How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

Does Onewheel Pint Come With a Charger?

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How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

Since 2013, there have been four categories of Onewheel models that have been presented by Future Motion.

This includes , in reverse manner, the Onewheel Pint, Onewheel XR, the Onewheel Plus, and the Onewheel Original.

Currently, it’s only the Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel XR  that are available for consumers. But you might be wondering, How does Onewheel pint compare with Onewheel XR?

Onewheel Pint has a maghandle that is integrated into the wheel. With Onewheel XR, you can enjoy a broader range of about 29km. Again, many people will find the XR a lot easier to control due to its bigger footpads.

When you consider the features that characterize the Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel XR, you will easily classify them as siblings.

Having preceded its brother, the Onewheel XR is correctly referred to as the bigger brother due to its size. Additionally, this comes at a higher price than the Pint.

Indeed, the XR is in the high-end category, and only a few can afford it or are willing to spend a huge amount of money on Onewheel.

How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

The Pint is much smaller than the XR. On top of the smaller size, the Pint is also cheaper than the XR at almost half price.

However, the low price comes with certain sacrifices like the range.  

Definitely, it’s not possible to get the Pint at half the price of the XR and expect to have the same features in both models.

The Pint has a much shorter range of 13km when running on a fully charged battery. However, there are several advantages that Pint has over the XR.

For instance, it’s very easy to bring Pint along as you travel. This is easy to achieve due to its lightweight complimented by a maghandle.

How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

When it comes to turning, it’s easy to maneuver the Onewheel Pint. Additionally, the pint boasts a very reliable stop system referred to as the Simplestop, making it very user-friendly.

Compared to the XR, a Pint only requires you to lean backward to dismount while you will have to lift your heel for the XR to stop.

Is Onewheel Pint Shorter Than Onewheel XR?

Yes. Onewheel Pint is way shorter than the XR and has a thinner wheel. It’s also smaller. Due to its wheel-integrated handle, it’s easy to sling over your shoulder in a Continental soldier-like manner.

Since XR lacks a feature like Simplestop, the Pint is obviously safer.

The Pushback feature that is available in the Pint is a thing that makes a distinction between the Pint and the XR since Pint has a strong pushback, acting as a safety feature.

Consequently, nose-diving is unheard of when using a Pint.

The Pint weighs 23 pounds- three pounds less than the weight of the XR. This may be a small difference, but it feels much lighter and manageable to carry.

How Does Onewheel Pint compare with Onewheel XR on Cost?

As implied earlier, Pint is relatively cheap. With $950, you will sing your way into the Onewheel world. The Pint is seen as the cheaper version of the more expensive XR.

Due to its affordability, you will easily find it among the lower-income earners and students, although it is still bought by high-income earners.

In addition to the $950, you will also pay $60.33 as tax, translating to a total of $1,010.33.

But this price is inclusive of some accessories like home charger, the maghandle, as well as the Pint itself.

Like the XR, you can buy Onewheel Pint in bundles.

For instance, there is the cheapest bundle (referred to as the essentials bundle) that consists of a fender and the Onewheel Pint at $995.

The mid bundle (referred to as the ride more bundle) offers a fender, the Onewheel Pint, a bumper, and rail guards for $1,045.

The last bundle is the Ultimate bundle and offers the Onewheel Pint, a fender, a bumper, rail guards, maghandle, and the Pint ultra-charger at the cost of $1,200.

The grass is no that green with the Onewheel XR. Indeed, the XR will set you back by $1,799.

Additionally, you will also pay 6.35% ($114.24) as sales tax, which will cumulatively amount to $1,913.24.

Clearly, the price is beyond reach of many, but those who buy the XR have nothing to complain about.

Indeed, with the high price, the XR still attracts many positive reviews based on its performance, meaning that the price is justifiable as far as users are concerned.

Many consumers will rather look at the performance of a product and pay for the quality without a complaint than pay cheaply only to be disappointed in the long run.  

Is There Any Justification For The High Cost Of Onewheel XR?

Obviously, Onewheel XR is overly priced. This takes it away from the comfortable buying zones of many.

However, when you consider XR skateboard’s uniqueness, you will easily agree that much has been invested in the device’s production.

You will undoubtedly consider the price as considerate due to the many hours of research and development.

Due to high-quality skateboards of the XR, it’s easy to cruise around, covering huge distances.

And because of its finer technology used to develop the XR, you will find it easier to cruise diverse terrains with a better range.

The moving parts, the XR requires little maintenance to ensure your device stays on top performance.

How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

How Does It Feel To Ride Onewheel Pint?

First, you will need to engage the sensor pad on the board as a way of putting your Pint on the ready mode.

Since Pint is shorter in size and has a smaller wheel, it responds easily when you start moving.

On your first ride, it’s normal to wobble significantly, more than you would with the XR.

However, with time, you will get used, but you can also opt to deflate the tire a bit to gain more stability.

Slightly deflating may not give you the kind of stability you would expect, but it’s better than when the tire has more pressure.

The Pint is very easy to ride on the city streets or in crowded areas as it offers more maneuverability.

Interestingly, its small size can even allow you to chase your children around your kitchen table while riding it. However, if you can regret damaging a table or two, don’t do this!

With the LED light on the front side of the panel.

Your remaining battery power will be displayed, making it possible to know how much more you should ride before turning back to recharge your battery.

Additionally, the Pint has a red rear light that is handy in making you visible when you are riding at night.

Can Onewheel Pint Be Considered As Safe?

Yes. There is much that Future Motion has done to ensure that the boards they sell to the public have safety features.

With the Onewheel App and the website, you will be able to read many warnings and staying safe on your Onewheel pint.

On top of these, there are many disclaimers, and yes, you will also get a lot of advice there.

It has never been easy to get off your Onewheel. Future Motion perceived this as a potential area to exploit to offer additional safety and security on their devices.

Consequently, Future Motion has made it possible to dismount safely.

With the XR, for instance, you had to get off your feet at the same time from the board. Accidents were many but not anymore.

With Onewheel Pint, you only have to lean backward, and your pint will stop. What a relief!

Additionally, pushback has been introduced as a new safety feature in the Onewheel Pint. The nose of the board has been programmed to warn you in several riding conditions.

For instance, if you go too fast, ride with too little charge, or try to go too steep, the nose lifts, forcing you to either stop or slow down.

Although you can disable both pushback and Simplestop, it’s unwise since that would be trying to ride the pint beyond its capabilities.

Besides, should anything bad happen to the Pint while you have disabled the security features, you will surely void your warranty.

Is The Onewheel Pint Easy To Carry On?

Although the Pint has a minimal range, it’s still the more versatile and useful Onewheel to compare to the XR.

When it comes to stowing and carrying, it easily beats the XR.

You can find it easy to even walk into a dinner party with a friend holding it the way you would hold a small suitcase.

Possibly, you have always wanted to buy a Onewheel but was barred by the prohibitive price of the XR. Well, you now have a better option.

There is no way you are expecting anything cheaper than this with regard to Onewheels. Indeed, $950 is way too cheap compared to what we were accustomed to.

Think of the convenience, safety, security, and more fun than you will get with the pint. Could these be more than what you can get with the XR? Possibly yes.

Can Everyone Ride Onewheel Pint?

Well, For those who are too slow on their feet, this isn’t your sport. Again, if you are afraid or fall-phobic, abstain from Onewheels.

The Pint has a learning curve that makes it an addictive toy. Although it’s a commuter vehicle, you may find more fun riding it for leisure than running errands.

How Does Onewheel Pint Compare To Onewheel XR?

In essence, what Future Motion did, howbeit unintentionally, is to replicate the powerful sensation of snowboarding.

However, could they be considering recreating a better sensation of face-planting on some fluffy stuff or even powder instead of asphalt?

Perhaps, this would see their sales skyrocket regardless of how highly-priced the devices would be!

How Do Onwheels Operate?

Onewheel depends on a rider’s body movements entirely. There are no hand controls that the user makes use of to control the device.

Ideally, the rider will either break or accelerate by either leaning backward or forward.

When it comes to steering to the left or right, you need to look at the side you want to go, and Onewheel will head towards that direction.

Turning and steering require a proper balancing act. However, the pint is somehow smart as it tries to level you with the board once you step on it.

It is normal to feel uncomfortable when driving the Pint for the first time. However, you will get used as you continue practicing.  

The Pint boasts a very advanced technological operation system that will be handy in making you used to the riding soon.


It’s a great transport alternative to use Onewheel’s electric transport. This suits people who love adventure. Well, get your Onewheel for having fun.

You can indeed ride as fast as 30 km/h. however, it’s highly recommended that people should mostly use Onewheel in playful ways.

For instance, cruising in the forest or on the beach can be a great way to use your Onewheel.

Many people were used to the conventional handle that came with the Onewheel XR. It’s not uncommon to hear people say that the Onewheel pint does not have a handle.

This is false since Onewheel Pint has an integrated maghandle that is even better than the XR. Although the handle is not like the XR’s, it’s fine. After all, this is the Pint, not the XR!


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