Shredlights SL-200 Two Pack Is It Worth It?

Shredlights SL-200

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Shredlights SL-200 Two Pack Is It Worth It?

It’s not easy to beat the joy you get during a nighttime ride aboard your electric board. This might be with a group ride with the regulars, a friend, or a solo cruise.

It’s exhilarating and involving to ride at top speed, but anyone will agree that having powerful lights will make others see you, which is crucial to rider safety.

So you might ask, are the new Shredlights SL-200 two packs worth it?

Yes, Shred lights SL-200 two-pack is worth it. They come with mounting options, but this will depend on the package of your Shredlights and the numbers of their SL-200 Lights. For instance, for a single light, you will get one light, white or red, at $29,99.

But if you go for a two-pack, it will cost you $49,99 (2) Lights, (1) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables, and (1) Pair Standard Skateboard Mounts.

On the other hand, if you choose the combo pack, you will part with $99,99 and get 2) White Lights, (2) Red Lights, (2) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables, and (2) Pairs of mounts of your choice.

Lastly, if you opt for the Night Ops Pack, you will pay $149,99 and get (3) White Lights, (3) Red Lights, (3) Dual Micro USB Charging Cables, (2);

Curved Sticky Mounts with Dual Lock Velcro, (1) Action Clip, (1) Pair Standard Mounts, (1) Pair Extended Mounts (1) Pair Angled Mounts, and (1) Pair Flat Mounts.

The SL-200 package addresses all shortcomings of previous lights for electric skateboards. First, they boast of much higher battery capacity.

I normally charge them once every week, using them every day in my daily commuting. Additionally, they come with enhanced water resistance.

Indeed, the lights can be immersed in water without any risk of malfunctioning!

The “S-Lock” mounting system is quick, reliable, and matched with different mounting brackets, all at your disposal to choose.

And you won’t ignore the fact that the brightness of SL-200 Shredlights is unmatched.

ShredLights SL-200 Two Pack specifications

The best way to start on your journey of lighting your electric skateboard is to use shredlights.

And you are not going to want to waste the opportunity and resources on any light but buy the best available in the market.

You want to have the front and the rear addressed. Use the world’s best headlights and taillights that have been designed specifically for skateboarding.

I am talking of the new Shredlights SL-200(Amazon Link) two-pack whose battery is three times bigger.

This gives the rider up to 150 hours of battery life with 200 lumens of maximum brightness per ShredLight.

The new Shredlights SL-200 has 1″ x 3″ x 1″, weighing 50 grams. These lights boast a brightness of 200 lumens.

With the new Shredlights two-pack, you can be assured of 150 h of battery life from a 2-hour charge. The battery capacity is 1,000 mAh with a water resistance rating of IP65.

With a warranty of 90 days, the two-pack uses LED technology with 5700K/RED.

There are three Constant Modes and three Flash Modes where charging is done through micro USB.

Shredlights SL-200 Two Pack Performance Review

While riding an electric skateboard during the day is fun, it’s not that fun when you are riding at night.

Indeed, it’s a completely different scenario and experience when you ride at night.

Perhaps, you can compare this with snowboarding in a way to feel fresh air on your face and at the same time anticipate the ground below.

The new shred lights SL-200 two-pack is extremely bright and perfect, the perfect accessory you need for your electric skateboard.  

These Shredlights come with mounts for ease in installing. You can place them on the skateboard trucks, scooter handlebar, or helmet.

Still, you can place them on the backpack as they have a mount.

Shredlights, an American brand known for unmatched production of high quality and durable products, manufactures the shock-resistant Shredlights SL-200.

You can adjust these lights to four modes, including 200 lumens blinking-mode with three different patterns, very bright (200 lumens), dimmed (25 lumens), and bright (100 lumens).

With Shredlights SL-200, you will get a good view in the dark as you ride and make you visible to other riders and road users.

The lights possess an internal battery that is bigger in terms of capacity, up to three times bigger than the previous models.

What’s more, you will quickly recharge them using the USB cable in the box.

The good thing about the new SL-200 Shredlights two-pack is that you can mount them on any electric skateboard/longboard.

What Are Lumens In Shredlights?: How Many

Lights are measured by the number of ‘lumens’ in international standards. The symbol lm is used to represent them.This is the measurement of luminous .

Flux Lumens are represented by the symbol lm and is the measurement of the amount of light or the luminous flux emitted by a source of light by unit time.

But lumens are meant to measure the light that the human eye can see and nothing more than that.

This means that the electromagnetic waves, the ultraviolet or infrared light the object emits, are not captured.

That said, the more lumens you have, the more visible light you get.

Different shredlights have different lumens. For instance, Srendlights SL-200 has 200 lumens while Shredlight SL-1000 has 1000 lumens.

As pointed out, more lumens mean stronger beam and range. This means the 1000 lumens shredlight will have a stronger beam and illuminate farther than the 200-lumen shredlight.

Do Shredlights Last?

There are many accessories that you may choose to put on your electric skateboard.

While some of these accessories will be optional, some of them will make your board unsafe to ride on if not included on your board.

One of such accessories is shredlights. If you have an electric skateboard, you will need to get some lighting if you want to enjoy your ride at night.

This is a necessity for those who do not wish to be constrained by the sun.

If you want to carry out any amount of riding when the sun goes down, you will need some form of lighting. And shredlights are your best option.

This is because ShredLights lights the electric skateboard’s world with their first round of products.

These included lights that came as very durable and cost-efficient, in addition to being easy to mount on your electric skateboard.

But there has been some redesigning whereby a better mounting system will allow you to attach your shredlights on your deck easily and anywhere you want to have them mounted.

Indeed, you can even mount them on your helmet. One thing about the mounts is that they can be the determining factor of the longevity your shredlights will enjoy.

Regardless of the electric skateboard you have or own, ShredLights are the most durable and reliable lights.

As you enjoy your ride at night, the danger of rocks, cracks, and other obstacles becomes more real and dangerous than ever.

However, ShredLights provide visibility that will change everything and ensure your ride is secure and safe.

And with electric skateboards becoming one of the most common forms of transportation, it’s advisable to ensure that you are safe with your board as you ride at night.  

Durability is an issue that many are concerned with about flashlights.

While these can be mounted on either side of the board, they leave the lights vulnerable to smashed into the pavement.

Fortunately, ShredLights has offered an effective option, offering unparalleled durability.

These are anti-shock lights that won’t fall off their mounts even when riding on rough terrains.

Durability is even more guaranteed by encasing these lights in a rubber layer, adding to its rugged nature.

It’s this rubber wrap that qualifies the lights to an IP 65 water and dust resistance rating.

Even when your rights take the abuse of your board flipping on its sides and hitting the lights, as is usually the case, your shredlights will still hold.

Indeed, they will scarcely break or even fall off. Although I do not have anything about the 3D printed mount Shred Lights, I think they harbor a potential issue.

This far, they are fine and hardy, but I would go for a plastic molded mount.

How Do I Turn Off Shred Lights?

To turn on or turn off your shredlights, you can briefly hold down one of the two side buttons. Alternatively, you can press both buttons at the same time.

If you enable lockout mode, you will not have the light turn off accidentally. Therefore, this can be used as a safety precaution to ensure that your lights remain on when you are riding.

Alternatively, the lockout mode can be enabled or disabled by holding both buttons simultaneously for three seconds.

The usefulness of the lockout mode can also be harnessed when transporting your light, as it’s the only sure way to ensure your light maintains the status quo.

How to Use the ShredLights SL-200 and 3 Tips for Daily Use

If you are a fan of riding your skateboard at night or are forced by circumstances to ride at night, lights are necessary.

While decent protective gear and a certified helmet are the most important precaution to take when using an electric skateboard.

Lights are the most important gear for you as a night rider.

If you live in central Europe (I do), you know how rewarding it can be to ride your electric skateboard in the springtime and autumn.

The early sunsets coupled with the late sunrises make riding without lights UN uphill task. And it’s a dangerous venture.

But with lights installed on your electric skated bard, you have nothing to be afraid of as other riders can see you, and you can also see them.

Using an electric skateboard can be interesting but also dangerous. It’s good when you know how to avoid pitfalls that might endanger your riding and your safety.

First, it’s advisable to switch off your lights after arriving at your destination. This you do by holding the buttons from the outside.

Only ensure that you are holding the outside of each button at the same time. And while it would be easier to switch off the lights using a remote control, this feature is yet to be availed.

I would appreciate it since I find it hard to change the light settings as you ride – you have to come to a stop first.

Secondly, since there are many flash settings, make use of these by combining several of them to create a unique pattern that will be visible from far, increasing your visibility.

Thirdly, it is recommended to install a white light on the underside of your board, setting it to the fastest setting to increase your visibility during the day.

How long do shred lights take to charge?

There is no standard time that can be authoritatively given as the ultimate time shredlights will charge. This is because there are differences in shredlights.

Some shredlights will take a shorter time than others. For instance, Shredlight SL-200 will take two hours to charge.

When it’s charging, the indicator lens will be red, indicating that it’s not fully charged.

However, when your shredlight is fully charged, it will turn red to green and stop charging.

Once the battery is fully charged, charging stops automatically, and your battery is safe from overcharging.

The charge will last anywhere between 6 hours to 150 hours, depending on how you use the lights.

On the other hand, it will take three and a half hours to charge shredlights SL-1000. As the light gets charged, the LED indicator will change to different lights.

When it has a charge lower than 25%, it will shine red; when it’s between 25% and 75%, it will shine orange and green when it has a charge above 75%.

Additionally, the indicator will show the current battery level when the light is turned on/off.


The Shredlights SL-200 two-pack is worth it.


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