Should I Get A Onewheel? (Yes,Some Tips)

Should I buy a Onewheel Pint or XR?

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Should I Get A Onewheel?

Onewheels are not only highly addictive but offer perpetual joy while riding.

Onewheel run on a brushless hub motor that boasts great power to propel the rider up hills and then successfully break going down the same.

With the method of operation easy (leaning using your body), acceleration and deceleration are seamless. This offers a natural and incredibly intuitive riding experience.

So you might wonder, should I get a Onewheel? Well, Yes, you should.

With so many benefits coming your way as a Onewheel owner and rider, there is no way you will regret buying it.

Once you buy your Onewheel, you will marvel at the comfort the large tire gives you while riding.

Indeed, you will be able to enjoy a smooth ride, with riding over cracks and bumps becoming a breeze.

Does A Onewheel Balance Itself?

Yes. Unlike the conventional riding boards, Onewheels are built to balance themselves by use of a motor.

This motor is powered by the battery but you will need to recharge from time to time.

This self-balancing board-sport can also be used as a personal recreational transporter.

As the single wheel propels riders backward or forwards, it performs thousands of micro-adjustments per second.

It’s these micro-adjustments that keep the rider balanced.

While it might be said to have similarities with an electric unicycle, a Onewheel requires the rider’s feet to be at a perpendicular angle to the wheel and the direction of travel.

Invented by Future Motion Inc., Onewheel was launched on January 6, 2014, but the original wasn’t released until 2015. 

Can I ride Onewheel on the beach?

This was to be followed in 2017 by Onewheel+. Later in 2018, Onewheel+ XR was released, followed the following year by Onewheel Pint.

Onewheel held participated in their first Race for the Rail event in 2015. Another similar event was conducted in 2020, and the finals streamed live.

All Onewheel models have a different range. For instance, the original model is a 6.5–9.5 km range with a top speed of 20 km/h.

The model was discontinued and replaced with the subsequent version, Onewheel+, which came into the limelight in January 2017.

This had a better range as it did 8–11.5 km before the need to recharge, having a top speed of 30 km/h.

However, this was also discontinued to pave the way for Onewheel+ XR. The last product is Onewheel Pint.

Currently, there are only two models that are still being produced, which include Onewheel Pint (range of 9.5–13 km).

With a top speed of 25 km/h and Onewheel+ XR (with a range of 20–30 km) and a top speed of 30 km/h).

Additionally, the Pint boasts a LED light display that shows your battery status and a mag handle for ease of carrying.

How Long Does A Onewheel’s Battery Last?

Onewheel batteries are known to have very long lifespans. Made of lithium NMC, Onewheel+ XR, and Onewheel Pint’s batteries can serve you for over ten years.

But to enjoy such long lifespans, you will need to maintain good upkeep practices as you use your Onewheel battery.

Indeed, the batteries behave the same way other batteries behave. So how do you take care of your Onewheel battery?

The first thing to do is to protect your battery from undesirable temperature extremes.

You cannot expose your Onewheel to extremely hot temperatures or extreme cold temperatures and expect it to last long.

Consequently, after using your board, do not leave it outside as it might be susceptible to snow or hail.

It’s best to keep your board in a room where there is constant room temperature.

While your Onewheel battery has built of very high-quality and sophisticated electronics, optimal health must be maintained at all times.  

From time to time, you need to balance your battery. Without accurate battery balancing, your Onewheel will scarcely know the amount of battery power being consumed.

Balancing your battery is easy since you only need to leave your Onewheel plugged in for 24 hours once each week.

This is especially needed for users who charge their batteries for a short time and regularly use their board. Short charges are the real culprit in battery imbalance.

Another thing that will need to be checked if you wish to succeed in getting long life from your battery is long-term storage.

If you will not be using your board for more than two weeks, it is advisable to charge your Onewheel to achieve a percentage of about 70.

Again, the board should be stored in a temperature-regulated area. Again, the battery should be charged from time to time if it is not in use.

Why Does Onewheel Nosedive?

Lastly, avoid running the battery through a full cycle.

To achieve this, make sure that you only charge the battery to about 90 percent and then drain it to about 20 percent before recharging it.

Never drain the battery completely.

Are Onewheel’s Tires durable?

It depends on the rite. For instance, the stock tire that the Onewheel comes with, Vega MBM, has a lifespan of about 1,000 miles.

This means that if you ride about 3 miles daily, you will use it for about one year.

On the other hand, using the same Onewheel to do 10 miles a day will give you three months from the tire.

Still, many other factors affect the longevity of your Onewheel tire. Tire pressure is one of the major factors that may affect the lifespan of your tire.

The tire pressure needs to be checked regularly. Indeed, this is even more needful after a testing cruise or after long rides.

Consequently, if you are deflated, head to the gas station and check your pressure. Alternatively, you can buy a pressure gauge as they are not too costly.

The pressure you should be looking for in your tire is 20 Psi. However, you can adjust the pressure based on your weight and your riding style.

To know the best pressure for you, test your Onewheel under various pressure levels and stick to what works best for you.

If you underinflate your tire, it means that your Onewheel will experience a kind of a drag, exposing a more extensive area of the tire to the riding surface.

This will shorten your tire’s lifespan. Consequently, you will want to check on the pressure every time you come home from your rides.

Before you put away your board for the evening, scan it and see any cuts on the tread or the sides. If your tire needs a clean, you can use a brush to do the work.

Tire Change

You might want to upgrade your tire, or your tread might be shot, necessitating a tire change.

It’s advisable to take your time before you settle on the tire that you want to use as your replacement since the tire affects the overall experience that you will get from your Onewheel.

Look into aspects of your riding style as well as your riding preferences.

Indeed, it might be a good idea first to rent a Onewheel to experience how it feels on a particular tire you might consider buying. Nut, how did you get here?

It has to do with the surfaces you ride on, your tire maintenance frequency, your riding style, and your weight; all these impacts your tire longevity. 

You will know that you need to change your tire.

It has signs like loss of traction, excessively worn-down tread, slow leaks, bead wear around the hub, uneven wear, deep cracks, severe nicks for the tire’s sidewall, and tire vibration while riding.

Should I Get A Onewheel Pint?

Yes. If you want to buy your first Onewheel, it’s advisable to buy the Pint. Unlike the previous Onewheels, Onewheel Pint comes at a much lower price.

Indeed, the price is accessible to most people as it’s $950. Still, you can bring the cost down if you buy your pint in bundles.

Future Motion has come up with packages that bring onboard other accessories you will need with your Onewheel pint.

The target audience for Onewheel Pint is not hardcore Onewheel enthusiasts. If you are an experienced one-wheeler, this might not be for you.

But it’s a good starting point for those who are new in the sport as you can ride your Onewheel without spending a lot of money.

With the pint, you will see a surge of new Onewheel riders, and this should help solidify the manufacturer’s dominance of a one-wheeled electric skateboard.

While the Pint retails at $950, it is crucial to understand that it’s not an XR. This means that the top speed and range are different.

But you are getting this at a much lower price than XR’s $1800. However, the lower speed is not necessarily a bad thing.

I cannot advise you to buy this Onewheel if you love cruising at high speed. There are magnificent features that are packed with your Onewheel Pint.

While it’s indisputable that Onewheel pint is cheap, it has a magnetic handle that makes your device’s carrying easy.

In addition to the magnetic handle, a light bar shows your battery charge that alerts you of the battery status while riding.

Again, the Simple Stop technology is a new feature improving your safety as a rider. This makes dismounting easy for all beginners.

Due to these desirable features, the Pint will surely be popular among new riders who want to test the waters in Onewheels.

But can this Onewheel impress any hardcore riders who own previous models of Onewheels? Well, yes.

This device that experienced riders will find useful in learning the use of features that weren’t in the previous models.

Indeed, experienced riders have a lot to learn from this new smaller board. 

Are There Any Onewheel Component Improvements?

Yes. Future Motion has improved customer experience with their devices ever since they released their initial prototype in 2014.

From that time, technology has been improving as well as advancing.

While all Onewheel can work similarly, the regular updates and tweaks ensure that the rider’s experience is constantly improving.

The continuous improvement in battery life has made this possible.

For instance, consider the Onewheel XR+ that can do 12-18 miles on a single battery charge, taking about 110 minutes to recharge.

However, you can cut on this charging time if you use the XR Hypercharge, completing the full charge at about 60 minutes.

On the other hand, the Onewheel Pint boasts a 6-8 miles’ riding range, requiring about 120 minutes recharging, while 50 minutes will suffice when using the Pint Ultra charger.

This is a fairly substantial improvement compared to the time it took to charge the original Onewheel comfortable with a modest range of 6-8 miles.

Improved technology

One advantage of improved technology is that the improved battery helps in how much power your Onewheel offers uphill and colder weather.

Not impacting the battery life in any negative manner.

In addition to these, the latest Onewheel XR+ model has proven to be quite smooth and intuitive. You can ride at 19 miles-per-hour, and this is not slow by any standards.

Again, this device will stop on a dime!

Battery App

Onewheel has come up with a brilliant app that all Onewheel owners might need to install.

This App is handy in dispensing all appropriate information on your Onewheel’s performance.

Does Onewheel Pint Come With a Charger?

This touches on speed, battery life, distance traveled, curated search maps from other riders, and connecting with the Onewheel community of riders.


It’s a good decision to get a Onewheel. The benefits that you get with a Onewheel far exceed the relatively high cost of the investment.

However, you can still opt for cheaper options like the Onewheel Pint that will offer a good Onewheel experience at half the amount you would ordinarily pay for a Onewheel.

Therefore, it’s hard to regret investing in a Onewheel.


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