How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

How Do I Upgrade My Electric Skateboard?

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How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

Perhaps you have been using your standard skateboard for a while now, and you decide it’s time to tune up the experience a little bit.

Maybe you want to achieve a higher riding speed or any other better experiences that only come with the electric skateboards and decide to turn it into an electric one.

So, How do you convert a normal skateboard to electric skateboard?

You can turn your normal non-electric skateboard into electric by installing electric parts to it. These parts include the motor and batteries accompanied by the necessary wiring. You will need a motor and pulley mount, BMS and charger.

After assembling all the necessary parts, it’s time to get down to it and follow the brief stipulated procedure.

You may have to make a few alterations on the board as you install the new parts, but it will be worth it.

The other better and much easier way to transform your normal electric skateboard into an electric skateboard is to;

Purchase an electric skateboard kit(Amazon Link) with complete parts rather than acquire different parts from different dealers.

What Should I Consider When Purchasing An Electric Skateboard Kit?

Well, you don’t want to get to the store and purchase the first electric skateboard kit you see on the shelf.

There have to be some specifications which you would prefer to install on the skateboard over the others.

Therefore, here are some considerations you should make before settling on an electric skateboard kit;

Performance of the intended electric skateboard, guidance and support details, modularity of the final product, assembly procedure, the quality of the components, and the cost-efficiency.

Why Should I Consider Performance?

You should consider performance since it will be the determining factor as to whether you will enjoy having fun with the rides or not.

The performance of the final electric skateboard you intend to build should be top of your to-consider list.

Before you settle down and start putting parts together, you have to question if the resulting creation will have your desired output.

For instance, you may be thinking about owning an electric skateboard with high hill climbing ability or high top speed,therefore, the parts you acquire will determine the resulting product.

The brighter side of this is that the electric skateboard kits have undergone tests with the various parts included and should perform as per the calculated expectation.

Once you are done fixing and realize the delivered performance does not match the indicated value, you should contact the manufacturers and inquire.

How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

Ignoring such cases may result in frequent breakdowns since maybe the parts had not been tested, which may cost you more than it should have.

Why Is The Modularity Of The Electric Skateboard Kit Important?

Building your electric skateboard will not ultimately take away the feeling of constantly fixing and replacing parts to achieve even greater satisfaction.

For this reason, you should always go for the DIY kits, which are modular. You should also pay keen attention to the motor mounts.

The ones welded to the trucks will not leave you with many available choices to make changes whenever you want to. The other parts are the cloud wheels.

Always make sure the wheel pulleys fit through them.

Why Should I Consider The Quality Of The Components Of The Skateboard Kit?

You should consider the quality of the components since they are the main determinant as to whether you will have an easy time during assembly or not.

High-quality components will most likely make it easier for you to put together since the parts are clearly defined, giving you an easier time identifying which parts go or fits.

Remember, you will be doing all the fixing alone; hence, you require more detailed information requiring much strain to identify.

Apart from your experience during the assembling time, you also do not want to come with a sub-quality electric skateboard.

High-quality components consequently result in creating a high-quality electric skateboard which you will feel satisfied with riding and enjoy every experience.

If you have the low-quality components, the vice versa is true; and you will assemble a sub-standard electric skateboard which will in turn not stand the test of time,

let alone the poor unsatisfactory riding experience due to constant breakdowns.

Should I consider the level of difficulty of the assembly process when purchasing an electric skateboard conversation kit?

Yes, you should consider the assembly difficulty.

Given that you want to enjoy accomplishing this task alone, you should not have a hard time fixing it, which will occur if you pick an electric skateboard kit with relatively complicated fixing procedures.

However, if you like getting your hands dirty and tackling more challenging tasks, then the assembly difficulty does not present much of a challenge to you.

Should I Consider The Cost-Efficiency Of Converting My Standard Skateboard Into An Electric Skateboard?

Yes. Before deciding on acquiring an electric skateboard conversion kit, you should weigh which is better, between getting the kit and fixing it by yourself or just buying a new electric skateboard altogether.

In some instances, the kits may be quite expensive and not worth buying, given they are not provided together with the deck.

Thus prompting you to buy a new complete ready-made electric skateboard.

However, given that you already have your wooden deck, which you haven’t considered letting go of yet.

You may go ahead and purchase the conversation kits, then do all the fixing by yourself. Well, it could be fun and an open doorway to new experiences.

Therefore, if either option indicates not being cost-effective, it’s prudent to consider the other option.

If both cost just about the same amount, you should then choose which best suits you. It doesn’t hurt to try new things.

Why Are Electric Skateboards So Expensive?

If you expect to spend just a little more on an electric skateboard than on a standard non-electric skateboard, you better brace yourself for a rude shock.

Basically, the normal skateboards are wheels embedded in wood.  But, when it comes to electric skateboards, there are many other added parts and materials.

The main reason why these electric skateboards(Amazon Link) are often expensive is the included electric components.

The motor and batteries on the lead followed by the done wiring. The cost may sometimes go up to about $2,000 for a single skateboard.

However, not all electric skateboards are ridiculously priced. Some are sold at lower prices of up to $300 or less.

The major contributing factor to the price among the electric parts is the batteries.

They are relatively expensive, and the more battery power an electric skateboard has, the higher it is likely to cost.

Apart from the obvious components, some additional parts also impact the overall pricing, such as the trucks, wheels, and bearings.

When the total cost of all these numerous components and parts are summed together, they are way much more than the cost of the standard non-electric skateboards.

How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

Is the braking system of an electric skateboard better than that of a non-electric skateboard?

Yes, electric skateboards have better braking systems. Both their speeding and braking mechanisms are controlled electrically, and no extra force is required to get the job done.

Some electric skateboards have a regenerative braking system installed, which is effective and plays a crucial role in ensuring extended range coverage.

This happens in that during the braking process, the battery is recharged, and some power that may have been consumed while riding is replaced.

However, you should also note that this well-designed system, after some time, also leads to the spoiling of the batteries.

How Much Should I Spend On An Electric Skateboard?

Different models of electric skateboards are priced differently. They may cost from several hundred dollars to thousands.

However, for a standard electric skateboard, spending about $400 should be adequate to get you efficiently performing one.

However, if you feel like having some components added to it, then you should be ready to part with a considerable amount of money for them.

Spending a little more may also result in better-quality electric skateboard acquisition, backed with higher performance.

Generally, an electric skateboard worth $400 can meet your needs, but you are likely to spend more for the extra juice.

What Is The Cost Of Charging An Electric Skateboard?

For a complete charge, your electric skateboard consumes a maximum of 20 US dollars cents worth of electricity.

The cost varies from 2 cents and increases steadily with an increase in the Watt-hour capacity.

Given that electricity tariffs are also not similar all through the states and other parts of the world, the overall cost may differ, assuming the rate of consumption is constant.

Also, due to different battery capacities, some electric skateboards may consume a higher amount of electric power while recharging than others.

For better understanding, let’s use an example of a 350Wh battery given that electricity costs 20 cents.

(350Wh=0.35kWh) multiplied by the cost, is 0.35×20=7 cents. Therefore, per complete charge, your electric skateboard will consume $0.07.

So there you have it, the electric skateboard is not the reason for your high monthly electric bills. It does not consume much power as you may have thought.

At the end of the end, you will realize an electric skateboard when used regularly and leave your car back home;

Then, you may end up saving more money which could have been used to purchase gasoline.

Rethinking your commuting decisions? Well, I guess you should. Maybe it’s high time you do just that!

How to Convert Skateboard to Electric Skateboard?

How Often Should I Conduct Maintenance On My Electric Skateboard?

For longer riding days, you should perform maintenance services on your skateboard as often as possible.

You do not have to wait until it has broken down or when it requires immediate attention to look into it.

Cleaning after having some good riding time should be at the top of the list. You should always ensure your electric skateboard is wiped clean after the day.

If you had gone through some damp areas and the electric skateboard had come into contact with moisture, cleaning it will prevent the water from reacting with other elements, resulting in rust.

And you don’t want rust to form on the movable parts.

The other maintenance checks, such as battery condition, should also be looked into regularly, even though you may not need to change them up to after 2 to three years of use.

Where Should I Buy An Electric Skateboard?

After their introduction into the market, electric skateboards have become quite popular and may be found in major sports stores.

Also, several stores specialize mainly in skateboards; hence, electric models can also be found as part of their stock.

To land the best deals and get value for your money, you should always consider consulting first before purchasing one.

Some electric skateboards may be priced so high but perform just like the basic ones.

Are Electric Skateboards Becoming Cheaper?

No. Well, some may argue that they are depreciating in cost value, but that may not be entirely true since the prices vary with the models.

There are newer models which cost more than the initial models.

Also, the performance and quality of the electric skateboards and the components used in their manufacture play a big role when determining the price.

So, no. electric skateboards are not becoming cheaper, but instead, there are cheaper or, let’s say, more affordable options introduced into the market.

Final Thoughts

If you have had enough of back kicking your normal non-electric skateboard and wants to move on to the electric one, you can easily make the transition.

All you may have to do is purchase the electric skateboard conversion kits and remodel them into the type of electric skateboard you desire.


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