Is Kingsong S18 Waterproof?(No, See Why)

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Is Kingsong S18 Waterproof?

KingSong, a pioneer manufacturer in making the best electric unicycles, produced KingSong 18XL as a limited edition version of KingSong 18L.

Later, it offered Kingsons S18 for sale to potential buyers.

This came as a fulfillment to those who had already fallen in love with the limited edition and wondered when the real thing will be out.Many good things come with this model.

First, it comes as Kingsong’s wheels’ first fruits with a built-in suspension that can be adjusted from on/off to multiple pressurization levels.

It comes with a high-exposure design that makes the ride appear as though they come from the near future.

It boasts an upgraded 2200W motor that is powered by a massive battery pack. This enhances comfortable cruising for incredible distance devoid of range anxiety.

With your Kingsong S18, the extra-large tire will guarantee the smoothest ride yet. But you might be asking, is Kingsong S18 waterproof?

No! Kingsong S18 is not waterproof. But, it comes with all the latest features, including front and rear lights, a built-in retractable trolley handle, and Bluetooth for data connectivity.

Indeed, you can go anywhere with this ultimate wheel for any enthusiast, on or off-road. It has a top speed of 31 mph which is unlocked after 6 miles of riding.

It has a 62 miles’ range and a sustained motor power of 2200W sustained, going up to 5000W in peak.

The battery has 1110Wh, 84V enjoying Smart BMS with balancing.

The battery is also protected from over-current, over-charge, & short circuit protection.The control board is has a high-performance design that sustains 2000W reliably.

Its heatsink capability coupled with a temperature control fan goes a long way in guaranteeing safety from overheating.

Can You Charge Kingsong S18?

Yes.To charge the S18, you only need to plug into your mains supply using the two USB inputs found at the back of your Kingsong S18.

Kingsong  S18 is one of the most stylish and most powerful electric unicycles you can find out there. It has top-of-the-line features, in addition to having a slick design.

When you think about the size and weight of your Kingsong S18, it’s hard to refrain from considering it as a monstrously powerful electric unicycle.

And as you might be aware, anyone who wants to buy an electric unicycle will always want to look at the top speed first.

Well, you will not be disappointed with your Kingsong S18 as it will give you in relation to its size and weight.

The first thing everyone looks at when deciding which unicycle to buy is always the top speed, and the S18 doesn’t disappoint.

Indeed, you will easily run at a speed of up to 31mph. Without a hefty motor, it’s impossible to attain such speed.

Therefore, S18’s powerful engine comes in handy as it’s not hard to push to 5000W for peak performance.

The KingSong S18 comes in a very comfortable size.

Indeed, at 22 inches tall, 8 inches deep, and 21 inches wide, most people with an average body build-up will not struggle to ride it.

Additionally, S18’s size is ideal as far as storage is concerned.This means that it doesn’t take up too much space in storage at home or even in the car.

Still, you will also find it easy to carry your S18 by hand since it weighs only 48lbs (20kg).

While this is heavy enough to balance you and your weight, it’s light enough to carry little strain.

On the other hand, the tire is also sturdy as it’s made of a 3inch thick rubber, making it strong enough for rough-surface riding without any worry about damage.

How Do You Calibrate A Kingsong S18?

Battery calibration is mandatory if you want to maintain your Kingsong S18 in high performance.

Without proper calibration, you will experience a reduced range, in addition to a shorter battery lifespan.

To calibrate your S18 unicycle battery, download the App on the Kingsong website and install it. Open the App and check your battery status.

Mostly, if your battery is not calibrated, it will not charge well. Indeed, it will never charge fully, and the peak charge will be irregular. 

Most unicycles come with 16 LiIon battery cell packs, although variants are there as well. In addition to battery calibration, it’s critical to preserve your S18 battery.

Most importantly, the way you charge your K18 battery will go a long way as far as battery lifespan is concerned. It’s advisable not to exceed 90% when charging.

It’s even safe always to charge your K18 battery to 80%. Avoid leaving your unicycle to charge overnight or when you are away from home.

On the other hand, you will find it helpful to avoid discharging your S18 unicycle below 10%. This is key for your battery health.

When you get used to charging your battery to 100% or discharging it to 0%.

It will dictate more stresses to the battery’s electrodes and electrolyte separation membrane.

consequently drastically reducing the number of useful charges and discharge cycles.

By default, most batteries will not tolerate discharge for long. And your S18 unicycle battery happens to be among them.

If you keep your electric unicycle for long without using it, it’s critical to monitor the battery voltage and ensure that it is recharged as needed.

This should take care of self-discharge.

Quick Specs Of The New S18!: Electric unicycle

When Kingsong S18 was first announced, it made well-deserved shockwaves in the Electric Unicycle world.

This was as a result of its jaw-dropping looks. It’s a year now since the unveiling of this vehicle. So, is the fire still on for Kingsong S18 suspension electric unicycle?

In the year 2020, there was no sexier unicycle than the Kingsong S18. Amazingly, Kingsong S18 is still the sexiest EUC in 2021.

It’s a soothing experience to see that improved manufacturing and design have addressed many initial flaws.

The good thing about S18 is that you will get the feeling like you are skating on ice. This is a smoothness only peculiar to S18!.

Is Kingsong S18 Waterproof?

This is a unicycle whose suspension is customizable to fit your riding preference. You can either have soft or hard suspension settings according to where you are riding on.

You can have fewer clicks for the beach and more for hard street riding.

This is a wheel with a stunning design that, at first, might look like the Terminator’s skeleton, though you will get over it.

Inflating the tire is some work for most wheels. Fortunately, this is very easy on your S18. You might not need to add pressure in less than three months.

Indeed, the awesomeness of the tire makes it a “set it and forget it” thing.

The automatically switching light will work great for many when they have to ride their S18 at night.

But there is also some bad stuff that I can’t ignore about S18. This is a wheel whose grip tape seems to peel off the pedals.

This might not be a great deal to you if you intend to put in spikes. Kingsong needs to address this, especially for those who do not wish to put in spikes.

Again, some S18 unicycles come with a problematic pedal that might not have adequate tension when you open it.

While this might not seem problematic as it’s supposed to be addressed by the magnets, the truth is that the magnets don’t always function.

If you love speed, you will want to push your S18 to the 31 mph limit. But this might depend on how old you are and how scared to fall you are.

I would not risk riding that fast on a unicycle that has a suspension. We are yet to fully understand what repercussions might come with suspension on a unicycle.

As I said, Kingsong is the pioneer in this, and therefore, only time will tell.

To wrap it up, I see the Kingsong S18 as a wheel that will give you long rides on smooth surfaces but significantly shorter rides on rigid concrete.

This comes as a device that is easy to handle as your knees will not tire quickly.

Will There Ever Be An S18 With Extended Battery?

Yes, it’s likely.

For many years now, battery life has made very minimal advancements in terms of improvement. This might be true for all electronics.

But we are on the verge of a battery revolution. Lithium-ion battery limitations are not a new thing to car companies and big technology.

Operating systems and chips are becoming more power-friendly, saving more power.

We have remained hopeful of getting a day or two with a single charge on our devices (smartphones, electric unicycles, among others).

Although it might take a while before we can enjoy a week or two on a single charge with our devices, the future seems promising as progress is clearly on track.

Shortly, it’s not over-optimistic to expect over-the-air charging and even super-fast charging (for about 30 seconds).

But where am I getting these “weird” ideas? Well, read on.

The Chalmers University of Technology has been making test-structural batteries that could lead to very light electric vehicles.

Researchers intend to harvest the batteries’ capacity not only for power but also as structural components as they contain the potential for that work.

In these batteries, lithium iron phosphate is positive, while carbon fiber is the negative electrode. The latest battery boasts a stiffness of 25GPa.

But there’s some way to increase the energy capacity.

On the other hand, Nawa Technologies are developing vertically aligned carbon nanotube electrode.

This is an Ultra-Fast Carbon Electrode, which might be a game-changer in the battery manufacturing industry.

This technology is touted as having the ability to increase the battery power tenfold, increase the lifecycle by five times, and increase storage by a factor of three.

Electric vehicles like the Kingsong S18 are seen as the initial beneficiaries of this technology.

In addition to this, the carbon footprint is envisaged to reduce while the cost of battery manufacturing will drastically fall.

According to NAWA, it will be normal to expect a range of 1000km from a single charge on the lower side.

Having already patented their product, NAWA might avail these batteries for sale as early as 2023.

KingSong S18 App: How To use it

The fact that Kingsong has developed an app for their electric unicycles is good news. It makes them be at par with other manufacturers of electric vehicles.

However, more goes into an app than developing it to appear like the rest in the herd. There have been many complaints emanating from S18 users.

Some blame the App for its “foolish” functionalities, while others are unhappy with the low servers that run the app.

Still, other people are unhappy with the scores of personal information that the App requires to register you and your electric unicycle.  

They argue that the App asks for unneeded rights like making phone calls. But are all these arguments valid?  

Well, you will be required to enter your email and phone number to receive a code. This is an important code that will finalize your registration.

If you do not get a code within 20 minutes, you can conduct support to check if the code was sent to you.

Remember that without the App, you cannot change the system parameters.

For the sake of clarity, there is no need to worry much about the app. Indeed, you can still ride your S18 without your phone.

If you don’t have a phone, you can still ride the wheel without the APP. Even without an internet connection, you will be able to enjoy your ride.

The App can be used to connect the wheel without the internet. The only place where the internet is a must is to access bind and speed settings.

Therefore login into your account and let it stay logged in so that you can continue to use the app even without the internet.

But if you have got no internet connection and are not logged into your account, the app won’t be usable at all.

And you will only have the option of riding the wheel under maximum speed using pedal tilt-back speed.

As soon as you buy your S18, proceed to log on. That should solve all future problems.


Kingsong S18 is not waterproof. Therefore, be kind to it in wet conditions.


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