?

With a few essentials, you can make your Ninebot go faster.

These include your Ninebot Max, which should be Bluetooth-enabled, Ninebot-Flasher, a Windows 10 PC with BLE, an official or flashed ESx dashboard, and some disassembling tools.

The first thing to do is turn off your Ninebot Max and remove your Max dashboard, unplugging it from your scooter.

After this, grab your ESx dashboard and plug it into your Max. Now turn on your scooter. Proceed to start your Ninebot-Flasher and connect it to your scooter.

You might be pushed back to the connecting screen, but you will only need to re-select your scooter and click “Connect.”

The other step will be hitting Ctrl+Alt+A, which will cause some buttons to appear. Look for the one named Write ESC Sn.

This should work. Now, replace your current Max serial number (the five first characters only) with N4GSD.

The serial number needs to be input in the text field, after which you click Write ESC Sn. This should cause your serial number to display.

When it does, reassemble your Max and hit the road to enjoy your new top speed!

The following will be the top speeds for the different serial numbers described; N4GSD: 30km/h, N4GCD: 25km/h, and N4GEA: 20km/h.

However, you need to avoid connecting to your Ninebot App firmware. You can’t even update the firmware while having the ESx dash connected to your max!

There are risks involved in this flash procedure. If there is a power surge or blackout, your scooter’s lifespan can be significantly reduced.

How Do I Activate My Ninebot Scooter?

The first thing you will need to do is to download the Ninedroid App from the App store. After downloading it, click on the App to open it.

This should cause a screen to pop up reading. You need to clock “OK” on the screen and proceed to turn on your Bluetooth.

This is now the time to power on your Ninebot scooter(Amazon Link). This should be a straightforward affair as all you need is to press the red button.

After the scooter is on, find the Bluetooth App icon on your Ninedroid App and click it to search for your device.

All nearby Ninebot should appear. Look for your serial number and connect it. You will be good to go.

How Do I Connect My Segway To Bluetooth?

Segway is scarcely shy about straying from the mainstream with their innovations regarding designs in the electric vehicle market.

But when it comes to connectivity, your Ninebot-Segway has Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android phones.

And to enjoy this feature and the services thereof, you will need to download the Ninebot Segway App, an App that will ultimately control your electric scooter.

While it’s too early to speak of a Segway tuning yet, the Energy Recovery System (KERS) settings strongly affect the handling (from weak to medium to strong).

Additionally, extra features like switching off the brake light, firmware version, display of the engine temperature, setting the metric system can be enjoyed from the app as well.

The App has three divisions, considered as sections. But the first step, as you might expect, is to download and install the Segway-Ninebot APP.

This is a fairly-fast process after which you will be required to register. Use your registration information or details to log in to the App.

The third step will be to power on the Segway electric scooter. As a sign that the scooter is waiting for a connection, you will notice a blinking Bluetooth icon.

Once it’s paired, this blinking will stop.

Now, go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth and enter the App. Head to “Vehicle” and then go to “Scan for Vehicle.” This should connect to your Segway.

After this, there will be instructions that will guide you on activating the scooter and learning to ride it.

Once you start using your Segway, you will be able to check the status through the App and interact with other users in the Segway community.

From the App, you can navigate between two driving screens soberly in pure numbers or graphically. The two are arranged and have a very economic effect.

How Do You Change The Speed On A Ninebot Scooter?

It’s no fun at all if you are riding your Ninebot scooter and are stuck in one speed. There is no electric rideable that will be fun if you can’t change the speed.

That’s why it comes as a relief to understand that your Ninebot scooter can be changed in terms of speed.

While the speed comes with various capping, there are several ways to change that, some of them weird at best.

I will look at removing the speed limiter from your electric scooter. But what is an electronic speed limiter?

If you wish to understand the operation of an electronic speed limiter, it’s also useful to know why it is there in the first place.

But I need to mention that it’s not necessarily legal to remove the speed limiter on your electric scooter, depending on your state.

Therefore, you might need to first check it out with your local laws before you start a life of hide-and-seek with the authorities.

There are maximum speed limits for different states, and this is what you need to look at first.

In some states, you might need registration if you wish to go beyond the legal maximum speed.

The electric scooter’s speed limit is not a mechanical limitation for easy removal. It comes embedded in the electric scooter’s controller unit.

While it’s possible to change the speed of your scooter, the easiest way would be to return it to the shop and get a new one (if you have just bought it).

And if you have owned it for a long, you can sell it as a second-hand item and add some cash to buy a fast scooter. Look out for the fastest scooters in the market.

But if you wish to do it the hard way, disable the speed limit from your Ninebot display. You can also activate the “sport mode.”

Press and hold the electronic brake and keep it pressed during the operation. Turn on the display which should show the current speed limit.

You can press the LIGHT button to change the limitation level. You need to continue pressing until you reach the desired option.

Select the desired level and press the S (SET) button. You are good to go.

Is A Ninebot Scooter Waterproof?

No, not many scooters can claim to be waterproof. Indeed, there is no electric scooter that is truly waterproof.

Like all electronic devices, all-electric scooters will have their susceptibility to water damage.

This is not meant to disparage the fact that many electric scooters have a high water resistance level. Some of them will even handle your ride through some rain and snow quite well.

There are several issues you need to consider regarding electric scooters and water. First, it’s useful to understand that.

Since there are no electric scooters currently waterproof in the market today, they are best-considered water-resistant.

And the level of resistance will vary according to their rating.

Water resistance is not the same as waterproof since the former means a device can withstand some level of water like spills or splashes, depending on the rating.

On the other hand, a waterproof device can be submerged in water without any issue to worry about.

Try this on your Ninebot scooter if you want to forget how to ride. Again, no warranty will cover water damage to your Ninebot scooter.

It’s, therefore, safe to assume that when scooterists say “waterproof,” they mean “water-resistant.”

The standard measurement for how resistant a device is to various ingress is its IP rating, presented in numbers 0-9.

Numbers with a bigger value have better water resistance. It’s also useful to understand that your Ninebot Max has an IP rating of IPX5.

Any device that has an IP rating of IPX6 ingress protection rating will protect strong water jets.

But truly waterproofed devices will need at least an IP rating of IPX7 (the second digit is out of interest as the first one concerns dust).

If a device has seven as the IP rating, it can be submerged in the water safely. Now, devices with an IP rating of IPX5 and below cannot withstand water well.

And this is where your Ninebot is, with its IPX5 rating.

How Do You Flip Ninebot?

Ninebot is simple to fold and comfortable to carry. You only need to Flip down the plastic tab found at the front of the footplate below the orange sticker.

As you hold the handlebars with both hands, use your heel to strike down the exposed tab (made of plastic) to release the catch. This is an easy thing to do.

Does The Segway ES4 Fold?

Yes, your Segway ES4 is foldable to enhance easy storage and carrying on the train or bus.

After it folds up, your Segway ES4 dimensions will be 17 inches in width, 45 inches in length, 16 inches in height.

This makes it so easy to store even under your desktop or under your seat on a train. It will not take much space in crowded places.

This makes your Ninebot ES4 fare pretty well when it comes to foldability.

While the folding procedure might not be entirely pleasing to you, with time, you will find it easy to fold, making you enjoy this feature without any regrets or complaints.

Can You Ride Segway Ninebot In The Rain?

Yes, you can, but it might not be safe all the way. So you need to know the pitfalls you will need to avoid while riding your Ninebot in the rain.

The first thing to note is that your Segway Ninebot IP rating is IP54. With an IP rating of IP54, I would be hesitant to use my Segway in the rain, at least if I can avoid it.

This rating means an average rating where dust can enter but might not cause too much damage (5).

But the four that stand for the water are below the average, meaning that it can take a few splashes, but not anything more.

If you ride your Segway in a heavy downpour, you are looking for trouble, and you will surely find it.

Still, if you ride it in puddles of water, you are looking for more trouble up to your sleeve.

Are Ninebot Segway S Good?- Specifications And Design Features

Yes, Ninebot S is a reliable and worth-the-money scooter. Peradventure, you want to buy a good scooter for your youngster and can’t figure out which way to go.

There is no better segways for a young kid than the Segway Ninebot S.  its rolling wheels handle rough terrain amazingly, securing you from any unanticipated falls.

Ninebot S boasts of a powerful motor (400W) responsible for this scooter’s wonderful performance.

The Segway Ninebot S blends power, performance, and battery life into a tough segway with a range of 14 miles.

However, Ninebot will struggle on steep inclines as the Steering bar adjustments are limited.


To put Ninebot in sport mode, double click the “D.”


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