What Is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?(Explained)

What Is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?

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What Is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?

Onewheel is the world’s first self-balancing electric skateboard and transforms from a board to a high-performance electric vehicle in seconds.

Onewheel boasts the best way to ride. Get up to 15 miles of range and 15 mph on streets, hills, or sand.

The lifespan of a Onewheel depends on how often and how much you ride it, but generally, I recommend replacing your board every 8-38 months. This is usually around 1-4 years; you should replace your board yearly. This will allow the wheel to rest and cleanse, making the Onewheel more durable and easier to ride.

When riding in cold weather, replacing your board more often is advisable due to the extra wear and tear on the wheel.

Other factors affect how long a Onewheel lasts, including where you live and what material your board is made of.

I have seen boards made out of fiberglass and plastic last much longer than ones made out of wood.

I have also seen boards constantly used in rough terrain that can last a couple of years more than boards used more frequently on the mild side of the riding experience.

If you are in an area with harsh conditions, like a cold winter, consider replacing your board at least every 3-5 years to keep it in peak condition.

Some wheelers purchase boards made of plastic, which can last for several years or more depending on how often you ride, what type of riding it goes through, and how hard you ride.

Plastic also makes the wheel lighter, which is never a bad thing.

How Many Miles Can You Put on A Onewheel?

Onewheel is a self-balancing electric scooter that’s easy to use, lightweight, and can go up to 15 mph.

It’s not just for recreation; you can use it throughout your work day as an alternative way to get from point A to point B in the office.

But inside the Onewheel’s footprint is a battery that needs charging. And, the farther you ride and the faster you go, the more battery you’ll need to carry around.

Some have ridden more than 5 miles on one charge. Last I saw, it was about 2 miles for a full charge (or 2-3 hours of riding). Let’s explore more miles

Onewheel Pint6-8 miles
Onewheel Plus5-8 miles
Onewheel GT32 miles on a single charge
Onewheel XR18 miles per charge

What Is The Lifespan Of A Onewheel XR Battery?

A Onewheel XR battery lasts for up to 8 years. This is with normal riding. If you ride more than this, you will shorten the battery life significantly.

The battery level is represented in green on the LCD, and it drains much slower than a smartphone. Charging typically takes 2-3 hours with a Onewheel battery charger.

How to Dry Clean Your Onewheel

You should charge it every 3-4 days, regardless of the level displayed on the LCD, which would be the same day.

Onewheel Pint6 months
Onewheel Plus5-8 years
Onewheel GT3-4 years
Onewheel XR5-8years

Is Onewheel Better Than A Scooter?

SpeedIt has a top speed of 17 miles per hour which is 5 times as fast as a regular skateboard.You can go up to 20 miles an hour and moves faster than a bike because you can steer with your feet.
Storage and PortabilityIt takes up nearly no space on the street and can fit in small places such as hallways or staircases.It takes up more space on the street and is nearly impossible to fit in small spaces.
SafetyIt can handle rougher terrain, making it great for commuting to work in cities with lots of hills or uneven sidewalks.They are incredibly safe, only going up to 15 miles an hour, and also very easy for beginners since you can steer with your feet.
Ease of useIt has several sensors to help you learn how to ride your new board in the shortest amount of time possible, and you can easily control it with a simple tap of the fender(footpad).It requires a lot of practice, and some people feel more comfortable riding a scooter with a balance weight to control it.
PriceA new Onewheel can cost as much as $1,200, even though it is an electric board that requires electricity.A new scooter can cost around $200 – $800, depending on the model, which is usually affordable for lower-income riders.
DistanceIt can go up to 24 miles per charge.It takes you only as far as a regular bike, 12 miles per charge.

Is A Onewheel Better Than A Skateboard?

Yes! Onewheel is better than a skateboard because it is easier to find the right balance and ride, has a more stable ride, can go on any terrain, and no need to wear special shoes or clothes.

Onewheel is much easier to learn than a skateboard because balance is the primary key to riding. The main factor in keeping yourself balanced on a Onewheel is leaning toward where you want to go.

A skateboard requires you to lean back and shift your weight to maintain balance quickly, but this takes practice and is difficult even for experienced skateboarders.

What Is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?

On the other hand, Onewheel makes it easy to keep yourself balanced because you only have to lean in the direction you want. Here are more differences:

SpeedIt is faster, both on the ground and when jumping.It is not one of the fastest wheeled vehicles, but it’s instantaneous when you jump on a skateboard.
TurningIt can easily turn at slower speeds and change direction in midair and on the ground.You can turn Onewheel more quickly by using both wheels or jumping off Onewheel.
BrakingIt has a braking system (footboard), whereas skateboarders do not. This is due to its stable structure.Does not need braking because they are already cruising.

Can Onewheel go off-road?

Yes! Onewheel can go off-road when riding it in a straight line. On the sides of the wheel, there are small stubs, essentially skis.

When you turn the wheel backward and press down with your heel, these tiny skis dig into the ground and help stabilize Onewheel when riding over rough terrain.

In these turns, Onewheel’s turning radius becomes a huge liability.

Onewheel can also ride over small bumps and cracks. However, Onewheel could get stuck and fall like any other self-balancing electric scooter if the obstacle is too high.

This is because Onewheel has no suspension. But if you go slowly enough and lean back to balance your body weight, you can slowly crawl over bigger obstacles and ramps.

Onewheel also has a technology called Active Suspension. The same technology that makes hoverboards fun to ride also makes Onewheel fun in rough terrain.

It could be better, though, as it can’t handle huge obstacles like big holes and hills. And if you hit something too hard, you could get thrown off if your body doesn’t compensate with Active Suspension.

Onewheel also has a unique battery system. There are two separate batteries. The bigger one is for everything else than balance the other smaller one that powers Onewheel’s motors.

You can locate these two batteries at opposite ends of Onewheel and connect them with a thin metal cable.

What Is the Lifespan of a Onewheel?

You can charge both batteries simultaneously for safety reasons, and then Onewheel takes about 10 minutes to fully charge them back up when you plug them in with your computer or wall outlet.

How Much Is An Original Onewheel?

It depends on the type of Onewheel you’re looking for. For example:

OneWheel Plus XR – Best of Breed$1,799
 OneWheel Pint – Best Value For Money$1,050
 SkootRider Single Wheel$749.00
 Viro Free-Style$59.00
 Bambi Board$250.00
 Bird One$100
Tony Hawk Signature Skateboard Line$59.90

Why Does My Onewheel Feel Slower?

1. Low Battery

If you drain your Onewheel battery and plug it in, the motor will produce power but will not do anything. It’s essential for your Onewheel always to have a full battery because it helps balance by giving you torque.

If you don’t have a full battery, the motor only receives power from your rider input, so it will feel like something is rolling back when you lean forward or ride on uneven ground.

2. No Pressure Applied

If you ride in regular shoes, the power you deliver will be directly proportional to the weight you apply. If you are too light or heavy, you will negatively deliver too much power and feel that something is off.

3. No Recent Firmware Update

If your battery is below 50%, you will not be able to get the most recent firmware updates. You need these updates for your Onewheel to function at its highest capacity and have the most fun.

Ensure you charge your Onewheel above 50% when doing a firmware update.

4. New Drive Belt

You may have noticed a new alignment guide on the left juice groove of your Onewheel. It’s essential to ensure that this guide sits flush in the juice groove so you have smooth riding.

If your belt is worn, you may notice that it drags a bit and doesn’t allow the alignment guide to fit flush in the groove or ride smoothly.

I recommend replacing your drive belt every six months and your safety treads yearly.

5. Riding Conditions

It’s important to remember that Onewheel is designed for light, recreational riding.

If you ride on snowy or uneven surfaces or perform tricks, you may experience increased wear and tear. Adjust your riding surface accordingly and stay safe.

6. Too High Of A Tire Pressure

Shock absorption is what keeps your Onewheel running smoothly. The more shock absorption provided, the more comfortable you will ride over bumpy roads and terrain.

If you are riding in regular shoes, you should ride at around 30 PSI. If you are backpacking or fat bike, you should ride at 30-40 PSI.

How Do I Extend My Onewheel Range?

XLR Port Installation MethodYou can do this by plugging an external battery to your Onewheel through your charging port, the XLR port.

Attaching an EGO battery to your XLR charge port allows you to charge your Onewheel’s internal battery as you ride.
Direct Parallel Installation MethodThis method connects the EGO battery in parallel with your Onewheel internal battery.

So instead of charging your Onewheel battery as you ride, you are increasing the entire capacity of your Onewheel and the Amp Hours available to your Onewheel as you ride.
Land Surf Ranger and XLR Cable KitBoth kits require you to buy an EGO battery. The Land Surf Ranger Kit will need you to have a dedicated EGO battery charger.

The Land Surf Ranger Kit also comes in a Parallel Installation Kit, which is my preferred method of installing the EGO battery to my Onewheel fender.
Land Surf Ranger Parallel Installation KitThe installation does require opening your battery box, disconnecting a wire, and making two simple connections. It also requires making a small alteration to the battery box using a drill.

Where To Get Used Onewheel GT

There are various places you can buy used Onewheel GT. The most common is on websites like eBay and craigslist.

These sites are a great way to get deals on used goods from various sellers. It’s also an excellent way to make some extra cash if you’re on a budget and don’t want to buy a new one.

Of course, many websites offer used Onewheel GT for sale as well. These include official stores like Amazon and eBay but also independent sellers who have their business selling gear for riders.

This lets you get a great deal on used gear from sellers who know what they’re doing.

Where To GetPrice
Amazon (new)$2,200.00
Stubhub (used) $1,425.00
Kidder’s Buying Service $2,950.00
Craigslist (Used) $680
Bidloan (New and Used) $1,909.00 – $2,129.00


Onewheel lifespan is 8-10 years when you ride it on concrete and asphalt most of the time. When the Onewheel gets older, though, performance will degrade with it.

Because of this, you’ll want to replace your drive belt periodically every year and your traction treads every two years.


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