Maxfind Max4 Pro vs. Meepo NLS Pro: Which is better?

Maxfind Max4 Pro vs. Meepo NLS Pro

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Maxfind Max4 Pro vs. Meepo NLS Pro

While Maxfind was not particularly known for making high-quality electric skateboards, the scales have tilted recently.

Initially, Maxfind was on the lower end of the scale when building quality and performance. But with the Maxfind Max4 Pro electric skateboard.

Max4 Pro will beat Meepo NLS Pro every time. Max4 Pro has a better top speed, a longer range, better braking. The Meepo NLS Pro boasts a real-world range of up to 20 miles per swappable ER battery. It offers a 60% increase in range and a 30% increase in power.

I must agree that at a retail price of US$649, it hangs out with other mid-range electric skateboards, including Exway Flex, WowGo 3, and Meepo NLS Pro.

But you might be asking, Maxfind Max4 Pro and Meepo NLS, which is better?

While Maxfind Max4 Pro is an excellent electric skateboard, it has its share of shortcomings as no skateboard is all sunshine and rainbows.

What Are The Main Specifications Of Max4pro

Maxfind max4 pro electric skateboard is a 38″ long and 10.6″ wide deck, a good old fashioned ‘vanguard’ shaped deck whose shape is not new to many.

It consists of 8 layers of Canadian Maple complemented by a layer of carbon fiber coating that gives it a clean and sleek look.

But unlike a vanguard, this deck is very stiff with an ever-so-slight flex and a very shallow concave.

If you were to compare its shape to that of some of its competitors, you would realize its opposite.

Max4 Pro has a single metal enclosure but not the popular two-enclosure setup, with a stone finish that doesn’t scratch up too easily.

This enclosure is handy when it comes to battery swapping. Indeed, it has a quick swap battery system which is super easy to use.

You are required to do nothing more apart from unscrewing a little tap, sliding the enclosure off, and pulling out the battery.

If you are fast enough, this can be done in less than 60 seconds.

Additionally, Maxfind Max4 Pro has an IP rating of IP65. The relevance of this is that the board is water-resistant to some extend, up to withstanding some splashes of water.

But you cannot ride the board in puddles or heavy downpours. Immersing it in water is detrimental, and the manufacturer won’t compensate you.

The enclosure is metal on metal without any form of a gasket so, be advised against riding this board in wet weather. 

Again, Maxfind Max4 Pro has big 96mm wheels which devoid of a durometer rating on them. All the same, these have impressive rigidity, so you don’t need to worry about them.

Although the hub motors have a large amount of PU sitting between the motors and the ground, all vibrations are not absorbed, giving the rider the feeling of a hub motor ride.

But this can be resolved if you put a set of Cloudwheel doughnuts on it. This will make your ride a lot more comfortable and even as you gain a tiny bit more top speed.

The Max4 Pro runs dual 750W hub motors, making a total of 1500W.

What Are the Main Specifications of Meepo NLS Pro

The Meepo NLS Pro Electric Longboard is one of the most comfortable Electric Skateboards on the market today.

It offers a 60% increase in range and a 30% increase in power.

The NLS Pro boasts a real-world range of up to 20 miles per swappable ER battery.

Hill climbing of up to 30% grade, top speeds of 32 mph, and a charging time of not more than two (2) hours.

Indeed, you might find yourself hard-pressed to find a better electric skateboard. Additionally, you will stay on the road longer, thanks to  Meepo’s regenerative braking technology.

When it comes to comfort, this is one of the selling points of the NLS Pro.This doesn’t disappoint on 100mm Shock Absorption wheels.

The NLS Pro(Amazon Link) has a powerful and quiet 1080 Watt Dual Hub Motor that propels you to 19 mph in 5 seconds.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry about stopping abruptly since that is also addressed by Meepo’s improved braking response that brings you to a standstill at 19 mph in 10 meters.

You will also get to enjoy a warranty that will be in force for six months. This should tell you something about the company as low-quality products cannot be covered by a warranty.

But take note that the warranty is too short. And your Meepo NLS Po is eco-friendly.

The Meepo NLS Pro has 260 mm Shredder Trucks that have tall bushings for absorbing shock.

It has excellent grip tape that will keep you stable and safe, even as it provides a spongey, comfortable ride.

The ESC 6.5 braking system is phenomenally smooth and quick to react. And when you consider the regenerative braking capability.

The Samsung 40T Battery will readily give you more than the specified 20 miles of range, sometimes up to 32 Mph, and it will only take 5 seconds to reach 19 mph.

You will be enjoying hill-climbing of up to 30% grade due to the 2×540 Watts motors. What’s more, you will only need two hours to recharge.

Maxfind M5 Review

The Maxfind M5 Drive Kit has impressive stamina. Using the core technology of the Max4 PRO electric skateboard.

The Maxfind M5 drive kit is customized as a modified DIY kit that can be retrofitted.

It comes as the best option for those who like personality as it has high adaptability, almost adaptable to any wooden board, making your style unique!

One advantage of the Maxfind M5 Drive Kit is that it can be mounted to any skateboard.

This ends up giving you the freedom to choose your preferred deck and recycle it into a full-on riding machine.

Thanks to its compact size, it easily qualifies as a perfect travel mate.

Unlike conventional drive belt systems with complex constructions and easily breakable belts, Maxfind M5 drive kit dual Hub motor is safer and more compact.

Additionally, it has a high-performance in-wheel motor whose transformation efficiency is 85%, ensuring an excellent acceleration and a longer range.

The Maxifind M5 drive kit accelerates from zero to maximum within a few seconds. It enjoys dual braking to facilitate reliable and more responsive brakes.

With a 2.4GHZ multi-point FM, you are sure that your connection cannot be disrupted. Indeed, you can set different riding parameters and view them via the OLED screen.

There are four riding models that are both beginner-friendly and energy-saving.

With an IP rating of IPX7, your Maxifind M5 can be said to be highly water-resistant, resisting most moderate splashes.

This means that you can ride it on significant splashes and low, shallow but moving water. 

Maxfind M5 Review

It’s not hard for those who have spent any reasonable time in the electric skateboarding community to what someone means when they mention Maxfind.

This is not a new entrant into the industry as it has been in operation since 2015.

Due to its focus on producing affordable boards that were scarcely appealing to the typical skateboarding enthusiast.

The competition was good when it came to reputation, build quality and price-value ratio.

Fortunately, Maxfind rebranded itself, seriously stepping up their game and releasing a new lineup with three exciting products.

Among the products they offer is the Maxfind Max4 Pro, a Conversion Kit (Maxfind M5 Drive Kit) strapped to a deck.

Therefore, let’s look at the board and the kit. But you might be asking, is Maxifind ready to compete after so many years of making beginner-grade boards?

The Maxfind Max 4 Pro M5 Drive Kit hub motor has a clean and trendy look. It’s easy to use as a drive Kit.

The swappable battery comes in handy as you spend very little time swapping the battery.

Additionally, the Maxifind Max 4 Pro M5 drive kit has a premium and durable enclosure, in addition to having a responsive control (Hobbywing ESC).

This drive kit guarantees smooth acceleration and braking that is complemented by strong hub motors.

The board looks great, but it’s also very durable, and it’s good for sliding.

But some riders will find the deck being too stiff and narrow. Again, on a rough road, the board is loud and produces a rattling noise.

When advertising the product, the manufacturer is not genuine as the advertisement is largely an overstatement.

Probably, the board’s capability was tested in ideal conditions that are impossible to get when riding. While the wheels are great, they are too hard for aggressive carving.

They can only be good for sliding.

Maxfind M5 Drive Kit

The Maxifind M5 drive kit will give you a solid riding experience coupled with nice acceleration.

Achieving a top speed that will quickly satisfy the majority of electric skateboard riders. As you try to control your electric skateboard.

You will realize that it is easy to handle and smooth to the Hobbywing ESC (Electronic Speed Controller).

This, even as it offers a soft and strong acceleration and braking.This is useful when it comes to inspiring calm confidence.

Fortunately, the 750 Watt Hub motors cannot be compared to the competitor’s motors that offer not more than 400w.

Does it, therefore, come as any surprise that this board will climb hills relatively quickly?

While the deck cannot be said to be comfortable to ride on as your toes will easily be left overhanging the deck, it still qualifies as a go-to board.

When riding on rough roads, it will feel rather rough. But this is common for all hub motor boards with stiff decks, making such roads a real pain.

You might even find the wheels too hard for your style of riding – I do. This is why I recommend this to beginners, those who are barely learning the ropes.

The build quality lies between solid and great! The battery’s enclosure and ESC are crafted from aluminum, making it super durable, good-looking, and sleek.

The available space is too much for the 158 Wh battery, resulting in the rattling sound as you ride over rough pavement.

Can I Ride My Meepo Board In The Rain?

It will depend on the intensity of the rain. Although Meepoboards are marketed as being water-resistant, this does not necessarily mean they are waterproof.

And there is a great difference between water-resistant and water-proof. If a board is classified as water-resistant, it does not take in water easily, but it will take in water.

Now that means you can ride in the rain and get away with it, but you might not always be lucky. Therefore, if you can, avoid riding in the rain.

On the other hand, if you skate over puddles and submerge your board into the water, it’s possible to damage your board as the water gets into the electric circuit.

Additionally, riding in the rain is also dangerous as acceleration, braking, and turning will be a nightmare to unravel.

Peradventure you get caught up and find yourself riding in the rain, it will be advisable to wipe dry your board, paying extra attention to the charging port.

Avoid switching on your board until it is absolutely dry. And remember, your warranty does not cover water.

So that should communicate something to you as you feel the urge to ride in the rain.

Are Evolve Boards Water-Resistant?

No, not exactly. Indeed, Evolve board’s manufacturer does not rate the boards as water-resistant. They highly advise against riding the boards in wet conditions.

This is because they are not designed for that type of riding. These boards are similar to the 1st Gen BB.

While Evolve says that little water underground might be okay, they will not take responsibility for that and state clearly in the warranty that they do not cover water damage.

Therefore, it is safer to avoid riding these boards in any weather that would compromise the board’s safety.


Maxifind Max 4 Pro is far much better than Meepo NLS Pro.


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