Why Is My Hover 1 Not Turning On?(How to Fix)

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Why Is My Hover 1 Not Turning On?

Unlike many other electronic devices, your hover-1 may at some point face a wide range of problems.

Among the most common problem, your hover-1 may face is not turning on. It may fail to turn on even after repeated attempts. While there might be many reasons behind this.

Your hover-1 may not turn on due to several problems including, a defective charger, a wrongly plugged-in charger, a defective motherboard, or faulty wiring inside your hover-1.

At times, it might be tricky to fix a faulty hover-1. However, it’s even more difficult to identify the exact problem.

Therefore, you might want first to check your hover-1 is charging correctly. One reason your hover-1 might not charge is some problem with the charger.

If the indicator of your charger goes off after plugging it in your hover-1, then this is indicative that the internal parts of your hover-1 are damaged.

At times, the problem can be a faulty charging port of your hover-1. Yes, a faulty port will prevent the hover-1 from being charged.

If you are fond of buying cheap chargers, you will have an increased probability of faulty chargers. So, it’s better to pay the extra coins to buy a standard hover-1 charger.

Still, your hover-1 might not turn on because of a defect inside. For instance, if you check inside, you might discover that the battery is not working properly.

Use a voltmeter to check the voltage of your battery. A fully charged battery will have anywhere between 36 and 42 volts.

Therefore, if you get a lower reading in the voltmeter and confirm that the charger is working fine, this will mean that you have a problematic battery.

Why Is My Hover 1 Not Working?

Your hover-1 might have a problem where it’s not working. This is a common problem with hover-1. Usually, the reason behind this is a faulty gyroscope.

When a gyroscope gets defective, it’s not fixable but has to be replaced with a new one. The first step is to establish the type of gyroscope you are dealing with here.

This is because gyroscopes in your hover-1 can either be male or female. To identify the “gender,” a male gyroscope will have two receiving ports and a wire harness.

However, if it has more than two receiving ports without a wire harness, it’s female. Consequently, get the appropriate replacement for your gyroscope to solve your problem.

Anytime you have a problem with your hover-1(Amazon Link) the first thing you might want to try is the master reset calibration method.

If this doesn’t help calibrate your hover-1, you will need to try removing its back cover and plug and unplug all the wires again.

This will solve most of the causes why your hover-1 might not be working.

How Do You Reset A Hover 1?

As I mentioned above, a reset is one of the easiest and most effective ways of addressing a hover-1 that is not working.

But how do you reset your hover-1? Resetting your hover-1 is not hard. As you read on to understand how to reset your hover-1, it’s needful to know that this is the best issue killer.

And there is no need to search anywhere else when all you need is to reset your hover-1. So, resetting your hover-1 will take either of two methods.

First, you can turn your hoover-1 off and ensure you place it on a flat surface. After ensuring it’s on a flat surface, press and hold the off/on the button for between 8 and 10 seconds.

After about 10 seconds, a small red circle should appear on your hover-1. It will not take long before it disappears, and that is when you will need to turn your hover-1 on.

Avoid any temptation to turn on your hover-1 before the red circle disappears. This is because it might force you to repeat the process all over again, without any success.

Alternatively, you can use a second method to reset your hover-1. In this method, you need to turn on your device and make sure it’s still, without any movements whatsoever.

Now press down the on/off button for 8 to 10 seconds until red flashes appear. Once the flashes appear.

You will need to get off your finger from the off/on the button and turn on the board.

Can You Overcharge A Hoverboard?

No, it’s not advisable to overcharge your hoverboard.

While there is a myth out there that charging your hoverboard for an extended period is safe, nothing can be further from the truth.

If you have ever heard of hoverboard explosions, overcharging happens to be one of the chief causes of such incidents!

You will want to charge your overboard until it’s fully charged, not an hour longer.

You might be thinking what I thought earlier; smartphone batteries never explode when they charge all night. But did you know that this hurts the battery in the future?

However, you might count yourself lucky if you tend to overcharge your hoverboard, and it’s yet to explode!

Ultimately, an overcharged hoverboard will explode; it’s just a matter of time.

It’s indisputable that genuine hoverboard batteries are designed to stop charging once they reach a 100% charge. Unfortunately, you can’t be sure about that.

Does Ninebot Max Come Charged?

You can’t rely on this because there are many cheap batteries out there, especially those from China (I have no personal issue with items from China.

But you know how crafty the manufacturers can get to cut the cost).

The best thing to do is to ensure that your hoverboard is fitted with a battery that the manufacturer recommends to avoid any explosion problems in the future.

Still, even if your hoverboard does not explode after charging it for more than it is necessary, you might be shortening your battery’s lifespan.

Indeed, you do not need anything more than 4 hours to bring your hoverboard to a full charge. Usually, 3 to 4 hours will suffice to charge your hoverboard fully.

Why Is My Hover 1 Flashing Red?

If there are issues in your hover-1, the red light will be flashing. The number of flashes means different things, and you need to know what each symbolizes.

If it flashes multiple times, it’s indicative of a problem that needs to be fixed. If the red light flashes once, it’s indicative that your hover-1 might have loose wires or cables.

If you want to fix this issue, it will not require anything more than unscrewing the hover-1 from below using an appropriate screwdriver and tightening the loose cables.

But if you can’t identify the loose one, disconnect and reconnect all wires.

On the other hand, if the red light is flashing twice or thrice, it might mean that you have an internal circuit problem.

If this is the case, you will need a new hover-1 circuit board replacement kit. Once you buy it, you can connect all the wires without taking your hoverboard to an electrician.

But if the red light flashes four or five times, it’s indicative that the motor needs to be replaced. And if this red light flashes six times, your battery needs to be replaced.

Again, if it flashes seven or eight times, you will want to replace the gyroscopes as the only viable solution.

Why Does My Hoverboard Keep Turning Off?

There have been many hoverboards recalls in the past. Defects have occasioned these recalls.

While some of the defects allow you to use your hoverboard somehow, other defects are so irritating that you can never use your board in any meaningful way.

For instance, if your hoverboard keeps turning off, this is a major defect that will scarcely give you any time to enjoy your ride.

Once a fault is detected in your hoverboard’s battery management system, this is a big issue.

The reason for this is that the battery is not a single battery but a pack of several cells (about 20).

Therefore, the BMS will cut off power if your battery is faulty to prevent fires or explosions.

Luckily, this happens to be one of those “serious” problems that can be solved rather easily. The most common cause of this problem is a bad battery.

Once you replace your battery, you might be amazed to see your board function as normal.

Again, a defective motor will also cause your hoverboard to turn off.

What Does It Mean If A Hoverboard Is Beeping?

When your hoverboard is beeping, you might get frustrated, especially if you don’t know why or how to stop this.

There are several reasons that your hoverboard may start beeping. For instance, while charging, the green light might blink.

This means that you have a situation where the charge in the battery is below 20%. This is a threshold that you might not want to get below.

On the other hand, if the red light is beeping, your battery level is extremely low, below 5%. It’s not advisable to ride in this situation. The solution for both situations is charging.

But if your hoverboard won’t turn off and keeps beeping, you are staring at a faulty or damaged motherboard.

This situation calls for a repair kit to replace the board or find a repair service.

Peradventure, you prefer to replace the board all by yourself; you want to notice the type of motherboard you have before buying the wrong motherboard.

Another reason your hoverboard might be beeping is an uneven surface. If the surface is tilted above 15 degrees, the smart balance wheel will not stop beeping.

Still, if your self-balancing scooter sits on an incline more than 30 degrees, the beeping won’t stop. Therefore, find a proper smooth surface, and the problem will cease.

Can You Buy A New Battery For A Hoverboard?

Yes, you will need to buy a new battery and replace your old battery. But this should happen if your current battery is faulty or damaged.

Your hoverboard battery is damaged if it won’t charge properly. But there is a logical way to confirm that your battery is bad.

Batteries are expensive, and you want to be sure before you rush to buy a replacement. You need to turn on your hoverboard charger when still connected.

When your hoverboard turns on, you should get a flashing orange indicator on your hoverboard.

Allow some ten minutes for the charger to remain connected and then disconnect the hoverboard still on.

If in this instance, your hoverboard turns off, you know your battery is faulty or bad.

As you decide to replace your battery, ensure that you choose the correct battery for your hoverboard.

After buying the replacement, remove the lower part of the body by first unscrewing it using a screwdriver.

Proceed to remove the battery by unscrewing the four screws that hold it on the frame and unplugging it from its connected plug.

Now plug in the replacement battery and repeat the process backward.

Why Is My Hoverboard Charger Blinking Red And Green?

Your hoverboard charger will blink red and green because of an internal problem.

If your hoverboard charger blinks between red and green, it has suffered an internal circuit fault that needs to be repaired.

Normally, your hoverboard charger will not blink red, nor will it blink green.

Instead, it will have a solid green color when you plug it into the wall but turn solid red when plugged into the hoverboard.

(The exception here is when the battery is full, in which case it will have a solid green light).

Why Is Hoverboard Shaking?

A hoverboard is shaking as you ride a common problem emanating from its design.

Some triggers send signals to the other electrical components after you mount them on your hoverboard.

If such triggers do not fire properly, the hoverboard will be shaking. It’s not hard to fix this problem since it might be a problem with the rider’s weight.

The rider needs to have a minimum of 40 pounds. Again, the rider should be in flat non-flexible shoes, pressing the feet to the furthest edge of the hoverboard.

If this doesn’t fix the shaking, the circuit board will need to be replaced or replace the foot triggers.


Your hover-1 may not turn on due to several problems including, a defective charger, a wrongly plugged-in charger, a defective motherboard, or faulty wiring inside your hover-1.


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