Is Backfire Zealot Waterproof?(Yes! See Why)

Is Backfire Zealot Waterproof?

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Is Backfire Zealot Waterproof?

Backfire Zealots are incredible that ship from Hamburg, Germany. Their customer care and sales support is in Windermere, UK.

For those in the USA, boards will ship from Backfire Zealot’s office in LA. This office also deals with support and services.

However, Backfire Zealot’s main manufacturing and development office happens to be in the Shenzhen region, China. So, you might ask, is Backfire Zealot waterproof?

Yes, Backfire Zealot is not completely waterproof as all Backfire boards are rated IP55 .With this rating backfire boards can be used over small puddles since they have a high degree of water resistance and can tolerate some level of wetness.

Consequently, it’s best to consider this board a water-resistant board other than a waterproof board. Using the later term might cause much confusion.

Zealot backfire board can be paired with the remote. And if you run short of juice, you can enjoy your board as a push boat since it’s push-friendly.

This means it can be used like a conventional skateboard when there is no battery or not on the throttle.

With a waterproof level of IP55, Backfire boards can be used over small puddles since they will not damage the board.

This is the same case when riding in light rain. However, these boards are not mean to be submerged in water at any time.

Again, it’s recommended never to stop riding in standing water on tracks or roads. You also will have to dry your board after riding it in wet conditions using a dry rug.

After wipe-drying your board, it’s advisable never to leave it upside down.

Any wet or damp board should be kept well to avoid drops of water from bypassing the seal and ingressing into the electronics. The remote should also be maintained dry.

Are Backfire Boards Reliable?

Yes. These are good boards. Backfire boards are impressive electric longboards offered at a low price.

Their large wheels guarantee a comfortable as you skip bumps and cracks smoothly.

While the boards are relatively cheap and don’t have flashy features, their performance is at par with the best electric skateboard of top brands.

Probably, this is the reason this Chinese electric brand is securing a prime position in making the best electric skateboard.

There are many improvements that the company has recorded. This is especially so when it touches on the performance and stability of the boards.

It’s indisputable that these boards have minimal features. However, they guarantee a smooth and effortless ride to the rider.

The reliability and durability of these boards is crazy! Indeed, you are sure of modern and stylish skating if you own a backfire board.

For instance, Backfire G2(Amazon Link) is the best for Beginners and Entry Level Skaters.

It comes as one of the most affordable electric skateboards with a top speed of 23 MPH, which translates to 37 KMH.

It has an impressive range of 12.5 miles (20 km) on a 6000mAh Lithium battery. This battery is the perfect choice to power the board’s 2 x 400W Hub Motors to climb a 25% Steep Hill.

This board has a waterproof rating of IP55.

One good thing about Backfire boards is that the manufacturer does not advertise false numbers to make impressions.

When you test any Backfire board, you will appreciate that the specifications are strictly the truth that touches on the boards’ capabilities.

Does The Backfire G2 Black Have Regenerative Braking?

Yes. Regenerative braking is the best braking system you can find in skateboards and other electric vehicles.

This is a feature that makes a board more efficient. Fortunately, Backfire G2 boasts a regenerative braking system.

Consequently, as you ride downhill, your battery regenerates power as you use the brake, making your board more efficient.

Most importantly, your board will stop smoothly, even at fast speeds.

Manifold electric skateboard companies are entering the market. However, Backfire seems to hold its ground against the competition.

Currently, the latest Backfire product is Backfire G2. This blackboard doesn’t deviate from the affordable pricing that the company has crafted since its inception.

The company seems to understand the essence of remaining relevant in pricing models for competitive marketing.

Backfire seems to understand that for a board to be affordable, the manufacturer needs to be picky on the features they include on their boards.

Indeed, Backfire chose to build a quality board that has excellent ride-ability at a low cost. 

When it comes to riding quality, your Backfire G2 will shine most.

Add this attribute to the quality of construction and the speed that this board offers; you will find that this is a boat to beat.

But a skateboard’s capability cannot be fully emphasized without looking at its speed and power output.

Well, your Backfire G2 is impressive when it comes to speed and power output.

It comes with two 350-watt brushless motors from Hobbywing that are categorized as “high-performance.”

These are efficient motors, responsible for the top speed of 24 miles per hour.These high-efficiency motors are separately sealed to improve their resistance to water.

This is a useful strategy for any skateboard whose manufacturer wishes to attain some level of water resistance from splashes of water.

When you have to ride through puddles of water and light rain. Indeed, while the board itself is rated IP55, the motors are also rated IP55 on their own.

What’s more, these motors are maintenance-free.

Is Backfire A Good Longboard Brand?

Yes,Backfire boards are equipped with a safe battery-bearing built-in advanced BMS.

With the Battery Management System (BMS), the boards’ battery power output remains consistent at all times.

When the battery gets fully charged, the power output stays the same. This remains so, including when the battery is running out. And it doesn’t affect acceleration and braking.

Backfire boards are good for all terrains and will excel in every category of riding surface. Indeed, they are the pioneers in the off-road electric skateboard market.

They are ranked together with Ownboard in releasing the electric longboards, which are the best dirt boarders.

For urban commuters, the Backfire Ranger X2 will provide a desirable range to those concerned about getting to work on time.

Again, it’s the perfect board for those who live in a potentially volatile climate like the North.

Electric skateboarding got popular in the Northern States, including Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and Michigan.

If you live in such areas, you want a water-resistant board and can handle sleet and a certain level of snow.

The Backfire longboard comes as a great alternative for students and campus commuters who desire trendy and sustainable electric transportation.

Indeed, it’s the best way to beat the early mornings.

Its front lighting comes as a reward for those who wish to ride their board at night since it increases visibility and potentially eliminates the risk of accidents and crashes.

Its tire durability gives it an edge over other boards.

How Do You Use Backfire Zealot Remote?

The backfire Zealot remote is handy in navigating the various options available with your Backfire Zealot.

The Backfire Zealot Remote has several modes, including the economical mode, sports mode, and turbo mode.

After pressing the SE, the remote will show E and enter economic mode. In this mode, the top speed is 11.8mph /19km/h.

On the other hand, you will experience an additional 20% more power for acceleration on pressing turbo mode. In this mode, the top speed will be 28.5 mph / 46 kmh.

Your board and remote will need to be connected and paired. To connect, you will need to press their respective power switches (for the remote and board).

You will need to hold it down for about 5 seconds until your remote enter the settings interface.

Proceed to press SE so that you swap between “phm/m” and “km/h” and then continue to press O.

At this point; you still will need to continue to press SE to enhance switching between “165”, “85”, and “96” – this is your wheel diameter so choose accordingly.

Proceed to press O. you will know that your paring is successful if the remote displays speed, battery, range, and mode.

You can use the remote to power on or off the ambient light.

After your board and remote are switched on, doubly click your remote’s power button, and the ambient light will start slow flashing.

When you press the turbo mode, the ambient light will start fast-flashing. But you can avoid these two steps and directly switch to turbo mode.

However, remember that to turn it off, you will always have to downshift to SE and then turn it off.

To accelerate, push the remotes throttle wheel forward but avoid large increments. If you wish to brake, pull the throttle wheel backward.

In both circumstances, ensure a wide stance on the board and keep the gravity low by leaning (when braking lean backward, and when accelerating, lean forward).

Reasons For Choosing The Backfire Zealot

When Backfire was contemplating ways of taking the year 2020 by storm, they purposed releasing the Backfire Zealot.

The board started retailing at $699, but the price changed to $899 when it became available for shipping. But why would you buy the Backfire Zealot? Well, read on.

When you look at Backfire Zealot, you will easily agree that it is a “belt-driven Backfire G3.”

It has a top speed of 28.5mph (46kmh), a comfortable aggressive concave, and a flexible bamboo deck.

This makes the Zealot a very comfortable board to ride. But that’s not all! We cannot leave out the Caliber II Front truck that mounts 2 x 5255 5250 motors.

It comes with stock wheels of 96mm 78A with an ABEC core.

The Backfire Zealot is an absolute monster that will hit the pavement flying once you turn it on and slam it down.

It has a good feel of carving ability, popular with the single kingpin trucks. Indeed, you can carve the board at speeds of 15 miles per hour plus.

If you combine these good things with the flexy bamboo deck, we discuss what makes childhood dreams.

You will enjoy the never-ending concrete wave without having to kick and push.

However, this is not to say that the board is perfect. No. Indeed, it has its share of flaws like other boards.

However, since it has many more pros than cons, this is a board you will not regret buying. 

When you consider how this board accelerates, you are going to appreciate that it shines.

For instance, if you slam down the throttle in Econ Mode, you will be amazed at the way the board eases up slowly to 10-12 mph.

On the other hand, when you switch it to sport mode, you are preparing for a fast jolt.

Therefore, it ‘s advisable to ensure that your feet are well-planted, even as your foot grip needs to be firm.

You will be expecting a 20+ MPH. Alternatively, if you go for the Turbo mode, your seed will be amazing.

In any of these modes, you can feel the smoothness of the acceleration coupled with steadiness.

Is Backfire Ranger X2 Waterproof?

Yes, to some extent. If you ride in small puddles, it might be safe. But you will need to dry your board.

However, never submerge your board in water or even ride the board over standing water. It is also advisable to avoid riding your board under a heavy downpour.

Much water is a risk to your board. Unfortunately, the warranty does not cover water damage. And it might get expensive to repair your board from water damage. 

All the same, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to ride in the rain, ensure it is not much rain and does not stop as you ride.

When you get home, it will be to the best of your board if you wipe it immediately with a dry piece of cloth and keep it well.

You can also spin the wheels to get any water off the board using the remote.


Backfire Zealot is not completely waterproof as all Backfire boards are rated IP55. However, they have a high degree of water resistance and can tolerate some level of wetness.


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