InMotion V11 vs. Kingsong S18: Which Is Better?

Should I get a Onewheel or EUC?

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InMotion V11 vs. Kingsong S18 : Which Is Better?

When buying an electric unicycle, it’s critical to tread carefully. As such, I suggest that you consider several factors before you come to the final judgment.

For instance, you cannot ignore the battery life like this, a key concern for all-electric unicycles.

Additionally, costs, motor capability, stability, and motor control will always come to the fore when handling an electric unicycle.

Compared to Kingsong S18, InMotion V11 will easily win. Indeed, InMotion V11’s Unicycle has the brightest tail lighting in the industry. Due to InMotion V11’s 1,500Wh battery pack, it easily and comfortably gives a range of 75 miles (120km!) at a speed of 50km/h, making it a good device in our times.

Therefore, as you buy an electric unicycle, you want to buy a unicycle that can offer you optimum mileage and power.

All this should be achievable without necessarily incapacitating your financial muscle. So you might be asking, should I buy InMotion V11 or KingSongS18?

Well, your choice needs to be directed by your preferences and other needs. What is appropriate for you might not work for your next-door neighbor.

There is an increased demand for electric vehicles. Electric unicycles are leading the pack in gaining popularity.

Due to customers’ dynamic expectations, continue to force brands to come up with newer technology-packed innovations regularly.

Electric unicycles are some of the latest trends in the electric vehicle development industry.

The latest products in this category are the InMotion V11 and the KS-S18. Since the two are made by different companies, each is unique in its way.

Is InMotion V11 Worth It?

Absolutely! Inmotion V11 is rightly referred to as the “King of Off-road.” Many electric unicycle manufacturers have not seriously considered off-road vehicles.

This comes as an advantage to those who want to invest there since the competition is not huge.

Nevertheless, InMotion V11 ignores the absence of competition and comes as a perfect product for off-road riding.

This electric unicycle boasts several innovations based on design, functionality, and performance.

Its pedal suspension is very attractive, providing about 85mm/3.3″ in vertical travel.

As a result, V11 is considered capable of providing a smoother ride on rough roads and in trail riding.

This is a powerful unicycle, having a 2000-Watts motor fitted that runs an 18×3″ XL tire. The tire’s size ensures a greater surface contact between the riding surface and the tire.

This goes a long way in guaranteeing and improved ride stability that gives the unicycle the steadiest ride regardless of the roughness of the terrain.

InMotion V11 offers very good lighting. Compared to Kingsong S18, InMotion V11 will easily win.

Indeed, InMotion V11’s Unicycle has the brightest tail lighting in the industry. Therefore, it greatly increases rider visibility, making for a safer rider.

Its integrated kickstand is foldable, making it stylish and convenient.

Additionally, its aluminum alloy stick ensures the trolley handle remains tied to the main body. Regarding performance, InMotion V11 Unicycle has a top speed of 34MPH.

While this is not the highest in the industry, it’s a relatively great speed.

When it comes to riding, you can expect great comfort. The adjustable 70mm air-spring suspension almost guarantees this.

This will keep the rider in a comfortable state even on bumps.

Due to InMotion V11’s 1,500Wh battery pack, it easily and comfortably gives a range of 75 miles (120km!) at a speed of 50km/h, making it a good device in our times.

InMotion V11’s extraordinary off-road capabilities might make you forget that it’s a product from China.

But who said all products from China are either copies or low-quality? Indeed, China produces some of the best high-tech devices in the world today.

We might have our ingrained stereotypes about this country but let credit be given where it is due.

To prove this point, China produced, among other things, arguably the best off-road electric unicycle. What’s more, it is not a copy!

Should I Buy The KS-S18?

Yes. Not long after InMotion V11 was launched, the KS-S18 was introduced by China’s King Song Intelligence Technology.

This safety-focused electric unicycle was released as a high-performance vehicle. It incorporates an air intake system to enhance its cooling.

When it comes to comfort and safety, these are issues well taken care of. If you dream of some sporty beautiful-looking electric unicycle, Kingsong S18 is where to look.

You might be amazed by its great suspension system.

With a range of 45 miles, King Song S18 is nowhere near InMotion V11.

This comes as a real disappointment, but your complaint might be forgotten due to the wonderful suspension.

The General appearance of the KS-S18 is a beautifully crafted device. Have you seen a Ducati motorcycle?

InMotion V11 vs. Kingsong S18

That is the feeling you get when you look at KS-18’s wheel carves.

You will not need to look at the unicycle twice to conclude that the manufacturer deliberately laid more emphasis on the suspension system.

Well, it doesn’t disappoint. Fortunately, it’s easy to adjust the suspension than adjusting the V11s suspension system.

Again, the system can be upgraded without any hassles. This makes for the sale point for this device.

And you can lock out the suspension if you want to.This serves some users like me who sometimes want a feel of the road.

This will only require the touch of a switch. But you might require the suspension most of the time.

When it comes to lighting on KS-S18, it’s a disappointment. Comparing it to V11’s lighting will seem like a big joke.

The light is not inadequate. The issue is that it came after V11, and you would have expected something better.

Therefore, if you are looking for bright light, I am afraid this will seem a bit dull compared to InMotion V11’s brighter headlight.

But it might be comforting to you if I said that S18’s headlight is still better than all EUC’s headlights if you take InMotion V11’s headlight out of the equation.

Now that might be okay with you. But remember, KS-S18 is the sexiest looking electric unicycle of our time.

But sacrifices had to be made to get that appearance. For instance, speakers were avoided as well as giving the device a smaller battery.

With KS-S18, you can get a possible 31mph, but you won’t avoid experiencing throttling as your battery depletes.

Who Will Want The King Song S18?

As insinuated earlier, your choice for a unicycle will be guided by issues that relate to you at a personal level.

For those who enjoy being sporty, you cannot look at the V11 since you will be disappointed every time.

If you want a sporty-looking electric unicycle that has amazing looks and an enviable suspension, you cannot help but choose Kingsong S18.

This is a EUC that will not disappoint your expectations.

King Song S18 has an aesthetic appeal, giving you the feel of a beautiful dance girl that you would want to take home.

Whether she will be appropriate for marriage is another story altogether. That is your Kingsong S18! If you love suspension, this is the EUC for you.

What about a reasonably bright light? For those who want a unicycle that offers an easy grip, go for this one.

However, if you wish to have music as you ride, King Song S18 will not serve you well.

And if you are not rich enough to do the regular repairs or a careless rider, do not try this one. Indeed, King Song S18 is very fragile, and this impacts greatly on its longevity.

While you might want a sporty appearance, if you love enough speed, you will not love King Song S18’s top speed of 31 mph and a devastating range of 45 miles.

Who Will Want To Buy The InMotion V11?

For those looking for a well-rounded workhorse electric unicycle, there is no doubt you will find InMotion V11 to be a powerful and smooth machine.

It offers comfort as it transports you, dampening the bumps and cracks.This makes King Song S18 the most enjoyable cruising electric unicycle around.

However, jumpers, speed demons, tricksters, and range monsters will be disappointed since InMotion V11 is built for the masses.

This excludes it from unicycles built for specialist riders. However, the flat, featureless sides do not help if you wish to “grab” onto the electric unicycle with your legs for leverage.

It would be better if there were side pads. While suspension matters in electric unicycles, most people want to focus on boil down to power, speed, and range.

If you don’t mind the weight, InMotion V11 is okay.

If you love suspension, InMotion V11 will not disappoint. But do you need suspension? Not everybody loves suspension or shocks on electric unicycles.

Those who hate them argue that they add unnecessary weight, and sometimes sacrifices have to be made to accommodate them.

Indeed, shocks can make the wheel heavy, bulky, and unsightly.

Remember that additional weight will always translate to increased maintenance costs in addition to the loss of range and some features.

However, it might not be practical to avoid suspension. Indeed, the suspension is required because of the long range. 

The ride quality is substantially improved when riding on a rough road or an uneven surface. It’s also handy if you have a bad back or bad knees.

It comes as a helper for the old knees and backs to ensure a longer ride. But as I mentioned, there are sacrifices to be made to accommodate suspensions.

Over the years, electric unicycles didn’t change much. Factually, changes revolved around power, speed, and range.

You will notice that electric unicycles were a wheel, a motor, pedals, a speaker, a handle, and lights. Each new improvement went farther and faster.

But the basic form remained the same.

From 2020, the suspension was introduced. And to remain within the weight and price range, things like speakers were dropped from the basic form of an electric unicycle.

The battery for V11 was also reduced in size.

Does InMotion V11 Design Appealing?

Yes indeed. A fast glance at InMotion V11 will give a very simplistic but more stylish device than Kingsong S18.

Just like its predecessors (V10F and V10), InMotion V11 has enhanced security features.

This unicycle’s outstanding design ensures the rider’s safety even as the wheel is lifted above the ground.

Again, cutting off the power will only require a simple press. When it comes to dismounting, this cut-off feature comes in handy.

The device boasts improved security since it has anti-slippery rough pedals large enough to ensure better control and device handling in unpredictable road conditions.

Consequently, the rider has a stable and steady riding experience.

Using three-way heat-sinking technology, the inbuilt cooling system ensures that InMotion V11 remains cool even under glaringly intense rides.

However, the V11 has its share of flaws.

As I have already mentioned, it was impossible to accommodate the innovative suspension system without some serious sacrifices that affected the overall product.

But remember that even if the V11 is not a range monster, it has sufficient range for most riders.

And each of the miles ridden is smoother than any other EUC without suspension.

Therefore, this is a give-and-take situation where innovators have to balance what mattered to the most targeted riders.

Additionally, V11’s top saddle gives room for the suspension system for up and down movement.

This is handy in smoothing out drops and bumps—the thin rubber padding attachment on a plastic shell at the saddle’s top for your knees.

You will notice that there is a lack of enough padding to grip or leverage. However, it has just enough to add a much-required comfort to your knees.

The saddle’s apex is attached to a strong metal frame, connecting the suspension system, handle, and saddle.

Where the saddle and the handle meet, you will find 4 attachment points that use screws.

Unfortunately, these are weak points in the body when it comes to falls.

For instance, if the saddle rolled over or suffered a direct impact during a fall, it would be hard to evade serious damage to the device.


InMotion V11 is generally better than Kingsong S18 in almost all areas.


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