Nazaré Lonestar eSkate VS. Lacroix Jaws

Nazaré Lonestar eSkate VS. Lacroix Jaws

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Nazaré Lonestar eSkate VS. Lacroix Jaws

If you have been riding skateboards for any significant time, you will agree that its three-dimensional nature makes it the king of board sports for a good reason.

For over 20 years now, I have been riding motorcycles, and you can bet I have had several serious injuries. But with skateboarding, the risks are less frightening.

Lacroix Jaws is manufactured by Lacroix, a relatively new entrant in this industry based in Montreal.

Lacroix Jaws use dual motors (6374 – 190kv), enjoying a range of 16 – 22 miles. It boasts a top speed of 47 mph, weighing 29 lbs (13 kg). Nazare Lonestar weighs more, at 20.5Kg as it has a bigger 2178wh, 12S12P battery pack of Sanyo 20700B cells.

This Montreal-based boutique eSkate builder has been rated as a company whose customers seem to be very happy with their products.

The company’s boards seem to be getting very positive reception from the riders right from their first models.

Additionally, the company has been lucky to be well-reputed for the short time it has been in the market.

This has remained consistent, even in discussion forums full of skeptical and seasoned community members.

Who are known to pull a company to pieces for any issue they deem not to be well addressed or somewhat shady business practice.

The Nazaré Lonestar is a sturdy board made by professionals redefining new premium quality all-terrain e-boards.

It’s touted as among the fastest electric skateboards out there, delivering an exhilarating experience. As you might guess, all-terrain electric skateboards are built for adventurers.

These boards come with larger and heavier wheels, boasting a strong build quality.

This makes such electric skateboards an ideal way to travel over the rough landscape like hills, forest trails, and many other off-road terrains.

The Lacroix Jaws

Coming as the successor of the famous Prototipo model, Lacroix Jaws had a steep hill to climb due to the popularity of its predecessor.

It’s easy for a product to succeed as a failed or not-so-well-doing product. However, if the product to be succeeded is still doing well as the Prototipo model was doing.

Nazaré Lonestar eSkate VS. Lacroix Jaws

There is double work that needs to be done by the manufacturer to ensure that the market is taken to the next level.

This is part of the success story for the Lacroix Jaws; the manufacturer was pushed by what was already in the market to develop a superior product.

Fortunately, the Jaws also share most of its components with the Prototipo model, which is good for spares.

The Lacroix Jaws use dual motors (6374 – 190kv), enjoying a range of 16 – 22 miles. It boasts a top speed of 47 mph, weighing 29 lbs (13 kg).

Lacroix Jaws’ has a 726wh – 12s4p battery, charging for only 2.5 hours. Interestingly, the Nazare Lonestar is identical and similar to the Jaws.

Indeed, only a few areas are well-distinguishable from the jaws: they have wider ‘Hypertrucks,’ extra front lights, and they come with bigger motors, batteries, and an improved range.

Nazaré Lonestar Vs. Lacroix Jaws

I will occasionally mention evolve boards as I compare these two boards since they claim to come close to the two.

Many riders have noticed Evolve’s tendency to mass-produce heavily overpriced eSkates, which are visually appealing but full of massive design flaws and poor build quality.

There is no shortage of reports of Evolve boards and their shortcomings on the internet.

Unfortunately, Evolve has acquired a stance where they have a standard response that such incidents ‘must have been user error.’

If you are lucky to get them to accept your board for repair, they will fumble around with your board as you wait for weeks.

Ultimately, they will tell you that they have changed some part (they will never tell you what they changed) and then give back your faulty board.

Regarding stealthiness, Lacroix Jaws reigns howbeit subtly, attracting much attention. You will agree that this is a visible eye-catcher.

And it makes riders wonder if it suffices calling this board anything else but an ordinary skateboard.

However, PEVs are still seen as toys in some parts of the world and are not ridden on roads or bike lanes.

The Lacroix Jaws is so unobtrusively silent that you need to find ways of notifying other road users that you are approaching from behind.

Interestingly, even when you are carving hard, you will find that the humming noise of your tire tread hitting the ground is louder than the drivetrain.

How Loud Is The Motor Sound For Lacroix Jaws?

The motors your Jaws will only become audible after opening the throttle wider than usually necessary.

There is no other time you will hear a sonorously low-pitched sound being generated.

Compare this with the Nazare Lonestar that produces some powerfully high-pitched, screaming F1-like sound.

I would say that this is somehow irritating, but to some, this is still impressive.

What About The Main Setup?

If you joined the eSkate community because you were looking for something to bring parts of the snowboarding fun to your day-to-day routine.

You might have found that the Lacroix Jaws does a great job in this. Indeed, this is aboard that has been built as a complement to snowboarding.

Consequently, it’s an all-seasons board, other than for winter. However, there are times I ignore that and even ride it in winter, but you know how freaking cold it can get out there.

Indeed, when you are riding your Jaws, it’s pretty much like snowboarding. Only that you can carve and even accelerate it uphill, you can’t successfully do this in snowboarding.

However, the truth is that you will not be able to drive it like a Leiftech Summerboard or a snowboard. This is a good thing as it makes the jaws more advantageous on the tarmac.  

Additionally, this makes the jaws more predictable than a Nazare, especially when riding in traffic.

When I look at My Lacroix Jaws, I can’t help but remember the 1980’s aesthetics. Understandably, these are not everyone’s cup of tea.

But regardless of anyone’s opinion, it remains somehow iconic.

Indeed, its’ overall appearance can be compared to the widely cited ‘Hoverboard’ of Robert Zemeckis’ popular movie “Back to the future 2”.

Consequently, it scarcely comes as a surprise that some people might start calling you ‘McFly’ when riding this board.

And when this happens, it’s obvious that it will put a grin on your face.

Your Lacroix Jaws has a wide deck, measuring 98 cm / 38 inches long and 28 cm / 11 inches wide, without trucks and wheels.

This can be considered as being ‘ultra-wide, and it’s an advantage to those tall guys. I enjoy it as it appears like it has been customized for me.

This is welcome and necessary due to the immense acceleration and braking power of the Jaws. This is because it’s easy to cope with resulting forces better at a long stance.

Lighting: Nazare Lonester Vs. Lacroix Jaws

For those who frequently ride at night, it’s needful to have dependable lights. When it comes to Lacroix Jaws, they come with built-in plugs for the Lacroix ‘HyBeams’ front lights.

These have 2200 lumens each. But the lights are not covered in the price of the Jaws.

Again, you might not find it lawful to use them in some parts of the world as they are considered as having the ability to pilots enqueued in their approach corridor.

These can be bought from the Lacroix website. On the other hand, a Nazare Lonester has the same lights whose price is included in the price tag.

Both Nazare Lonestar and Lacroix Jaws come with a built-in GPS tracking module to enhance theft protection. This is not a bad idea, given their price.

Nazaré Lonestar eSkate VS. Lacroix Jaws

If you put a SIM in it, you get a very long leash. It’s important to understand that Lacroix, in 2019, unrevealed three new products at the same time!

These included Nazare Lonestar ($3999) and Lacroix Jaws ($2499).

The Nazares

The Nazare houses a 1089wh,12s6p pack of Sanyo 20700B cells in its 15.5Kg body.

Indeed, the Nazare Lonestar weighs more, at 20.5Kg as it has a bigger 2178wh, 12S12P battery pack of Sanyo 20700B cells.

Your Lacroix Nazare boasts of a range of 37miles (60km), while the Lonestar boasts of 50 miles(80km) range.

Ideally, your Nazare Lonestar and a Nazare resemble each other, other than the battery, weight, and range.

Your Nazare Lonestart boasts a 190 KV motor and a very wide ad flexible deck. It comes with new trucks with RipTide powered bushing.

It has an extremely high top speed and 8 inch Kenda tires.

When it comes to charging, the first thing we need to acknowledge is the large battery capacity. With this kind of battery capacity.

The need for a professional charger becomes imminent. Fortunately, this is what you get! The charger is a premium quality 8 Amp charger that boasts a massive plug and a solid cable.

Additionally, it has a built-in cooling fan that automatically switches on to dissipation of heat losses. This is especially so during the first charging phase.

Although this is a good thing, it comes with its downside as well. While the fan does a good job of cooling, it has a loud noise that cannot be easily wished away.

Therefore, I would advise you not to try charging your batteries underneath your PC or next to children’s rooms when your children are going to sleep.

It’s best to charge it elsewhere. But this loud noise is not all evil! Yes, you heard me right. With the loudness, it’s easy to hear when your batteries are about to get fully charged.

And because of the large capacity of the battery, it’s not necessary to charge it that often. And this is handy in adding enough flexibility to deal with it.

You get all these benefits after only 2.5 hours of charge time from empty to full.


The Jaws enjoy a wide range of applications. Its strength is played to the fullest on high-speed rides when doing a closed-course and even on long rides over wide, open terrain.

There is no limit to the terrain, as you can ride it on hilly terrain loaded with inclines and on group rides.

Additionally, it’s a demon when it comes to carving, fitting your needs wherever you want, surfing the roads at higher speeds.

This is the best companion for high daily commuters as it has a good range and can handle puddles of water and light rain.

What’s more, with a thumb with fine motor skills, you will easily ride it through crowded places. All you need will be a bicycle bell.

And for those who love acceleration, the Jaws might be your first choice too.

But still, as it has limited maneuverability at low speeds, it scarcely qualifies as your best bet to ride through a historic old town that has very narrow corners.

Again, it will not serve you well if you have a combination of rides and public transport due to its bulky weight nature.

On the other hand, the Nazare Lonester happens to be the fastest electric skateboard this far. For those who love exploration and speedrunning, this is your boat.

While it’s significantly heavy, you will always feel that it’s light under your feet. Indeed, you will be amazed to know that its handling resembles that of a board half its weight.

You will tend to forget its weight until you lift it or try to haul it; that is the only time you remember that you are hauling a 2178wh battery.

Again, the newly designed asymmetrical deck has a lower angled rear “tab,” concave feet “pockets,” central flex, triaxial fiberglass layer under each foot and tab.

It also has snowboard top sheets on the top and bottom of the deck.

Nazare will do an estimated 50-60 miles for a hard-charging rider, but it can go up to 80 miles for a lightweight who doesn’t have to push that hard!

When you receive your board, the shipment has everything, including two extra belts, a full spare tire, and extra pulleys for extra high-speed madness and high end-of-range torque.


While the Lacroix Jaws might qualify as better than Nazare Lonestar, everything boils down to preference.


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