Why Are Onewheel Accessories So Expensive?

Why Does Onewheel Nosedive?

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Why Are Onewheel Accessories So Expensive?

As a self-balancing electric board, Onewheel is an invention by Future Motion whose launching happened in 2014.

It’s popularity has increased immensely, with no serious competitor insight, as of now.

The popularity is anchored on its uniqueness in offering riding fun whereby more ground can be explored.

This is a device that can be used for both adventures and commuting. Onewheel’s are a little highly-priced compared to other electric boards.

Still, all Onewheel accessories are highly-priced. Therefore, if you are considering buying Onewheel, you might be wondering, why are Onewheel accessories so expensive?

Part of the high pricing justification can be found in the quality of the materials, but monopoly also contributes to the high price. The low supply of Onewheels is expected to cause high prices in the market.

Perhaps, it’s time another serious developer came up with the good competition. Maybe, that would see a significant drop in the pricing.

But what causes the accessories and the Onewheel to be so expensive?

Onewheel is expensive for most people. This is a statement that cannot be disputed. There might be a myriad of reasons dictating the high price.

Well, consider the price of a fender that will cost you about $85 from Future Motion.

Again, a simple steel stand will cost you about $60, while a Onewheel carrying handle takes you back by about $50.

These accessories are too expensive. Before we accuse Future motions of exploitation, it’s good to understand that buying and maintaining machines is costly.

Additionally, the machine companies require power and industrial space to work in. For instance, it might cost too much to install a fender mold.

In addition to this, things add to the cost of production like product design, packing, employees, shipping, and product marketing .

All these require a substantial amount of money that must be passed on to the consumer.

Therefore, consumers must wait for the popularity to increase to the level that the manufacturers will break even to see any relevant price reduction.

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But if you want to save money buying Onewheel accessories, you will have to buy after-market Onewheel accessories which cost much lower than Future Motion accessories.

Does Monopoly Contribute To High Prices For Onewheels?

Yes. According to the law of demand and supply, high demand pushes prices through the ceiling as the market strives to get an equilibrium price.

Indeed, you can never separate demand and supply from pricing due to the close relationship they enjoy.

Consequently, the low supply of Onewheels is expected to cause high prices on the product.

Couple this with the monopoly that Future Motion enjoys and find that we might not see price reduction for Onewheel and the associated accessories anytime soon.

Indeed, this might have to wait until the entrance of other players, hoping they will not get into price conspiracies.

At the moment, there are two models of the Onewheel, both manufactured by Future Motion. The models are Onewheel Pint and Onewheel XR.

Previous models by the same manufacturer were discontinued. Among the two models, Onewheel XR is bigger, boasting a better range and more speed.

Unfortunately, these advantages come with a price tag on them! It ‘s almost double the price that you would pay for the smaller Onewheel Pint. Still, XR is also heavier.

On the other hand, the Pint is the latest thing that has happened to Future Motion. It’s also cheap compared to Onewheel XR.

The Pint retails at $950 inclusive of shipping cost. However, you will need to pay sales tax amounting to $60 during checkout.

That translates to  $1,010. While this is comparatively low, it’s still high. The same high price is reflected on the accessories as well.

Therefore, before we have other players in the market.

The only hope of getting a better deal in buying the Onewheel is buying it in bundles that incorporate accessories at a relatively reduced price.

For instance, you might consider the essential bundle that offers Onewheel with a fender at $995.

However, if you go for the “Ride More Bundle”, you will be getting a bumper, rails guards and a fender at $1,045.

Again, you might want to choose the “Ultimate Bundle” that consist of rail guards, bumper, ultra charger, fender, and magnetic handle pro together with your Onewheel.

This will cost you $1,200 in total. As you can see, this makes the accessories a bit cheaper.

Can I buy Onewheel XR Comfortably?

Yes, if you have the money. As stated earlier, it’s not a cheap investment. If you are struggling financially, I am afraid that this might not be for you.

But if you want to give it a trial, Onewheel XR goes for $1,799 inclusive of shipping. This is not only the more famous model, but it’s also a high-performing model.

This model provides a bigger range compared to the Pint.

In addition to the retails price, you will also add 6.35% sales tax which calculates to $114.24, translating to $1,913.24 (in the USA).

Just like the Pint, XR can also be bought in bundles that incorporate accessories.

The “Essential Bundle” goes for $1,899, where you get a replacement bumper and a fender along with your Onewheel XR.

Still, there is the “Pro Bundle” costing $1,999, where more accessories are availed. Lastly, the elite bundle costs $2,249 but comes with all necessary accessories.

Is Onewheel Worth It?

Yes. Indeed, the joy justifies the cost! Indeed, it is common to see people buying smartphones at $1500.

In spite of the phones being too highly-priced, they still go ahead buying such expensive phones. 

Therefore, anytime you ask me if a Onewheel is worth it, I will always respond, Onewheel is worth your money.

Reason? there is so much fun that Onewheel brings into your life.

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Additionally, with your Onewheel, you will be able to explore many places, covering more distance in less time.

It’s also an added advantage when it comes to the kind of terrains that Onewheel can handle.

Indeed, this is a pretty impressive device handling off-road terrain and maneuvering city streets, avoiding obstacles seamlessly.

With your Onewheel, you will get to know your neighborhood in a better manner. However, Onewheel might not be worth the money for other people.

This is because people have different tastes, and it becomes hard to offer a blanket conclusion, putting all people into one category.

Personal preference is all that matters in decisions like these. While Onewheel is worth the money in my case, there is another camp of people who see it as a waste .

These people can be categorized into two groups:

The first lot consists of those who had bought the Onewheel and then became too confident in riding, pushing the board harder than recommended.

And you can guess where that ended- in a nosedive or other injuries.

Consequently, they gave up on Onewheel. On the other hand, other people didn’t feel steady as they tried the board, giving up before learning how to ride their board.

Well, I think Onewheel is worth the high price, and it can be justified.

But if you feel the price is too prohibitive, even though you want Onewheel, then it is a good idea to consider buying an older model.

The former models that were discontinued, sell at a very reasonable price from current owners. 

Some of these owners just wanted to upgrade and get themselves the new technology used in the newer models.

Therefore, it’s possible to find a Onewheel in mint condition at a great price. For you, going second hand might prove worth it.

However, if you want to buy used newer models at a discounted price, you will still find some for sale on online platforms like Facebook.

Another place you might want to check is Craigslist.

Must I Buy Onewheel Accessories?

Yes. Some of the accessories are necessary, but they are not found in the box when you buy your Onewheel. Consequently, you will need to acquire them one way or the other.

Accessories make your Onewheel appear and feel more customized and comfortable to ride.

The good thing with accessories is that many upcoming third-party manufacturers will offer many accessories at a fair price yet in perfect shape and quality.

However, if you go for Future Motion’s accessories, you will pay dearly for otherwise cheaper accessories.

Well, you might be chasing Onewheel bumper, fender, tire, rail protection, or even grip tape; you will find these.

All you need to do is to know where to find them at the correct price.

Why would you pay too much for an accessory you can otherwise buy cheaply in another place? Regardless of your taste, preference or riding style, someone has made it!

Some accessories include the Float Life, Craft & Ride, Float 365, Land Surf, OW Armor, Carve Power, and Flight Fins.

While you might get all these accessories at a reasonable price.

It’s critical to understand that Future Motion stands a better chance at manufacturing the best accessories since they are the brains behind the innovation.

As such, it’s appropriate to mention the OG Onewheel manufacturer and accessory stockist, Future Motion.

Indeed, there are heaps of genuine Onewheel accessories that you may choose from.

One advantage of buying from Future Motion is that you can’t get a counterfeit or low-quality accessory. This assurance will be hard to come from other cheaper places.

But it will be damn expensive in Future Motion! Although I curse for the high price.

I find myself buying from Future Motion after I once bought a fender that didn’t last a month from the cheap places.

Will My Onewheel’s Stock Tire,The Vega MBM, Last Long?

Yes. But it will depend on how you use it. Indeed, the stock tire is durable, stable and long-lasting. Onewheel tire is expected to do 1,000 miles.

This means that it will last for a year if it does 3 miles per day while riding it for 10 miles a day will give you an approximate three months.

It can be said to be a good all-rounder. After learning to ride your Onewheel and have developed a unique riding style.

Upgrading to another tire can make your riding experience more enjoyable.

There will be a tire for you out there, regardless of what your riding preference is. Indeed, there is a tire for everyone.

The Onewheel Pint Tire Size is 26.7×11.4-15.2 cm. On the other hand, Onewheel XR+ Tire Size is 29.2×16.5-15.2 cm.

When it comes to the best tire, the Stock Onewheel Tire is not left behind. This stock tire that comes with your Onewheel Pint or XR+ is the Vega MBM.

This is a great tire that is an all-rounder, making it an excellent option for any rider using their board on different terrains.

This relatively flat tire provides even contact with the riding surface, making the wheel feel more stable for newbies.

Will I Need To Change My Onewheel Tire?

Yes. Over time, your tire will experience wear and tear. Indeed, this is the greatest reason many riders change their tires.

However, others will still change a good tire to enhance their riding experience according to their riding preferences.

While your Onewheel tire can last up to 2,000 miles in ideal conditions, mostly, it is more practical to change your tire after about 1,000 to 1,500 miles.

When you change your tire, you might be expecting improved traction. Many riders want improved traction when they change their tires.

This will depend on their riding surfaces and riding conditions. There are different options according to riding surfaces that might range from off-road to all-terrain tires.

There are many riders who will change their tires to improve their board’s traction.

Another reason you might want to change your tire is improved handling. This is the last most common reason you might want to change your tire. 

How Do I Upgrade My Electric Skateboard?

This is more relevant for riders who wish to carving as well as fast responsiveness from their boards. The tire that gives this feel should have a rounded profile.


Onewheel accessories are too expensive due to the amount of research and marketing carried out on the products.

Additionally, the high-quality materials make the cost too high as far as Onewheel accessories are concerned.


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