Why Does My Scooter Fuse Keep Blowing?

Why Does My Scooter Fuse Keep Blowing?

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Why Does My Scooter Fuse Keep Blowing?

Your scooter fuse keeps blowing because it may have an electrical fault or “short” also scooters are not designed to carry excessive weight. The standard fuse on a scooter is a 5-amp fuse. So, when you exceed the weight limit of the scooter, it will blow.

The manufacturer sets the weight limit on scooters, which is different.

Some manufacturers say that their scooters can handle up to 300 pounds of weight, while others say that 250 pounds tested fine, but if you try to push it past that point, the motor will fail within 2-3 months. There may be other variations as well.

There is not much you can do about this except try to be within the weight limits of the scooter you are using.

You might consider using a scooter for another task where you don’t need to carry as much, such as a golf cart or other vehicle with a higher weight capacity.

A motor failure is not guaranteed even if you exceed the weight limit, but it will shorten the life of the parts and cause more frequent repairs to keep your scooter operational.

If you weight limit is exceeded, your scooter will likely last less than a year before requiring significant repair.

What Size Fuse Does A 150cc Scooter Take?

10A Fuse for GY6, 150cc Engine Scooter

The scooter will need a lot of energy to make up for the 150cc engine size. With wattage at 4.7 – 5.5kw, it’s going to be hard to find a suitable fuse that can handle the power without blowing or getting hot.

A 10 Amp fuse is the best choice.The fuse should have at least a 15yrs life span so that it can be resilient to a lot of weather conditions, vibration and chances of shorting out.

You might also want to consider a spare fuse if your scooter ever experiences short-circuiting and you need to replace it quickly.

We recommend a 10A fuse because you have enough power to turn on the scooter and for the LED lights and other accessories.

There are many different brands of scooters, most of which feature a 150cc engine and a 13A fuse. For example, Suzuki’s SV650 features an 18.5″ wheelbase but must use the smaller 15 Amp fuse found in the SV125.

What size fuse does a 150cc scooter
Useful lifeDepends

Segway Ninebot Error Code Fixes Repair

A Segway Ninebot is a relatively new type of personal transporter made to be an attractive, compact alternative to most electric scooters. It has three wheels and a handlebar stem at the top.

If you have one of these nifty little gadgets that aren’t working properly, you may have encountered an error code. Here are some error codes and their fixes.

Error 1: Disconnected Battery

This problem is caused by either a bad charging port or a bad cable. If you see this error code after you power up your Ninebot, the first step is to check the charging port to ensure it’s not broken.

If that’s fails, try another charging cable. If all else fails, then your Ninebot boasts a faulty battery.

Error 2: Battery Fully Charged But Not Registered Correctly

The error code comes up if you charge Ninebot with a non-registered battery. You can solve this problem by registering your battery online on the company website. Search for your Ninebot on the website, and they will tell you what to do.

Error 3: Connected To The Wrong Interface

This error code appears if you are charging the Ninebot and then, suddenly, it turns off. The solution is to connect your Ninebot to the correct USB port on the computer.

Ensure that you connect the power before connecting the Ninebot and select “portable” mode.

Error 4: Connected To Power But Not Controller

This error code will appear if the battery is charged but the controller is removed or unplugged. You will need to plug the controller back in, but check to ensure that you use a compatible controller.

You can do this by going online and reading the Ninebot troubleshooting guide.

Error 5: Charging Cable Broken

If you are receiving Error Code 5, the first thing to do is check the charging port to see if it’s damaged or faulty. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a replacement charging cable.

Error 6: Ninebot Open Circuit

An open circuit causes this error code in the main harness connecting the battery and charger. The first step is to check for anything that boasts trapping between the bottom of the Segway and the ground.

Why Does My Scooter Fuse Keep Blowing?

Otherwise, there could be a problem with your Ninebot’s main harness.

Error 7: Ninebot USB Connection Broken

If you are receiving this error code, then you need to check that the USB cable is on the right port on your computer. It can be difficult to tell whether you have selected the correct port, so ensure that it’s correct before joining the Ninebot.

Error 8: Ninebot Battery Connect To Charger Broken

The USB port causing this error code on your computer is broken and, therefore, unable to connect with the USB cable. You will need to check your computer’s USB cable and the Ninebot’s port on the computer and plug it back in if necessary.

Error 9: Segway Ninebot Driver Verification Failed

This problem is because a driver has been installed on your computer but has failed verification. To fix this problem, uninstall any drivers that may boast installation on your computer.

Can My Scooter Run On E10 Fuel?

E10 fuel is a blend of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline. It’s becoming increasingly common across the United States and will be necessary for vehicles to run safely in the future. This post will summarize the basics of the E10 fuel.

Yes! Scooters run on petrol, and E10 is classified as a similar liquid fuel. It has the same properties as gasoline, volatility, octane rating, density, and odor. There are several advantages of using E10 fuel on a scooter.

Running on petrol costs more than running on E10 and consumes more gasoline. Scooters run cleaner when using E10 as it gives out less smoke and less waste goes down the drain. It also helps avoid air pollution and is better than regular fuel.

To use E10 fuel, you must fit your scooter with an E10-compatible fuel system.This will ensure that the amount of air mixed with the fuel is correct for using the alternative fuel. It will also ensure the engine will function at its best on E10.

E10 is heavier than petrol and, as such, will require more energy to run. This means that your scooter will use more fuel when using E10. You can compare this to using regular petrol for your scooter.

If you run the same distance on E10 and at the same speed, your scooter will use more fuel on E10 than on petrol. The fuel efficiency will reduce when running on E10 against a similar petrol standard.

The average mileage difference between petrol and E10 is around 5%. This is a fairly small difference and not noticeable. The more efficient your scooter, the less you will notice the difference in fuel.

But if you use a less efficient scooter, you will notice that you need to fill up your tank more often when using E10 gas.

How Do You Check A Fuse On A Scooter?

Here is how you check a fuse on a scooter.

First, Disconnect the battery from the scooter. You can remove the lead at the top of the battery. Fasten it down with a screw clip to make it easy to remove. Next, locate your fuse box and open it up (sometimes, there is a second cover that opens separately).

The fuse box will have a number system that tells each fuse’s position. Just match up the blown one to where it’s supposed to be on the schematic and replace it.

If a fuse blows regularly, you might want to replace all fuses in that area (i.e., if it’s under a seat, get all the fuses for that seat).

Next, connect the scooter back up to the battery. Then turn on the scooter and check if the fuse is blown again.This time you will have to take off the seat or whatever you have removed it from and put it back down securely.

Make sure that the new fuse’s position matches up with where it’s supposed to be on the schematic, then solder in its leads and test your work by ensuring that everything is working right after you close up your box and start the scooter.

How Do I Reset My Electric Scooter?

Sometimes the battery life on your electric scooter discharges so fast that you can’t ride it around. You can fix this by resetting your scooter; I have the instructions for you here.

If your scooter is still not responding, turn off the main switch and unplug it from the charger or power source. Take out all of its batteries and wait five minutes in between each one to let them cool down.

Connect the charger again and wait for it to be charged. If this doesn’t work, take it to a repair shop.

If that’s not possible, loosen the screws on the bottom of your scooter and pull out the plastic battery plate. This is much easier if you can disassemble it completely.

Turn over your scooter on its side, put a screwdriver or another flat, sturdy tool under one of the nuts on the back wheel, and turn it counterclockwise until you can remove the threaded bolt.

This will loosen the screw, and your scooter will drop flat. A lot of scooters have a plastic plate that covers the wiring.You can remove this by using a flat-head screwdriver and prying it out of the way with it in place.

Always be careful because small parts can easily get trapped inside.

Batteries have different ratings, so check the owner’s manual for your specific model for more specific charging instructions. If your scooter is still not working, check the wiring and charge your batteries until you find where the problem is.

Is There A Fuse In My Electric Scooter?

Yes! The fuse is located inside the controller.

  • Remove the top cover of the controller, and then pull out the orange fuse.
  • Blow into it to make sure that it is not blown.
  • Then place it back in, plug it in and enjoy using your electric scooter again.

If you blow into a fuse and nothing comes out, you may need to replace it with a new one. You must replace the fuse with one of the same amperage’s.

If you don’t know the amperage rating of your fuse, or if it is blown and you don’t want to take apart your controller, I recommend taking it to an electric scooter repair shop.

You can use a multi-meter  for testing if your fuse is blown or not. I have tried this, and it works, but it can be time-consuming.

Also, make sure that you test at a different voltage, as voltage will vary depending on the input voltage of your battery.

Also, if you are using a piece of paper with a light bulb on it and testing it at the same voltage as the fuse, you can blow up your controller board by frying it.

Can You Use An Electric Scooter Manually?

Yes! You can use electric scooters manually, although it’s a difficult task. But I do not recommend this because the deck boasts a high position on the ground.This is a very inconvenient position for manually propelling.

You would have to put all your weight on the front end of the deck to stop it from tipping over backward.

However, one issue that may arise with manual propulsion is the handlebars. When riding an electric scooter, you can rest one hand on each handlebar and steer with your wrists.

This can cause injury in the long run. The deck is too high and awkward for manual propulsion, so be careful.

The one time I tried to use my electric scooter manually was when I had no other alternative. It all started when I saw my friend pull up in his red tricycle (a modified Segway).

Because of his height, he had a hard time balancing. He quickly fell over with the weight of his entire body. When I tried to ride it, I fell backward into a bush.

The only way to safely use a manual electric scooter is to have a separate deck for standing and riding. This would allow you to use manual propulsion and an electric brake without switching between the two decks.

How Do I Know If My Scooter Fuse Is Blown?

You can tell if your motorcycle fuse is blown by inspecting the curved metal strip inside the fuse box. On the outside of the box is a row of fuses numbered 1 to 36. If you find a fuse that is all black, then it’s blown and needs replacement

To replace your motorcycle fuse, open up the metal cover and remove the old one with your fingers or pliers. Then grab a new motorcycle fuse from its strip and use it as your replacement.

If you can’t find a replacement in the box, you must use a 12-volts Fuse Holder from your local / internet electronics store. This holder is made from plastic and has a set of slots to hold the fuses so that you can take one out at a time.

To install it:

  1. Hold it to your bike’s fuse box and press down on it.
  2. Insert one end of your fuse into the holder and the other into the previously sealed slot in the fuse box.
  3. Close the cover, and you’re good to go.

What Will Happen If You Overload An Electric Scooter?

If you overload an electric scooter with too many bulky items, it can overheat and explode, thats’s why there’s a weight limit.The battery will drain more quickly, leading to a dead scooter if you’re not careful.

Most electric scooters and e-bikes have a maximum loading weight of 220 pounds or less. You should remove the battery if you carry tall items, such as large suitcases or longboards.

Some scooters are designed to carry heavy loads, but they require you to purchase a special rack or heavy-duty carrying case for your items. If this is your situation, ensure the case is specifically for your brand and electric scooter model.

If you don’t have a special case or rack, try to keep your items as low as possible on your scooter.

Place the heaviest items closest to the ground, so they’ll be less likely to tip the scooter over. If you’re going heavy, look into an e-bike, which usually has a higher weight limit.

Why Is My Xiaomi Scooter Beeping And Not Moving?

Your Xiaomi E-scooter keeps beeping without moving because you have turned it on without activation, and now your batteries are currently discharging.

Suppose you turn on your scooter without activation. In this case, it will prompts you to enter the contact details of your mobile operator (which can be located on a sticker near the bottom of the scooter) and generate an account.

Once this is done, you can charge your Xiaomi E-scooter by connecting it to a charger and wait for 30 minutes until the beeping stops and the scooter starts moving again.

If your scooter beeps and stays still, turn it off, wait 30 minutes to charge its batteries and try the above step again.

What you will need to troubleshoot:

  1. A charger capable of charging two 5V batteries at the same time.
  2. A Xiaomi E-scooter battery.
  3. A phone/tablet capable of connecting to the internet via a mobile network.

You can test this on your Xiaomi E-scooter:

  1. Start the scooter and wait 30 minutes for it to complete its initialization. It will beep a few times during initialization, but after 30 minutes, it should beep only once and turn itself off. 
  2. Load the scooter onto a charger and wait 2 hours. It will beep only once when the charger connects to it and keeps beeping until the batteries are fully charged.
  3. Load the scooter from step 1 and wait 30 minutes for it to complete its initialization. Once done, please turn on the scooter and let it run for 30 minutes to complete battery charging.
  4. Load your Xiaomi E-scooter onto a charger again and wait for 2 hours to charge it fully.
  5. Load your device with a Xiaomi E-scooter battery and start the scooter. It will beep twice and stop, and the scooter will get parked.
  6. Turn off your device, wait 30 minutes and turn it back on again with a charged battery; it should start without prompting you for activation information (this time, you don’t need to charge for batteries).

Why Won’t My Electric Scooter Hold A Charge?

Here are a few reasons your electric scooter does not hold a charge.

Battery has a defective charger: If your battery boasts a defective charger, you will see a red light when charging, meaning no electricity is flowing through the battery.

Battery has a defective cable: If your battery has a defective cable, it may stop charging after it reaches 100%.

At this point, the problem lies in either the charger or battery, but you can always do a few troubleshooting things before giving up on the electric scooter altogether.

Battery Voltage Is Too High Or Low: This is one of the most common problems that electric scooter owners experience. If you are trying to charge your electric scooter and the battery is getting very hot, then this means that the voltage is too high.

On the other hand, if your scooter only charges for a short time and then stops, the voltage is too low.

Battery Has A Broken Connector: If the connection between the battery and charger gets broken, then it’s recommended that you replace both parts because this will also affect charging speed and the scooter will no longer hold a charge.

Battery Is Broken Or Dead: Electric scooters only have a lifespan of approximately five years, so if that time has passed, the battery is dead and will no longer hold a charge.

If your scooter’s speed and function remain on, another reason would be a system error.

The battery’s fuse has blown out: If the fuse blows out, then this means that the entire electrical system is coming undone, and you should replace both parts as soon as possible.


Scooters are fun to drive, and they feel liberating while riding them.

They are the perfect match for city living because they are lightweight and can be folded or disassembled in just a couple of minutes, so you can easily travel across town in just a short amount of time.


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