InMotion V11 or KingSong S18: Which is better?

InMotion V11 or KingSong S18

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InMotion V11 or KingSong S18: Which is better?  

There are a number of factors you should consider when buying a unicycle, especially an electric one.

You will want to look at things like the design, battery life, motor capability, cost, control, and stability, among other issues.

You should focus on purchasing a unicycle with the ability to offer optimum mileage and power without incapacitating your financial muscle.

So, you might ask, can I get InMotion V11 or KingSongS18 and be better informed when choosing a unicycle? Well, do not worry any further.

The V11 is heavier than the King Song S18. This gives S18 an advantage due to the combination of better looks and grippier sides. It can do significantly shorter rides as compared to Inmotion V11.

Inmotion V11 has a very attractive pedal suspension, with an ability to provide about 85mm/3.3″ in terms of vertical travel.

This article will give a detailed comparison between the two latest electric unicycles, leaving you more knowledgeable, to choose what suits you best.

The demand in electric vehicles continues to gain momentum. Dynamic customers’ expectations are forcing brands to come up with newer innovations regularly. 

Today, innovations have recently led to Electric Unicycles. These come as the latest trends in the electric vehicle manufacturing industry.

Which Are The Best Electric Unicycles Today?

With the advent of technology in electric transportation, the latest unicycles are the KS-S18 and Inmotion V11.

These two unicycles are made by different companies, and each is unique in its way.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand what each brand offers.

You will be able to understand the pros and cons related to either of the two before you settle down to buy either of the two.

InMotion V11 or KingSong S18

There is no better description of your desired electric unicycle but the best. You only want to buy the best within your budgetary allocation.

With this at the back of our minds, let’s look at two of the latest electric unicycles in the market today.

These are the most advanced unicycles that use the latest technology.

We will make comparisons along the lines of design, features, and power. This will be handy in helping you make the right decision when buying.

Let’s delve deep by looking at Inmotion V11(Amazon Link) and later look at KS-S18.

What Is The Ride Quality With Inmotion V11?

Splendid! Inmotion V11 is the “King of Off-road,” as many would have it. This comes as a significant development as far as innovativeness in the Electric Unicycle is concerned.

It boasts several innovations in functionality, design, and performance. It has a very attractive pedal suspension, with an ability to provide about 85mm/3.3″ in terms of vertical travel.

Consequently, it’s rightly considered as having the ability to provide a smoother ride in trail riding and on rough roads.

Inmotion V11(Amazon Link) has a 2000-Watts motor fitted with an 18×3″ XL tire. This enhances a greater area of contact between the tire and the riding surface.

Consequently, the ride stability is improved significantly, giving the unicycle the steadiest ride even in the roughest terrains.

Does Inmotion V11 offer Better Lighting?

Yes. There are several other improvements that Inmotion V11 Unicycle boasts. For instance, it has a very bright tail lighting, comparing to no other in the industry.

It comes with an integrated kickstand that is foldable.

It has stylish features like an aluminum alloy stick that ensures the trolley handle is tied to the main body.

When it comes to performance, Inmotion V11 Unicycle has a relatively high top speed of 34MPH.

Overall comfortably is ensured during riding, thanks to the adjustable 70mm air-spring suspension. Consequently, the rider will remain comfortable and safe even on bumps.

What About Inmotion V11’s Battery Power And Subsequent Range?

The 1,500Wh battery pack is powerful enough to cruise for an amazing 75 miles (120km!). It has a cruising speed of 50km/h and is therefore seen as a good device in this era.

The extraordinary off-road capabilities make the China-based electric unicycle arguably, the best in off-road riding and stability.

This has LG batteries that keep it running even in the unfortunate event that a single battery may fail.

The corroborative battery technology takes care of such eventuality, and the rider has nothing to fear. Recharging the battery is easy with any 5V / 2.1A charger.

Does Inmotion V11 Have Any Advantage Due To Its Design?

Yes indeed. When you look at the style of the Inmotion V11, it appears very simplistic yet more stylish.

It has enhanced security features than what was available with its predecessors (V10F and V10).

This unicycle vehicle’s outstanding design ensures the safety of the rider even as the wheel is lifted.

With a simple press, you can cut off the power. This simple cut off feature is handy when it comes to dismounting.

The device has improved security as it comes equipped with anti-slippery rough pedals that are large enough to guarantee improved control and handling in diverse road conditions.

This ensures that the rider has a steady and stable riding experience.

With an inbuilt cooling system that uses three-way heat-sinking technology, the device will remain cool through glaringly intense rides.

What Will People Love About The KS-S18?

Just a few days after Inmotion V11 was launched, China’s King Song Intelligence Technology introduced KS-S18. This came as a high-performance electric unicycle that is largely focused on safety.

It has an air intake system to enhance cooling. The rider may not have much to complain about comfort and safety.

KS-S18 comes as a reward to enthusiasts who dream of getting a sporty beautiful looking EUC, boasting of a great suspension system.

With a top speed King Song S18 has a range of 45 miles. This is a disappointment to many, but the wonderful suspension may drown the complaints.

What Is The General Appearance Of The KS-S18?

When it comes to the looks of the King Song S18, it stands out as a beautifully crafted device.

Indeed, you can easily confuse the wheel’s curves with those of a Ducati motorcycle.

By a single glance at a King Song S18 EUC, it’s not hard to understand that the developers deliberately focused on the suspension system. Well, thanks to them as it doesn’t disappoint.

To adjust it, you will have an easier time than adjusting the V11s suspension system.

Additionally, you can upgrade the system without any hassles. Obviously, this is the sale point of the device.

The engineers made it possible to lockout suspension when you want to, like on a smooth road, and you want to enjoy the feel of the road.

You will only need to touch a switch, and there you go-no suspension.

InMotion V11 or KingSong S18

However, you will certainly need suspension most of the time, so turn it on and enjoy the dampening effect that it gives to bumps and cracks.

Envision yourself spreading butter on homemade bread, and you will begin to understand the dampening effect the suspension KS-S18 has on bumps and cracks on the riding surfaces.

How Is The Lighting On KS-S18?

Regarding the lighting of the S18, something needs to be done.

Although this is not meant to say that the light is inadequate, it just gets a little bit dull when you compare it with InMotion V11’s brighter headlight.

Indeed, S18’s headlight is better than every other EUC headlight except for InMotion V11’s headlight.

How Is KS- S18’s Trolley Handle?

Well, this is the most disappointing part of this invention. Although it appears beautiful and well-fitting to the design, its functionality is limited.

At best, this handle is wanting as compared to other trolly handles. It cannot be used in the down position, and you must elevate it up to be helpful as a handle.

This is an annoying thing that may take you time to get accustomed to, but who knows; there might be changes on the way.

What Was Sacrificed To Get The Great Design Of King Song S18?

There were some sacrifices made to get the great and overemphasized beautiful appearance. For instance, the design cannot host any speakers.

Additionally, there are no side LED lights, having an even smaller battery.

A unique handle was also sacrificed as well as a modular body system. It is indisputable that the King Song S18 attracts sexy attention.

What Is The Ride Quality On KS-S18?

The ride quality with regard to King Song S 18 is great. The suspension makes sure of this.

There is no comparison with anything currently available in the market. You can adjust it to suit your taste, and this is very peculiar to the S18.

As you ride, you have full control of the EUC body courtesy of the contoured sides. Jumping is better, thanks to this feature.

When it comes to acceleration, we are talking of a possible 31mph, but you will experience throttling as your battery depletes.

This is not entirely bad since it is meant to be a safety feature- to protect the motor from overpowering. Additionally, you can experience throttling due to firmware updates.

However, this will happen at preset battery percentages. Fortunately, you can adjust the presets as you wish.

How Do The Two EUCs Compare In Terms Of Weight?

Ideally, the V11 is heavier than the King Song S18. This gives S18 an advantage due to the combination of better looks and grippier sides. It attracts attention as a fun sport EUC.

However, it can only do significantly shorter rides as compared to Inmotion V11. Those who love jumping as they ride will most certainly prefer S18.

While those who would rather ride far on a single charge will find V11 more appealing—designed for shorter fun rides and for riders who like to jump.

What Are The Flaws Of S18 in Comparison to V11?

Obviously, the sexy appearance of S18 will give you the impression of some hot girl on a dance floor at the party.

But will you take her to your parents and introduce her as your wife? Well, before you make that decision, consider several things here.

King Song S18 has a fragile body. The panels at the sides are some hardened plastic combined with flexible rubber. The materials look great but will easily come out.

This might not be what you want. As the EUC is meant for serious off-roading, it should be made of a more durable material.

Falls and crashes are common in off-roading, and this S18 may not survive the test of time. In this aspect, V11 will definitely win.

Another problem with S18 is the speed and range. Although the appearance of King Song S18 ignites the memory of a Ducati street racer, it is best suited for off-roading.

Due to the smaller battery life, street racing is inappropriate for this type of EUC. Additionally, S18 will be unusable for long-distance. For this, choose V11.

InMotion V11 or KingSong S18

Lastly, S18 lacks a retractable handle. Although the handle is great-looking, it is not very useful. If it worked as well as it looked, you would have a great thing here.

When you want to pick up your wheel and carry it, you will definitely not love it with King Song S18.

This is very inconvenient, and the manufacturer would do better to improve in this aspect.


The latest EUC in the market is the Inmotion V11 and the King Song S18.

Both of these devices are great. Having been released a few days after V11, one would expect S18 to be a more improved device.

This is true, to some extent. In terms of appearance and suspension, the S18 has no rival. Unfortunately, this device seriously fails when it comes to battery life and speed.

Battery life is critical for off-road riding; an area S18 was meant to exploit. All the same, it is a great device if you do not want to do long-distance riding.

With it, you will appear more fashionable than your counterparts who use the V11.

For those EUC riders not requiring an excess of the advertised top speed of 31 mph or range of 45 miles, you are better off with this category.

Being sporty with EUC is fun, and that is what you get with King Song S18.  

However, do not be deceived by its sporty appearance and fall for it if you want some serious stet racing stuff.

It is best to go for the V1 and forget about the beauty and sexiness.


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