Will A Hoverboard Blow Up If It Gets Wet?(No! Some Tips)

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Will A Hoverboard Blow Up If It Gets Wet?

When your hoverboard gets wet while riding in the rain, the first thing you need to consider is that this is not a waterproof device.

While your hoverboard can withstand many riding conditions, including tough terrains, it will scarcely withstand water.

But does this mean that you should postpone your morning exercise to avoid getting wet? Not exactly.

No, Your hoverboard might not blow up if it gets wet ,hoverboard is waterproof, but they enjoy a level of water resistance. It will withstand shallow puddles of water and light showers of rain. Additionally, it can withstand weak jets of water.

While some hoverboards have some degree of water resistance , you do not want to get it wet deliberately, and neither will it bow up anytime it gets wet.

Therefore, there is no need to panic if your board accidentally comes into contact with water. Indeed, it might not even stop working.

The modern hoverboard boards are electric, made up of electric components. Such components don’t like water.

Again, there is the fact that the boards have lithium-ion batteries that cannot withstand water.

Therefore, if your hoverboard gets drenched, it might stop working, but that is not the end of everything. You can still repair it and continue enjoying your ride.

What Happens If My Hoverboard Gets Wet?

When you ride your hoverboard over the rain, several things might happen.

But before I take you through that, you will want to know that most of the hoverboards out there have an IP rating of IP54.

This IP(ingress protection) rating means that your board has “5” for dust and dirt. Consequently, it enjoys protection against particles 1 mm and larger.

The second digit, “4,” refers to protection against water and moisture.

Since the rating starts from 0 to 9, 4 is below the average, meaning that most hoverboards are protected against water sprays at 60 degrees from the vertical direction.

Consequently, it’s likely not to enter the case if you spray water lightly from above the boards at a 60-degree angle.

This is relevant because light rainfall should not find it easy to enter the case in normal circumstances.

On the other hand, if you ride your board over shallow puddles of water, you might get away with it, although I will not ride my board on any puddles of water.

I am rather reserved when it comes to spending money on repairs I can easily avoid.

Still, Hoverboard manufacturers do not guarantee water damages, perhaps a good indication that you should avoid getting your board wet if you can.

I know a certain hover board manufacturer who claims it’s excellent to get their boards wet and continue riding.

Surprisingly, they give you a link to buy spares if you need them” this is because they know you will need spares when your hoverboard gets wet.

When your hoverboard gets wet, the battery might get damaged by water. With a damaged battery, you will not be able to ride your board.

What Do You Do If Your Hoverboard Gets Wet?

While it’s advisable to take the weatherman’s advice when planning to ride, he will sometimes get it wrong, and you find yourself with a wet hoverboard.

And when this happens, do not panic but try to salvage your board from the serious impact that water might have on it.

The first thing you want to remember is that water and electronics don’t mix. Fortunately, if you act fast enough, you will fix a hoverboard that got wet, avoiding costly repairs.

You will want to power off your wet hoverboard to avoid short-circuiting immediately.

If you take long before switching it off, you are providing a chance for water to seep into the board and cause all sorts of trouble.

Turning off the power stops the flow of electrons, preventing shorts.

After this, use a trusty screwdriver to remove the access panels that cover the electronics and find out if water has accumulated anywhere. Proceed to disconnect the battery.

Have you ever ridiculed the old rice trick? Well, it’s not ridiculous! It works. If your board is wet, remove it and put it in a bowl of rice for about 12 hours.

After it’s completely dried, use rubbing alcohol and Q-Tips to clean it.

But if water has damaged your board, you will need to install some hoverboard parts to get your board on the road again. Ensure that your replacements are done using quality parts.

Do Hoverboards Catch Fire?

Yes, but it’s rare and preventable. Unlike in the past, when fire incidences arising from hoverboards were commonplace, there is a significant decrease in such fires.

What’s more, you can easily evade catching fire from your hoverboard.

While the fire is a calamity you want to avoid, it doesn’t have to prevent you from buying a hoverboard; you only need to take the necessary precautions.

Several reasons might cause your hoverboard to catch fire or even explode. For instance, the battery is the number one cause for your hove board exploding and catching fire.

With most hoverboards having the 18650 Lithium-ion battery, it can catch fire or cause an explosion. This happens due to overcharging.

So, avoid overcharging, and you won’t have to worry about your hoverboard catching fire from the battery.

Another reason your hoverboard might catch fire is compromised wiring whose insulation is peeled off.

Once the insulation peels off, there will be short-circuiting. And if the wires involved are the ones running from the battery, you are most likely going to experience an explosion.

Another cause of the fire on your hoverboard can be traced to manufacturing defects.

Again, loose fittings from the factory will cause problems to the board and will most likely result in fires.

And I am not ruling out that some crafty manufacturers want to cut corners and use poor-quality material to make more profits.

This might also lead to overheating and resultant fire.

How Do You Get The Water Out Of A Hoverboard?

If you got water in your hoverboard, you might not succeed by simply turning it over. That will not be a real solution to the problem at hand.

You will need to appreciate that you are in real trouble as your hoverboard can be damaged by water.

Therefore, switch your hoverboard off and then remove the battery and the motherboard. If you find that either of the two has water.

Your best shot will be to put it in a bowl filled with raw rice. You know you have used this trick on wet phones, and it worked; it still works on hoverboards!

After some time, use a soft cloth to wipe every part of the hoverboard and assemble everything again. If you are lucky, all will be fine.

But if it doesn’t work, nobody has died; proceed to buy appropriate replacements and get back to the road.

Why Does My Hoverboard Get Hot?

While hoverboards are cool, you sometimes run into annoying problems like overheating. The most common culprits are the wheels.

Opening your hoverboard will make you realize that the motors are on the wheels. And as usual, motors will by nature heat up if run for too long.

Riding your hoverboard for a long time without a break is a sure way to get your motors hot, and consequently, the wheels.

Once the wheels get hot, your whole board will feel hot. In this instance, the best thing to do is give your hoverboard a break and let it cool down. You can always ride it again later.

Still, a defective motherboard will cause your hoverboard to get hot when riding. Bad boards can become hot by delivering currents it should never deliver.

You know more current means better speed, and better speed means more heat.

Again, friction is another cause of heat on your hoverboard. While friction is required for your hoverboard to move.

It’s not too welcome when it comes to your hoverboard’s crazy moves and tricks.

Can I Overcharge My Hoverboard?

Yes, but trust me, you don’t want to do this. When you overcharge your hoverboard, it’s a serious issue. But how does this even happen in the first place?

We know that hoverboard batteries use smart technology (battery management system).

This should be enough consolation since, as you know, there should be nothing to worry about when a device uses BMS.

But is this always safe? Not exactly! Indeed, there have been many cases where electronic devices overcharged even with a BMS in place. You know technology fails.

And if this technology fails while your battery is being charged, the results are not anything you want to experience.

For starters, you will significantly reduce your battery’s lifespan (if you are lucky enough).

On the other hand, your board might get damaged as your battery might produce overcurrent. Still, the battery might explode.

But the worst-case scenario would be a fire resulting from overcharged batteries.

Why Is My Hoverboard Blinking Green?

Your hoverboard has built-in warnings that are handy to the rider. These warnings include lights that are meant to communicate important information to you as you enjoy your ride.

For instance, you might notice that your hoverboard starts to blink green as you ride.

This is relevant to let you know that your battery is depleting, and you are at 20% of the battery charge.

This is intended to help you make appropriate measures like turning around not to have to carry your hoverboard home.

If you ignore this green blinking, it will later graduate to a red light blinking, meaning that your battery life is critically low and needs to be immediately charged.

There is no point you should continue riding your hoverboard in this condition.

Are There Safe Hoverboard Brands?

There has been a rising popularity of hoverboards over the past few years. And these are getting people crazy from all walks of life and age.

But hoverboards can be dangerous, mainly if not used the way they are designed to be used.

Manufacturers are aware of this and have been trying to make their products as friendly as possible. Some boards have got my attention as being among the safest out there.

If you are looking for a hoverboard to buy, you want to consider safety, among other things. One of the safest hoverboards in 2021 is the Swagtron.

This hoverboard is considered a leader with unmatched competition in the hoverboards industry. This is one of the most popular hoverboard brands around the globe.

Another hoverboard to consider is the EPIKGO(Amazon Link). This hoverboard is famous for its ability to work in every environment.

EPIKGO is touted as the best hoverboard brand for children and teens, thanks to their products’ stability, comfort, and control.

And if you want to have the best combination of technology, innovation, and sleek design, EPIKGO hoverboards are the way to go.

Another safe hoverboard is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Razor, the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, is the initial hoverboard brand whose experience spans decades in this industry.

This is a safe board. Razor was the first brand that came up in the market and launched the interior of the rim of the bike used in the world.

Other safe hoverboards include Segway, Gyroor, Tomoloo, and Hoverzon.

Why Is The Hoverboard Beeping?

One of the leading causes of a hoverboard beeping is a faulty motherboard. This mostly happens when you are riding at high speeds.

As you stop after hearing the beeping (as common sense dictates), if the beeping continues without getting turned off, you might be staring at a faulty motherboard.

Yes, you heard me right! A faulty motherboard, but it can be fixed. All you need to do is to buy another similar motherboard.

Loot at the details of the current motherboard to be sure before you buy. Motherboards are specific due to things like range, top speed, and other similar stuff.

After you buy your new motherboard, you can replace it without involving any specialized technician. It is a rather straightforward affair to replace a faulty motherboard.


While your hoverboard might not blow up if it gets wet, it’s still one of the problems you can expect if your hoverboard gets wet.


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