Onewheel Wear App and the XR (Complete Guide)

Should I buy a Onewheel Pint or XR?

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Onewheel Wear App and the XR

Onewheel App comes as an additional determination by Future Motion to make riding on Onewheel enjoyable. With the App, you will be able to know your battery status.

This comes as a plus since you will not need to fear running out of juice unexpectedly.

Onewheel wear App is gaining popularity among Onewheel owners. It comes in handy in several instances like in ride tracking, battery display,Speed calculation, and charge warning.

Additionally, you will be able to enjoy epic adventures, track riding data, and toggle the LED lights when cruising at night.

This App comes as a stand-alone App that connects to your OneWheel board. The App is handy in displaying critical information that touches on speed and battery percentage.

Consequently, you will not need to risk your phone as you ride.

Onewheel wear App needs to be installed using the Play Store App on your phone. This is what will be used to search and install this wear App.

As your wear App calculates the speed, there might be inaccuracies as such calculations are based on your tire pressure.

A progress bar around the watch is used to display the battery status, whereby you can see the remaining charge at the bottom of your watch’s display.

What’s more, it’s easy to operate the wear app as you only need to perform a wrist gesture and toggle between speed- and distance-view. 

How Do I Connect My Onewheel to the App?

Connecting to your Onewheel App is easy. First, you will need to download the Onewheel App from the App Store.

Alternatively, you might want to download it from the Google Play Store. From your phone or smart device settings, toggle on Bluetooth and then open your Onewheel App.

Your smart device or phone should be held near your board. You will be able to see a connection option in Onewheel’s App. It will be time to click your board number on the App.

Note that all Onewheel boards have a peculiar serial number, and this is what you should be putting in your App.

It’s also critical to note that you should avoid any attempt of connecting via your phone’s Bluetooth settings since this should be done through Onewheel’s App.

Remember, it’s not possible to pair your Onewheel with more than one smart device at any single time.

Therefore, if you need to connect to a different device, you will first need to disconnect.

What Does the Onewheel App Do?

When your Onewheel App is connected, you will be able to enjoy many benefits, as already discussed.

In addition to what we discussed earlier, it will be easy to track your activity and the activities of other riders.

A bonus to this will be the ability to control your riding experience with digital shaping directly.

A recap of the benefits is a low battery alert, a fully charged battery alert, a battery overcharge warning, a point of no return warning when your battery is 50 percent drained.

A new top speed message, and a wheel slip detection warning.

In addition to these, you will get an estimate of the remaining range from the remaining charge, a regeneration display, and a consumption display.

Additionally, you will see the total odometer display as well as the speed display.

The good thing about the App is that it connects to other tracking devices like Android Wear and the Apple Watch.

Connecting your Onewheel to the App is easy as you will only need to use Bluetooth 4.0 on your smartphone or mobile device. 

Can You Ride A Onewheel Goofy?

Yes. There is no problem riding your Onewheel, even if you are goofy. Onewheel has gained more popularity among people who have previously snowboarded, skated, or surfed.

It’s easy to learn riding with a fast learning curve. But your previous experience might not matter much since it’s easy to learn this skill.

But how do you place your feet on the board, and which foot goes forward? Well, I will answer this concern.

Indeed, once you decide to learn to ride a Onewheel, your first step will be to determine which foot takes the front and which one takes the back.

This is because there are implications for either choice. Peradventure you already tried the above mentioned boards.

You might know what foot goes where according to your preference.

However, there is an easy way to find out which foot should go for those who haven’t tried a board before.

Indeed, all you have to do is to stand with your feet apart, facing forwards. After this, request your friend to push you forward from the back gently.

Onewheel Wear App and the XR

Naturally, you will find that you will put one foot forward first. If your left foot goes forward with little effort, you are a ‘regular foot.’

On the other hand, if you reach out to your right foot first, you are “goofy.”

A regular foot needs to put their left foot at the front of Onewheels board while a goofy will ride with their right foot at the front.

If you are a regular foot and try to ride your Onewheel like a goofy, it will not feel right, and you will need to change your feet placement.

To start riding your Onewheel goofy, place it on the ground with its back deck. Put your right foot onto the front pad and ensure that the bulk of your weight is on the back foot.

This will keep your board on the ground.

Now, shift your weight to your front foot very gently, applying little pressure, and at the same time use your body’s momentum to balance your board.

Now center your weight on the board over the wheel. This way, it will respond when you put more weight on the front or back pad. Enjoy your goofy ride!

Can I Track My Onewheel?

Yes. When you make an order of your Onewheel, you might be too excited to wait until its arrival to start riding.

No one buys anything they don’t need, that’s why you were pushed by your need to place an order on a Onewheel.

But it might seem to take eternity on the way, especially if you have no idea how the order is being handled.

Future Motion understands your need, and that’s why there is a provision for tracking your Onewheel.

With this option, you can easily estimate how long it will take to get your treasured device.

To jumpstart your Onewheel tracking, you will need to use a tracking number sent to you via your email as soon as your purchase is confirmed.

This email will also contain the name of the courier that will be handling your order. Use the details in this email to ascertain the exact location of your order en-route.

These details will remain useful until you receive your order.

Do not discard them yet! But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to track your order without the tracking code.

No. Indeed, you can open a “Onewheel account” by visiting the Onewheel website and logging in.

Find the “Log In” at the top navigation and head straight to “My Account,” and then click “My Orders.” Notice that you will be redirected to your account on another page.

Review your orders from your account page and get any clarification concerning your Onewheel order.

Tracking your order from this page will require you to click on “Track My Order,” where you will get to the order status page.

How Do I Send Onewheel Diagnostics?

It’s easy to send Onewheel diagnostics. But before I delve into this, why would you want to send these diagnostics in the first place?

As you use your Onewheel, you might encounter problems or any other forms of errors that you cannot handle. The best-suited people to handle such errors would be Future Motion.

Remember, as long as your warranty is in force, you should not allow anyone to look into the faults or malfunctioning of your board, as this might void your warranty.

Consequently, it’s advisable to let Future Motion handle any error emanating from the use of your board. There isn’t a better way to achieve this than using the Onewheel App.

First, you will need to connect to the App through your Onewheel and heed to the “My Boards” page. After connecting, click the gear icon.

This will enhance access to your board statistics. Scroll down to “SEND DIAGNOSTICS” and tap this banner. After tapping it, you will be given an option to comment on the diagnostics.

Continue by escalating your issue, getting a ticket, and submitting it to Customer Support. This should inform them that you submitted diagnostics for their review.

This should contain your full name and your valid email address.

However, it’s critical to point out that opening a ticket is critical in this procedure as sending diagnostics scarcely be met with a reply.

Indeed, Customer Support will only review and evaluate your diagnostic if you open a ticket with them and escalate your issue therein.

Sometimes, it might be hard for Customer Support to diagnose the problem without full details.

Therefore, it might be useful to consider uploading a short video that can be anywhere between 10 and 15 seconds for them to diagnose your issue correctly.

In addition to that, your ticket needs also to have your board’s serial number.

Does Onewheel XR Have Lights?

Yes. Onewheel XR has lights. As you might be aware, Onewheel is a personal electric manufactured by Future Motion that has gained popularity in the past few years.

New members are joining the Onewheel community each passing day. With these surging numbers, new members might grapple with questions regarding the XR lights.

If you want to join this community, you might wonder if Onewheel XR has lights and how to put them on.

While it might be pretty simple to turn on your Onewheel and its lights, you might still face problems when doing this.

Just to mention, Onewheel XR is one of the coolest ways of getting around your city in 2021.

Every single day, there are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Onewheel owners who use Onewheels to commute to and from their places of work.

This means that they at times need to commute home in the dark.

This is one of the reasons why some users have resorted to upgrading their lights to cater to their night vision.

The stock lights are not enough for many users who want to ride at night.  

To turn on your Onewheel LED lights, press the power button at the rear of your Onewheel. This will automatically turn on your lights.

The same button will be used to turn off the light through the same procedure. Note that these lights will automatically turn off and on with your board.

The advantage of Onewheel XR stock lights is that they are integrated with the board. The front lights illuminate white when you move forward, while the rear lights illuminate red.

Interestingly, if you change direction, the lights swap their color such that the rear light illuminates white when the rear is in the front.

Unfortunately, these lights are not bright enough, and you might need to add LED lights if you love riding at night.

Onewheel Wear App and the XR

This is the only way to ensure clear vision at night. Another reason you might want to add lights is if they break as these are the most vulnerable to break in the device.

You can upgrade to ShredLights.


Onewheel wear App is gaining popularity among Onewheel owners. It comes in handy in several instances like in ride tracking, battery display, and charge warning.

The same App is useful in speed calculation, howbeit with minimal inaccuracies, and showing program bar. This is an app that is easy to install from the app store.

It removes the need to endanger your phone as you can use the wrist gesture to operate it.  Still, it’s easy to toggle between distance and speed view.


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