Is Onewheel XR Waterproof?

Does Onewheel Pint Come With a Charger?

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Is Onewheel XR Waterproof?

If you are considering riding in the rain with your XR, or you want to buy a one wheel XR, you might as well be asking, is onewheel XR waterproof?

No! Although Onewheel XR is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof. In their makeups, onewheel’s are the same as electric skateboards. When it comes to electronic devices, it’s not easy to waterproof them.

Like skateboards, Onewheel’s use electronic circuits that are powered by rechargeable batteries to get you to your destination.

The entrance of water into the device will easily short-circuit the device, and that will be the end of the device’s functionality.

But you will ask, what then is the meaning of water resistance? Well, by virtue of the XR being water-resistant, it’s somehow waterproof.

For instance, sprinkling water on it will scarcely damage it, but submerging it on the water will have it damaged. Therefore, it’s not advisable to ride in heavy rain or puddles.

If the XR gets water; you should immediately disconnect the battery immediately by powering off the device.

Do not power it on until you have dried it completely.

Is Onewheel XR Waterproof?

How Much Will I Pay For A Onewheel?

If you intend to invest in Onewheel, you are definitely concerned about the amount of money you will need to pay to own your Onewheel.

Well. The price depends on the particular category of Onewheel that you are interested in.

When it comes to the pricing of Onewheel, it’s always perceived as high for all Onewheels due to the high quality of materials used to develop the devices.

However, there is much variation for different brands. There are two core products offered by the parent company, Future Motion.

The two products, the Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel XR are sold with accessories.

How Much Does The A Onewheel XR Cost?

If you want to buy a Onewheel XR, you are planning to spend about $1,799, which takes care of the price and the shipping from online retail outlets.

This is the device that is considered as high end, which in addition to being popular, it’s also better in terms of performance.

However, it’s important to note that this is for US locations only. All the same, there is more to be paid to get the Onewheel XR on your hands!

First, you will be paying 6.35% as sales tax, translating to an additional $114.24, effectively bringing the cost of a Onewheel XR to $1,913.24.

This price is relatively high, making the device a little bit more priced than its competitors.

However, if the many positive reviews it attracts are anything to go by, the Onewheel XR is worth the price.

Riders seem to be more interested in its performance and features but not the pricing.

Again, when you buy it, you will get particular bundles that come with specific accessories, effectively saving you money in the long run.

How Much Does The Onewheel Pint Cost?

The smaller lightweight Pint is more affordable than the Onewheel XR.

Indeed, it comes as a cheaper version of the Onewheel XR! Retailing at $950 (with free shipping) and an additional $60.33 tax, the total price is $1,010.33.

This is what you pay to get the Pint, the home charger and a maghandle.

Fortunately, Future Motion allows you to buy the Pint in bundles, as is the case with the Onewheel XR.

The bundles comprise the Essentials bundle at $995 offering a fender. The other bundle is the Ride More bundle that goes for $1,045 offering a bumper, fender, and rail guards.

Lastly, there is the ultimate Ultimate bundle that goes for $1,200 and offers rail guards, a fender, a bumper, maghandle and the Pint ultra-charger.

Why Does The Onewheel XR Cost So Much?

When it comes to the price of the Onewheel XR, many will find it overpriced and beyond their reach.

Due to the uniqueness of Onewheel skateboards, there is so much cost related to the high-quality workmanship and materials that make up the onewheel skateboards.

Much investment goes to research and development, legal works, production process, and marketing, pushing the device costs as high as it does.

With a Onewheel XR skateboard, you have an exciting way of moving around and covering distances.

Additionally, you get access to innovative technologies and the right functionalities for moving across diverse terrains.

Since a Onewheel XR has very few moving parts, there is very little maintenance required to keep the device in top performance.

Having little maintenance concerns to worry about is boosted by the in-built safety attributes that keep you safe as you ride.

How Does A Onewheel Function?

Many people are familiar with snowboarding or skateboarding. When riding electric vehicles, there is the feeling that they are like non-electric vehicles.

For instance, an electric bike may feel like a non-electric bike. Therefore, if you know how to ride a skateboard, it is easy to ride an electric skateboard.

Unfortunately, Onewheel and the Onewheel XR operate beyond the definition of physics and logic.

Unlike any board you might have seen, the Onewheel XR has a thick and balanced deck that sits 10 inches wide and 10 inches across the tire.  

The Onewheel XR has accelerometers that kick into action as soon as you step on the board. The motor will then start, after which you will be held level with the board.

The Onewheel XR uses your body to control the device. When your body positioning changes, this is read by the XR and will respond accordingly.

If you lean or look towards where you intend to do, the Onewheel XR will head in that direction.

On the other hand, if you bend forward very fast, it may result in a pushback, or the speed may be increased.

You will also get a carving sensation when you turn as the board leans during turning.

However, when handling the Onewheel XR, it’s essential to consider it a sports toy but not a commuter vehicle. It boasts an enormous speed that may result in injuries.

Can Onewheels Be Used To Ride Up Hills?

Yes. Indeed, both the Onewheel Pint and the Onewheel XR will climb hills of a gradient not exceeding 15% without any problems.

Additionally, they boast a regenerative braking system, enabling you to recharge on the way down.

With regenerative braking, your one wheel’s batteries get more juice as you slow down or brake, especially when downhill.

It’s recommended that riders living on top of hills need to ensure that their charging state notifies them when the charge is about 90% complete.

This is to prevent overcharging due to braking as you travel downhill using regenerative braking on a full charge.

Are Onewheels Safe?

Yes, Onewheels are safe to ride. There are thousands of people who enjoy Onewheel-riding every day without any safety concerns.  

However, there are inherent risks that characterize the sport, just like any board sport.

All the same, learning the basics is a great way to stay safe as you ride within your limits, taking enough time to practice.

When you step on the Onewheel XR’s board, you can enjoy your riding experience with much confidence.

It is not mandatory to always consider Onewheel an adrenaline sport since it is the easiest board sport around.

As long as your tire is filled with the required air at the right PSI, you can safely and easily ride over bumps as well as cracks in pavements.

Is Onewheel XR Waterproof?

As a rider, the most important thing to do is to always ensure that you wear a safety helmet, staying within the board’s safe limits and pushback feature.

How Do I Dismount From A Onewheel?

By default, Onewheels dismount through slowing that ends in a stop, after which you remove one foot from the rider detect area.

Modern onewheels like the Onewheel Pint has an inbuilt Simplestop feature that enables riders to stop when they lean backwards.

This is not instantaneous but happens slowly after the tail gradually drops. It is highly recommended that riders learn how to jump from the onewheel in cases of emergency.

As long as both feet are taken off the board, it will instantly stop by switching off the motor that runs the device.

How Fast Can I Ride My Onewheel?

The highest speed that a particular Onewheel device will attain is subject to many factors. The weight of the rider will to a great extent, determine how fast a Onewheel can go.

Additionally, other factors that have been found to affect the top speed of Onewheels are the Digital Shaping mode, tire pressure terrain, and slope.

It’s important to always regard your device’s pushback warning and slow down when it is needed.

Still, the board model has great significance on the device’s top speed. The selected Digital Shaping mode will feature prominently in this aspect.

Specifically, the Onewheel+ XR, Sequoia boasts a top speed of about 12 mph.

On the other hand, Cruz has a top speed of about 15 mph, while Elevated, Delirium, Mission, and Custom Shaping boast a top speed of about 19mph.

Concerning the Onewheel Pint, Redwood boasts a top speed of about 12 mph.  Lastly, Elevated, Pacific, and Skyline have about 16 mph top speed.

What Does Pushback Mean?

Pushback, a safety feature installed in Onewheels warns riders of reaching their limits and requires them to slow down to continue riding safely.

Practically, pushback means that the board cannot be “stretched” any further.

Consequently, your Onewheel’s nose lifts gradually, beckoning you to shift your weight to the back to enable a speed reduction.

To ensure that you stay safe in your ride, it is critical to always respect pushback.

Although pushback is not an arbitrary speed limit, it’s a notice the device gives after factoring in several aspects of your ride.

Some of these aspects include the terrain, the tire pressure, your weight, charge levels and your speed.

Blatantly ignoring the pushback warning will always result in undesired conditions like severe injuries.

Additionally, you will still get a pushback warning if your charge is running out. Also, if the battery is overcharging due to regenerative braking, you will still get a pushback warning.

An overcharge situation results when your battery is 100% charged, and you use regenerative braking (mostly happens when going downhill).

The best thing to do in these situations is to lean back so that you dismount when the device stops.

Am I Allowed To Fly With My Onewheel?

Yes. At the moment, all airlines are a bit cautious with regard to all battery-powered devices, be it checked baggage or even carry-on.  

Some board models are allowed by some airlines while others are not. It all depends on the board model and your particular airline.

Consequently, you will need to first contact your airline way before you plan to travel with your Onewheel.

Regarding the Onewheel Pint, you might be allowed to fly with it by some airlines, but it becomes impossible to fly with the Onewheel XR on any commercial airline due to its huge battery size.

Is Onewheel XR Waterproof?

Therefore, you may need to consider other alternative means of transport if you want to travel with your Onewheel.


The adverts for Onewheel XR suggest that it’s water-resistant. This is a loaded statement that needs extra carefulness when acting on the information.

Generally, these devices are merely water-resistant but will be damaged if used in heavy rainfall on in muddy conditions.

Sadly, this is a marketing strategy we see with so many other companies selling different products.

Ambiguous information is meant to lure customers into buying particular products, only to realize the advert never meant what you thought it meant.

Therefore, do not drop your onewheel XR into the lake, hoping that it will be safe from the water. At best, what you will get will be voiding your warranty!


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